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Is Israel in Jitters as Obama, takes over White House with a pledge to bring back the lost glory for US and work for new World order !

tanks vacating gaza

tanks vacating gaza

Israeli and Hamas busy debating who won – the truth is – Humanity Lost, and Peace in Middle East has taken a back seat for now.


Mindless Aggression to Quench Thirst for Human Blood.

22 days of mindless agression of Israel and equally disgraceful venture of Hamas which exposed lakes of Palestinians women and children and innocent civilians to the ruthless Israeli Air attacks and inhuman acts of Israel, Today the world has matured to hate the enemies of peace and killers of innocent people world over. It is moving to read the world community irrespective of religion and region condemning the Israeli actions in Gaza.

World is not Blind to Believe Israel

Israel is a ceration of Britian which formed a state for Jewish community in the name of religion, Israel in 1946, it from years, the UN and majority of countires accepted it as a nation. In anticipation to better relations and peace in the region. Till now Israel is one country with out fixed interantional boundaries.

The rewards on it by its friends and international community in gereral have made her still greedy, that it expects, the world to put a blind eye to acts of gruesome massacre of innocent people by Israeal, in the name of teaching lesson to Hamas. The world is not blind to believe Israel, any more.

Where are the Marshals of Human Rights

Don’t we have a convincing thought that all that has happened in the last three weeks in Gaza resulting in killings of thousands of innocent people, and destruction of property broken families, homeless thousands, staving, with no medical aid, injured people is masterminded by people who claim to the marshals of human rights, preachers of peace, and who value serenity of the international boundaries.

Why Israel Disrespects UN.

The actions of Israel in Gaza in utter violation of the norms of United Nations and disrespect of the resolutions of UN and its General Assemble has raised a question about the effectiveness of UN and the role of International Community who are silent to the blatant disrespect by Israel to the UN requests and resolution.

Who won and who lost (winners after killing innocent people? shame. can they go any lower…)

One wonders what any one has gained in this, war between Israel and Hamas where both claim to be victorious, we find Israel boosting the low casualty on its side of both civilians and the army and on the other hand Hamas is claiming that it is a victory of the Palestinians, inclusive of all groups in Palestine. Intefada was not part of the peace talks and was not actively involved in it… there are allegations on the Hamas too of making the innocent children and women shield against the brutal attack of Israel.. God know better.

Lost – Life’s , Lost Hope….

The painful truth is the world community has lost, the UN has lost, all sensible people who value human life have lost and the precious life’s of 2000 plus innocent life’s are lost, once again the hope of early peace in middle east is lost.

Life of People made Difficult for long time to come

And life in Israel for the people of Israel is not made any easier by aggravating the sentiments and brutal killings of the innocent people in the region. Is Israel re working its strategies to hold on to the land it occupies forcefully?

Israel has lost purpose, and there is a degree of restlessness in them and in the manner between 18th and 20th the dramatic changes in stands on both sides took shape it looks too fishy.

Israel to Clear the Guilt Shop before Obama takes control in US…. Is Israel Feared?

On Saturday a unilateral seize fire was signed between US and Israel
Effecting the seize fire from mid night.

On Sunday Hamas continued to its very insignificant offence by shooting 19 hand made rockets.

On Sunday evening Israel wows to fight back on same evening Hamas unilaterally declare a week long seize fire.

On Sunday late Israel instructs its commanders to clear Gaza with all traces and tanks and its army from Gaza before the change of office in white house. And Barack Hussain Obama takes the white house office and the control in his had. 20th Jan 2009

Is Israeli comfortable with Obama ? was Israeli acting on the dictates of any ?

Is Hamas truly interested in the well being and the cause of Palestinians?

Can any war solve the problem of Israel and bring peace to its people and the region.?

 Respect Al Aqsa Mosque and Baitul Maqdas.

World knows the solution to the unrest and mistrust and, door for peace in world is achieved by respecting the sanctity and pride of holy premise Baitul Maqdas in Jerusalem where in is Masjid Al Aqsa ,which is house of ten’s of Messengers of God and premise of which are blessed by God Almighty. Setting aside the material gains and learn to live in peace and harmony so that the gererations and florish with peace and oppertunity and love, and mutual respect for all.

Jeruselem is home for, great grand fathers of Muslims, Jews, and Christians who lived, prayed for peace and preached brotherhood and oneness of God, and prayed for prosperity of their children.

Oh people of the earth respect the sanctity of Al Aqsa Mosque where the blessed and loved messengers and prophets of Allah lived, (May peace and blessing Allah be on all of them. Amen). And learn to live together in peace and make the gererations responsible and florish. amin.

The prayers to be continued

The prayers of millions and millions of people all around the world for the safety and security of the innocent people needs to be continued and beg for forgivness for our sins from the creator of the worlds.

Barak Hussain Obama is the 44th President of America.

World expects Obama to help bring lasting solution to middle east, crisis and bring maintainable peace in the region. With the skills and universality in his approach and character, we can hope he will.

As I conclude this article Obama is sowrn in as the President of Hope for the people of America, also giving hope to the world, in the wake up to a new America. His speach gives life to strings of hope.

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  1. M.Mahaboob Hussain
    January 28, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Truth is thirst for blood, and they at the same time count their attitudes as humane and thus they are the early sufferrers.
    I only pray to Allah that He and only he intercepts

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