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Rajsheker Reddy the Iron Man of  A.P. 

Rajsherker Reddy Today in Indian Politics stands for Courage, Firmness, Go-getter, and Shrewdness. Mr.  Reddy emerged as one of the Strongest  Loyalist of  Congress President Sonia Gandhi,  who was fit to  Protect the Interest of the Party in the State and Supporting the Secular and  Democratic  Ethos of  the Nation.  Mr.  Reddy also, owns a Golden heart which feels the pain of the Poor and the Deprived in the Society, Irrespective of the Caste and Religion and Region. A man who stood for the unity of People of Andhra Pradesh and fought against the forces who worked to divide it.




Mr.  Reddy for as many as forty years is as a loyal worker of Congress Party, since the time of Late Indira Gandhi.  YSR   came very close to becoming the Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh couple of times in past,  before finally becoming the C M  in 2004. The Destiny was to groom him to take bigger challenges, thus kept him in waiting till 2004. A leader who came from the not so very developed region Rayalseema in comparison to the costal Andhra, in A P.


Star that did not loose its Glitter.


Who could have imagined   in 2002 that Mr. Reddy will be the star which will glitter on the skyline of the local and national politics,   and bring strength, unity to the people of the state and relief to lacks of people in need of   helping hand to address their agonies, be it health, education, child and women issues, or senior citizens.   


Fearless Muslim Support


The grievances of the Minorities of the State in areas of education, health, woman care, security were addressed by  the Govt, what is  done is good but  not enough, much is needed to be done to bring the whole Muslim community who fearlessly have castled their vote and trusted the  Congress Govt in State and  in the Centre.  The comeback of Congress under Rahul Gandhi in UP, Mamta in W Bengal and Taroor in Kerala was one big boost which was made possible due to whole hearted support to Congress and its Allies.


Can Muslims Expect a Fair Share in Governance?


Will the Muslims be rewarded for being with Congress when they needed them most, can the party keep up to the commitment given to the Muslims on various Issues.   


 Sachar Committee Recommendations implementation as Thanks giving to Muslims.

 Muslims have a legitimate and just demand that as the gesture of thanks giving to the Muslims of India for wholeheartedly supporting and expecting, Congress of Sonia,  Manmohan  and Rahul will not let the Muslims down and disappoint them.  

 The Govt at the Centre should implement the recommendations of the Sachar Committee Report with immediate effect. Dr. Singh is for implementation of Sachar Committee who openly accepted that the Muslims of India are economically backward and the recommendations are fair and are to be implemented in true sprit but his clear mind and will to move to implemented was put in cold storage for reasons best know to people in seats of power in Ministries around Dr. Singh.

 Congress Infighting reduced it to a Troubled Lot in late 90’s.

 Rajshereker Reddy who was the Opposition leader of Congress when TDP was in power.  Congress was a troubled lot going thru infighting and indiscipline, and no tall leader to hold the party together for a Decade, between late nineties up to 2003.

 Congress was not able to project a Strong Leader to Challenge the then TDP Leader C B Naidu.   Even Rajsehker Reddy had to face difficult times in the party when he was replaced by Satyanarayan Rao as the President of APICC.  That was a very tough time for him too, with very few Members of the Assembly to make the impact in the Assembly and support him.


My Moment with YSR – in the late 2002.

 I got the opportunity to meet him in those days of test, with now Home Minister Smt. Sabita Indira Reddy.

 It was a pleasant surprise to see Dr. Rajsheker Reddy.  YSR I met was very different form the one I heard.  I found him very calm, thinking, determined, friendly, and very well mannered, and noble personality. I could sense in him that the fire and detemination and the spark in his eyes to achieve. The glow of his presence was very loudly speaking about a revolution that he will bring about to the state of A.P.    The Volcanic energy full of courage and determination to work hard, he was bond to emerge in to a huge success story for the State and the Congress Party.

 His Rivals Moments of Power.

