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Are Voters Abused and Cheated by Politicians ?, if not, Are we failing to give clear Verdict ?


sonia and manmohan example of trust and leadership

sonia and manmohan example of trust and leadership Power Brokers in DemandElection 2009 ones again has sWe the voters have to take the responsibility for projecting a fractured mandate. Voters Cheated How long are we the voters going to be cheated by parties who give high promises in their manifestos and election rallies and loud commitments in public, for getting our valuable vote? And the moment they get our votes without even waiting for the results, change the tune and sing songs of bargain, and u turn form the promises they made. Confidence in Major Political Parties reducing Failure by the main political parties to give confidence of their capabilities to value the aspirations of the voters, and promising a stable govt. is one of the major reason for the confusion in the minds of the voters which distract them and allow them to be carried away by the smaller parties with local issues based of caste, region, and personalities. Large Objectives are key Greater and more crucial issues of unity, building, magnitude of great democratic power, build and improve the image in the world economic and political lobbies to empower India to become a leader of the world nations and cruise towards the status of a developed, prosperous, economically independent, with great social justice and security in a strong nation India. Should be possible with strong govt at the centre.children waiting for parents out side polling booth, praying for better tomarrrow

et a stage for horse trading and opportunity for power brokers of our fractured polity, with local issues and parties of individual leaders over powering the national issues.  Another five years of uncertain and weak governance is staring the nation on its face.


 Small Group –  Big Bargain

 Weather it is north south east or west we see individuals representing sections of society on the basis of caste and region, or power brokers who mustered few friends in the big corporate houses and people with political ambitions and glamour and power equations which suit to give needed support in political houses to achieve the targets and supremacy in the race for positioning themselves run up to no 1, 2, 3, slots in corporate world.

Strong Govt at Centre is Our Need Today

 We   say the value of vote to bring just and able leader to govern and make India  home of  comfort to its common man, give justice, security, quality infrastructure, clean air and water, and discipline.

 But, success comes from stability of a strong govt which can take bold decisions both internal and external with determination and courage. If the govts are week dependent on small parties which hardly have one, two or three members of parliament to support the govt so formed will be always under threat of being blackmailed and pulled off of flimsy and selfish reasons.

 Congress under Dr. Singh can be one

 Congress took a bold step in tackling the nuclear deal with usa, it did not care loosing the power much before the slated general elections 2009 and govt led by a clean personal like Dr Manmohan Sing came under criticism of horse trading, money changing hands and horrific display of cash on the benches of parliament bringing shame to the nation.  Were they compulsions? Had the govt been strong and not fragile the shameful display could have been saved. The political compulsions would not have dragged the polity to go so low of playing the blame game.

 Only ones and Nation above All will do the Magic

If we Indians care for our national pride and wish to give this country a stable and strong govt and make this nation strong, we should learn to vote clear govts and political formations lead by a major political groups which will have political wisdom, presence and desire to take the nation together with cords which will raise the tone of unity and oneness and nation above all local and regional issues and personalities cult. I wish it was as simply as writing them here.

 Sonia Gandhi Was Bold to go all alone in Elect. 2009

 One such exercise was done by the Congress party in 2009 elections where in Mrs Sonia Gandhi with her wisdom in able consultations with her advisors and AICC members took a very bold and calculated risk of fighting 2009 Elections with its own strength and ask the nation to put trust in it to give a strong national represented govt at the centre. After the not very comfortable experience of running the govt in forces like Left, SP, BSP and Lalus, and TRS, Mayas, Etc.

 Success for Congress, Time to select right Allies.

 The experience partially paid off with the strength of Left, and few other decreasing.

The vote share of congress is retained with losses in some quarters and gains in some.  Over all the performance has projected Congress of as single largest political National party which with a combination of secular parties once again is at the verge of forming the govt at the centre.  This time the choice of allies is more concrete as the formation will be based on the principles of national security, growth, economic liberty, development, and certain major decision on the cards for

People responded to the Call of Sonia Gandhi

 To a great extent congress was given encouragement in this direction this is good try hope fully the next time around the trend will come for giving the driving power to major political party in the centre and allowing the local parties at the state levels to address the local issues with out diluting the national interest and issue faced by the country both internal and external. With clear economic, defence, external policy, and security issues firmly controlled by the govt in power at the centre.

