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Rahul the Natural Leader



rahul the boy learing a leason or two on politics from grand mother late indira gandhi.

rahul the boy learing a leason or two on politics from grand mother late indira gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi a disciplined silent revolutionary leader and hero of 2009 Election in India, Rahul cares and is concerned about the deprived in the society.  


Rahul like her Grand Mother Indira Gandhi is pleasant and magnetic personality, inheriting political wisdom from her Grand Mother, the Elegance of his Father Rajiv Gandhi, the Disciple and Patients of his Mother Sonia Gandhi, and Progressive, and Calculative in the company of Dr. Manmohan Sing, making Rahul a Leader with qualities needed to lead the Nation in 21st Century.  


Yet Rahul prefers to be close to ground reality, likes to understand the issues faced by the common man specifically and broadly always willing to keep himself informed about the affair of the party and the nation.


Some people are blessed and are born leaders who can carry with them masses and have the charisma to motivate people around them, Rahul is one such leader.


Like his Mother who took the major decision to refuse the post of PM in 2004 and spoiled the party of BJP and its allies to make a national issue of Foreigner becoming the PM of India, to streets and protest to halt a govt just elected. She sacrificed for building Congress and consolidating the family pride and kept the interest of the nation above herself and her family, and Dr. Sing became the PM. And how this team of Sonia and Manmohan Singh Clicked is proved in Verdict 2009.


Rahul taking lessons of leadership and sacrifice from her mother has said no to Cabinet Berth in 2009 formation of Govt. by Dr. Sing, he prefers to be close to the people and work to build Congress parties image and its cadre. Surely he will concentrate in regions where once Congress was an unchallenged force for decades.


The decision of Rahall Gandhi will be good for his growth as a leader with greater understanding of the ground reality and political know how, its if’s and but’s.

At the same time he will be able to priorities the needs and issues before the National Growth by 2014, when he will graduate to be true contender for the post of PM.



My best wishes are with him, and his family, I look in him the sprit Nehru, a true nationalist, Secular, Progressive, and Pleasant personality.


Dear. Rahul do keep Nation and its people, always above self and family.



The nation needs warriors who can fight the forces that are dividing the nation on the lines of caste, region and religion.

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