win it for good work

win it for good work

 “Mother who is Politician”, young boy asked his mother when he heard this word repeatedly on a channel he was watching

The mother  little disturbed by the failures on many fronts by the politicians, and broken promises answered “ok… son he is a very irresponsible and not so reliable person”.

The son insisted to know more about this character politician  from his mother, reluctantly the mother to give a funny definition of a Politician said “do you know who is a Burglar”, the son confused replied “ I think I know the man very suspicious looking, who robs innocent people on streets is Burglar uncle”.

The mother replied “Politician uncle is more dangerous than Burglar, a Burglar is one who robs things and you don’t even see him and you never will know him.

But a Politician is one you will trust him with you vote, he will rob you of your trust, he will be with you he will come again and again after robbing your trust again and again and you rarely have no choice but to get robbed by voting him again and again. ” and son “you don’t address a burglar as uncle

The son replied “mama… if the politician is more dangerous than burglar why are you calling him Uncle” the mother replied

“Son the burglar is only part time worker he  comes and gos, but we have to live with politicians we can not get odd with them son…don’t forget to call them uncle“

Son replied “ok mama. No wonder we are a tolerant people” the bell rings and Father is back from a tough day spent in the hassle bustle of the traffic and the conditions in office, totally drained, and tired, surrendering to the fate asks his son

” Son what lesson did you learn today” the son quickly replies” daddy I learned that the politician is as dangerous as a burglar, Is it true daddy” the father is disturbed by the answer and sits beside the son and quietly in depth explains, and clarifies.

“Son politicians are also like us they are not saints; in them are good, bad and ugly as in any society and any class of people. Politicians are not always bad, in them we have seen in the great leaders who were self less and did all they could to better our nation, and sacrificed self in service to the nation.”

Son showed signs of interest and wanted to know more asked his father “daddy then why every one speaks bad about the politicians and hate the, abuse, mistrust them and joke on them if they are not so bad” the father replied

“It is true we are seeing a big low in the value system, many politicians today are selfish they resort to all sorts of tactics and manipulation to achieve there not so noble goals


Divide the nation on the basis of religion, caste, language, and region and make vote banks, and polarize them for power.”

even after doing all this if they are short that magic number to give them power to fool you they use the holy constitution to master unholy alliances and power sharing formulas to further there not so holy goals to achieve there not so noble goals.

“Still son very soon there will be a change, we know there are few good and very good politicians in them. When we see at a huge gathering of politicians across party line in the parliament and the assemblies do not feel shy to say that in them are noble and worthy leaders whom we are not shy to call our leaders it is just that the numbers are less”

“The hope is in our youngsters who are our future leaders.
They should not shy form joining politics and change the balance in favour of the nation by showing exit door to those entire politicians who have damaged and brought disgrace to our nation and the political system.”

“Son one day you can lead this nation, you can be a Gandhi, Bahadur, Subash, Nehru, Indira, Desai, Manmohan and Kalam, whom we all respect, and admire.”

It was late already and the son satisfied with the explanation,


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