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Is Shoe Mightier than the Pen?





Breaking News.


The suppressed and deprived who are denied Justice have invented a new weapon of Mass Destruction of Ego.”Guided Shoe Missile”


To blast irresponsible and egoistic politicians and corrupt in the society, 




When justice is denied, in legitimate circles of justice and corridors of power, it results in heavy frustration, dissatisfaction, and sense of being deprived, which leads to acts difficult for society to condemn, like expressing the agony by targeting shameless politicians and members of political power houses and custodians of law by Shoe Guided to punish the unjust.


Justice Denied


Are we left with options which are normally considered in law books as acts of criminal intent, like hurting and abusing individuals and taking law in to our own hands?  


Are guided shoe missiles our only way left to address our grievances, to express our feelings, and push   justice system to take note of our grievances and act on them?    This is a sign of great failure of our administrative and legal mechanism. I fear a great threat to our democratic and legal functioning; there is an immediate need to do all necessary to revamp our justice and admin. Mechanisms of free democratic functioning of universe.



The world needs to look at this subject very seriously the agony of the persons who slapped shoe on Bush, Japanese primer, P Chidambaram or Jindal are same.


In the case of Iraq Shoe throwing on Ex President of America who was seen as reason

For killings of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq.  And in the recent case of P Chidambaram on the failure of Congress to Punish members of party who were alleged to be involved in killings of innocent Sikhs in hundreds in 1984 after assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi by a Sikh Guard.


In both the cases, it is a case of a throwing Pen and using Shoe to get answer to their Questions.


“Masters of Pen


 If Journalist, educated, economically comfortable, and socially respected with certain amount of influence on the society we live in.  Can feel his way about our system,  then definitely there is a grave need to intorspect  the way we run our nations.   


How fragile is our society. If educated are pushed so hard,

How about not so qualified and not so well placed in the society.


How will we be able to control them if they resort to unlawful means to express their agony.  


Effective Shoe


Can we blame people like Zaidi and Jarnail Singh who air frustration of Millions of  people they represent, and expects justice form the system they live in.?  I seriously doubt it.


Important is the actions of these individuals transformed them in to heroes as

They defended as brave warriors, stood to fight for justice which is denied for years, with out fear for bringing to focus the issues bothering them and they to some extent succeeded in forcing the system to mend its ways as we saw in the case of Jadish Tiatiler and Sajjan Kumar who are dropped form election fray


The Battle is on – with Little Hope


There are issues related to innocent people in all sections of the society who are fighting their war untiring in the lobbies of justice in our Nation with little hope of seeing the light of justice there are many such issues before the nation that are yet to see the light of the day when justice is done. There is hope yet the fear is bigger than the hope of loosing to see the light of justice.



Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.


We heard a sayings like pen is mightier than sword, are we going to amend it and say Shoe is Mightier than the Pen.  Ironically   Shoe is being used as the Sword in all the cases to punish, abuse, and express dissent.  Then can we say that Pen is not mightier than the sword



This has become an international phenomenon which proofs that the problem the world is facing today is common and our basic issues are same internationally we fail to give justice


When justice is delayed it is denied.


We have to give our best to win this war between the truth and falsehood. 
And bring to book all those you are guilty, corrupt.



 No more air rides.

A ray of hope is always on in my heart, things will change and we will have justice in time, so that no shoe takes air ride to set the society right hopefully.

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  1. karan khosla
    April 22, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    But when it comes to L K Advani ji.

    It is interesting to see how BJP Cadare is disturbed on pojection of L K Advaniji as the Contenders for the post of PM if BJP comes to power. This speaks one other type of displesure and dislike Mr. L K Advani is facing in this safron cadre.

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