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India is Awake – Victory for Seculalrism and Virdect to Perform.


L- R, Dr Manmohan Singh, Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

 Nation of Unity

Verdict for Performance, Unity, Secularism and Strong India, which can be groomed to lead the nations of the world in years to come. This is  a Historic moment for India as the Majority Hindus  community  has loved to see the Muslims brothers as equal    partners with them in journey to  building a new  India with renewed  confidence, unity, security and hard work. Victory for Indian Hindus and Muslims together.

 Effect Collective Leadershp

 Indian Voter has won, Indians have shown and put their confidence in Dr.Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi’s Dual capabilities, supported by Rahul and Pranab Mukerjee and their team. 

 Celebrations began as early as 9 am in the morning at Sonia Gandhi’s residence. This will be govt with determination and courage to take strong and bold decision which will be minus the road blocks set be left lost its redness and reduced  to pale yellow, even in West Bengal and Kerala.

 Son Rise in UP and  Mamta in Bengal.

 Congress has broken the dogma that Congress is no more a power in UP states like UP and West Bengal. Congress after decades found its roots again by performing winning them back. Due to good home work and performance of Rahul in UP and Mamta in West Bengal. 

 Almost all the states have performed,  greater than the expectations of the congress high command  even in states lik  Delhi,  and  Rajastan,  Andhra Pradesh. The strong holds of Congress.  

 BJP not Trusted  to Govrn India.

 Indian voter   Rejected BJP   led by L K Advani, and sent a message that BJP I not 

The party which the voter likes to entrust the faith to govern India in this verdict.

 It looks, India has no space for parties like BJP, who think they can rule India on the policy of Divide between people  on  religious lines, and play politics of hate against one particular community.

 Bigning of End of Modi

 In Gujrat Nareder Modi gets the taste of how it feels to get pushed to a corner and begin to get isolated, and suffocate with his party loosing badly in run up to Power in Parliament.  This is the beginning of the end of Modi in Gujrat and India. Thaks to the enlightiened Hindus voters who rejected Hinductva agenda, and leaders advocateing it very clearly with out any hasitation, and fear.   

 Emergence to people’s power,

 People have given a clear verdict that they will not tolerate the divisive political leaders and parties and allow India to be tainted as a communal, narrow, minded. 

 Mulsims thank  Hindu Brothers. 

 India is secular,   because Hindus are primarily secular by Heart.    Muslims appreciate this fact and would like to thank them for rejecting BJP. And giving India a new confidence and upholding the ethos and values it stood for ages. Long Live India.    

 Deserted in hour of  Pain

 BJP  leaders  deserted  L K  Advani in the hour of Pain when the elder leader in eighties was left alone with one to express his agony and coming to terms to the fact that he lost the last opportunity to be PM of  India as he is not expected to the around in 2014  Lok Sabha elections.  My sympathy is with him I wished he worked a better combination rather than Babri and Muslim agenda.  Even Sangh was not seen to share the pain of L K Advani in the hour of pain.

Congress caution, this is time to Perform Pl.

Sonia, Manmohan, Rahul, Pranab and their allies deserve to be congratulated for excellent work. This is for them with great expectations on performance in areas of interest which the voter expects them to deliver.  With  confidence and hope that this govt will deliver and use the power given by us to rule this nation in the norms of constitution and keep the common man and  advantaged in us

 This is enough for now I will be back with a comprehensive programme for our demands and expectation in the coming five years from UPA gotvt.

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