 Two views of our major two Political Majors. BJP and Congress.  

 We say secular combinations and power sharing formulas of secular forces in the nation. Who pledge to give the nation strength in building this nation on the basis of equality and rights to all sections of the society? 

 On the other hand we have combination   which is lead by another major political combination NDA which still likes to build on the politics of divide and on the basis of religion and caste using poster boys like Varun G.

 Muslims Played Constructive role t in Nation Building in Verdict 2009

 The beauty is the Minorities are very conscious and responsible lot they know the arithmetic’s of power share in present times. They are improving form election to election and will hopefully be improving further to   give India good governance and using the valuable votes to make the future better.   

 Muslims are cautious in putting their weight with the local combinations of state run political net works and ideologies. The stage is also getting clear, as the in future and in the present times Muslims realize that they can do most to keep India Secular, Nationalistic and Progressing, by casting their vote consciously.

 Why Majority Hindu is divided

 The Majority Community of India is fractured among Yadavs Babus, Dalit, Forward and Backward classes’ regional and social divisions.  We need to look at a holistic image of the nation and side with performance and improvement in conditions we live. And build self respect for all.   

Good states govern. By both BJP and Congress Camps.

BJP the party and its few visionary leaders like Chauhan of Madhaya Pradesh gave good governance and govt. for the people with clear agenda of doing best on the basic issues of the common man and necessities. The govt of Mr. Chauhan in M P is a good example which the BJP can take keeping the contagious and controversial issues like Masjid and Mandir.

 If  Bhagvan Ramji was alive he would be happy with the way Chauhan has served the state rather than the rhetoric of Advaniji to pledge again to link the growth of his party with the construction of Ram Mandir at Ayodha  on  Demolished  Babri Masjid with hurt to millions of Muslims and  Great Majority of  Secular Hindus and people of the world.  

Nations are combinations and even a small element of the combination should be the concern and purpose of the governing bodies.

 Nitish Kumar in Bihar, has shown us ones Lalu was indispensable and they used to say “ jab tak hai samose mai allo, Bihar main rehega Lalu.’  The samosa is still living but the lalu has perished in the fire of neglecting Bihar for decades.

 The Muslim and Yadav are no more falling prey to the magic of words they needed performance and the Nitish Kumar govt provided it but it may be not as expected but this govt needs a good central support and a strong central govt to support his agenda.

 Thus the parties should rise above the political and egoistic issues and opt for strong combination and a stable govt in centre.

 The Congress is having a great example in Dr. Shiela Disxit who showed the path for true inclusive political and developmental setup that has become almost a model for how states should function and live up to the aspirations of the people.

 Similarly the govt of Andhra Pradesh led by Dr. Y S Rajasheker Reddy. Being the first Chief Minister in several terms lead by Congress to complete five full successful years of good governance and a govt for the poor, needy, backward, minorities, and the business community providing excellent irrigation projects, infrastructure projects, social and uplifting the poor programmes, protection and support both financial and administrative to the minorities to improve their economic and literacy levels.  The Dr. Reddy proved to be a very bold and a go getter, he also had the share criticism but he survived all of it. There are few more examples of good.

 We the Judges of our Destiny

 We have a good people to govern and India is not short of talent every state and every party has good and bad examples it is important how to keep the bad out and the good in to the seat of governance. The judgement is yours, the able and enlightens voters of the new India. At the verge of making history by soon becoming the leader of the nations of the world. 

Let the Nation Be Vibrant and Fighting under Dr. Singh.

 The hope is in the formation under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh who in spite of troubled times, and non co operative alliance partners and issues like internal security and terrorism, rising prices, world recession, energy issue like nuclear deal with America.

 The govt of Dr. Manmohan Singh scored 8 out of 10 for it performance, and courage to tackle the issues before the nation. In the past 5 years. The momentum is on and the direction that the nation has taken on the path of growth and in tackling the various developmental, strategic, and social enlistment endeavours will have to continue with greater determination.

 Each day is crucial the people of India should not be pulled in to leg pulling the political parties should take this Q and help the Congress led combination of progressive and nationalistic govt be formed with the tooth to crack the tough nets in governance.

Power Broker Party

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    The broken and corrupt two party system threatens us all, event if we are not from NJ. Take a stand.

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