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Value of a Muslim Vote – In changing India. Better Future for Nation and Generations to come. One nation One People.

fighting the british

fighting the british

Better Future of your Country and Generations to come. One nation One People.

We, too are, architects of, mess we are in.
Over all, the atmosphere of the Political System, of our Country, is not very encouraging. Indian People, Media, or the Social Bodies do not have great respect for our Politicians or the Political System we are in today.

 By saying so, we also know in them there are great Politicians and Great Leaders. We can not take away the good work, many politician have rendered for our country who are self less and great human beings and truthful across party line.

It is not a blank case. It is a case of further improvement of our Political System. Which we know needs change, for better.

The system we have inherited is not by singular flaw of the Politicians or the Political System, we all are equal architects and planners of this Mess, and we are in today.

British Raj of divide and rule.

After 60 years of Independence from the British Raj we are still influenced, if not by the White Skinned British but we are inspired by the most dangerous tools of Governance, used by the British the, policy of “DIVIDE AND RULE”.

On Ethnic and Religious basis, playing, with Numbers and infusing Resistance of Different Kinds, Intentional and Diplomatic. With goal to, conquer the bodies of people not the souls.

Thus, History has seen the British raising its Flag, in Europe, Asia, Africa, South East Asia, and Far East. With a victorious face, under ceremonial praise, by using this shame tool. Divide and Rule.

Bahadur Shah Zafar the last Mughal Emperor was blinded and exiled to Rangoon where he died in 1862. His three sons were publicly executed at “Khooni Darwaaza” in Delhi. He did not plead mercy and bravely declared, “The power of India will one day shake London if the glory of self-respect remains undimmed in the hearts of the rebels”.

The 1857 revolt saw a strong unity between Hindus and Muslims and was an important milestone in our freedom struggle. It aroused new hopes and inspiration for future generations who wanted to free their motherland from the clutches of British rule. The British could not accept defeat in 1857 national revolt and began the game of “Divide and Rule”. They created communal differences that were never seen before and divided the Indians. Unfortunately, even today that policy is continuing.

British Surrender

But we united as a Nation, under the Leadership of Gandhiji and many brave freedom fighters, and noble leaders who emerged among the Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs, to fight so called Great British Empire, with such a determination, zeal, and thrust that the British had to surrender.

Habits Die Hard

They. The British played the last dirty, trick on us by dividing the nation using the weakness of our leaders, infusing self, greater than nation theory in them.

The British succeeded in dividing our Great Indian Nation on the basis of Religion, Hindu and Muslim Majority Areas.

Thus painfully giving birth to two new sections of society. Hindu Minority in Pakistan and Muslim Minority in India. Terms never hared before.

The British once again successfully applied the only tool they were good at using “DIVIDE AND RULE”, they, divided us for ever.

Time has shown once, great Britain is not so great today. There was a saying that ‘The Sun never Sets in British Empire” we have seen the time has changed and “The Sun Hardly Rises in British Empire.” Today.

Hindu Minority and Muslim Minority

There can not a bigger moment of grief than the day, India was divided, putting millions of our own Hindu and Muslim brothers to a disadvantage in one stroke, by rewarding them with a tag of Hindu Minority, and Muslim Minority in their own Nation, for which they gave life’s, sacrificed generations,. And faced the canons of British. It pains.

They dreamed that the Nation could be liberated form the slavery of the British Raj.
Giving birth to a free India, to bring Equality, Social Justice, Prosperity, Happiness, and Desire to be united and strong.

60 years passed! Since independence.

Now after 60 years how are we placed on this Desire-o-meter which we had on the eve of Independence? An introspection theory, I feel, in short may explain.

Our Political gurus in different political parties are very good at learning, they learned the lesson, taught by the British “divide and rule”. Infact they improved and innovated it, we were Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians.

We are an advanced version today, of what we were earlier.
If on one side, we divided ourselves in the name of religion, castes, sects, and sub sects, religious and linguistic minorities. On the other side we are polarized on the bases of region, language, and social and economic basis.


Alliances, how, holy, un-holy they may be they are, to benefit some party or some group or region of ours. The name of the game is power at all costs.

The truth is we are so fragmented that, we see intense political and regional rivalries, in all parts of our nation, in most of the parts of our country. We fail to come on one platform on any issue, how important that may be in the interest of the country and its people.

Formation of vote banks

The fact is we for correcting mistakes in our society of discrimination and social and economic backwardness for long, introduced several ways and means to give them opportunity to grow as equals in all respects. .

This great move to bring those who were deprived for ages to the right social and economic status.

But, this was like a blessing in disguise, for the political minds they converted these sections of the society in to vote banks and set one against the other.

So that, the Nation Wins.
Some streams of our political gurus started strongly believing “If the People are united, we lose – And, if People are Divided we, Gain.”


The moral of the story is. We, People of India should Unite and defeat the Political System. So that, the Nation Wins.

Muslims in Position of bargain

In the present set up Muslims are gradually grown in to a position where in, their demands can not be ignored by any political party. This is true to many other sections in the society also.

Muslims now are in a dramatic position, by using their valuable vote they today, can help in changing the present system and make the nation better, by exercising there vote with wisdom and courage.

Muslims! Are you listening, the time is on your side, giving you an opportunity to contribute directly in bettering our nation and society, together with your Hindu Brothers, you can take your, best shot now, help in improving our Nation and Its Political structure.

The scene is getting set for Elections 2009 April for Lok Sabha Elections and Few State Elections.
Realise this fact, get prepared for rising on this occasion and act responsibly and Vote for Better Future of your Country and Generations to come. Vote for one nation, one people, security, development, and Indian Pride. Vote above all political and other divides. Vote as Indians.


Let the new dawn bring Equality, Social Justice, Education, Economic liberty, and Happiness,

And Desire to be united and strong, and realise our dreams which we saw when we got our independence, sixty years back.

Vote for making the Nation,

Appeal to the reader.

I would request the readers of this article to mail to as many as you can with the similar request from you. So that. Together we can make a big, difference, and improve the nation we live in.

Suggest demand which you feel can be part of the demands charter we like to make.

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