 The TDP was strong with the IT and Urban Development Projects in late nineties and beginning of 2000.  The poster image of Chandra Babu Naidu and a image build by the TDP govt of a CEO culture coming to the state and the laurels were all over projecting Chandra Babu as the corporate leader who had solutions for the breaking the nepotism and exploring new ways and means to govern the state with emergence of the NF a and formation of Deve Gouda Govt made Chandra Babu brought State of    A.P in to the National Power Sharing Corridor. 

But the Rival Faltered at Home Ground

But the ground reality was Suiciding Farmers, C B N failed miserably to give power to wet their fields, growing unrest and voices from all corners including the now shambled  Maha Kutum partners  CPI and CPM. The TD govt. was in logger heads on issues of neglecting the Farms, Failing to address rural issues the govt was considered the govt of the Rich and the Urban, the buss word was C B N has no time for the poor; he is CEO of the Corporate. 

Agricultural Sector and Rural Development. . Chandra Babu Naidu Was becoming a self cantered leader who was not popular with the govt employees and surprisingly his party cadre too.



How YSR became Anna (Trusted Brother) for Millions in Andhra Pradesh

Then came the turning point in the carrier of Rajsheker Reddy immense concern for the Farmers and rural issues motivated him to act in the interest of the state, its people and his party.  The issues faced by the people of the state and the farmer in particular he decided to take a popular “Pad Yatra” in 2003 to fight and work for deprived and the disadvantaged in the state, the  Farmers. Who were committing suicides in numbers?

Emerged as Unchallenged Leader of Congress Party

Advaniji and BJP took yatra to divide India on the lines of Religion and Air communal fire. On the Issue of Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir. This yatra of Rajsheker Reddy was with intention to build Confidence of the poor and lend a helping hand, and reach to them in person to feel the problems faced by them and strive to find solutions.

 For Fighting to bring about a change to support the issues of Farmers, Common man and unity of the state on the lines of performance at the roots with helping hand for the poor and the needy in the society, focusing on Irrigation and Power.

And working to empower the needy. And formula of sharing the revenue generated thru, the new found revenue generating machine IT and the rising Real Estates. In the wake of IT becoming the centre for revenue generation in Hyderabad, which challenged the status of Bangalore as the IT City of India.

Rajsherker the True Leader of Masses – Blue Eyed Boy of Sonia Gandhi.

Y S R became the leader of the masses and his Padyatra became popular he was crowned as the un challenged leader in the Congress Party and people of the state looked towards him as a positive and right replacement to Chandra Babu Naidu in 2004 the govt of TDP lost the confidence of the people which many in the Media houses, and the Corporate world and Business circles took as a shock.  But the change in govt had come and the BJP lost in the centre. Andhra once again gained the attention of the Congress High command and Raj Sherker Reddy become the blue eyed boy of Sonia Gandhi and Congress.

He kept to Basics of Governance deliver on Promises.

His govt in state promised,  free power to the farmers, it performed with a hitch for five years, it promised reservations to the minorities it fought and provided 4%  reservation, many schemes of benefit to the poor and the needy,  like, Anrrogya  Shree, Idiramama become popular and reason for great help and relief for people of the sate.

 Governance without Bias

 The beauty is he did not disturb the measures taken by TDP  govt instead he excelled and surpassed the achievements of Chandra Babu by extending his base to show that he is better than Babu when it comes to Urban Development and Infrastructure and Real-estate growth potential projects that can bring revenue to the state.  

 Great inflow of corporate houses taking Hyderabad their opportunity destination to expand their interests in infrastructure, housing and IT was witnessed. This took a beating due to world recession and local issues like Telegana and possible political uncertainty.

 The commitment to make Andhra Pradesh a major Agricultural Sate started taking concrete shape with various projects in different regions of the state started becoming realty.


CONGRESS ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF UNITY -Congress party supporters offer cake to Andhra Pradesh state Chief Minister and Congress party leader Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, center, at his office in Hyderabad, India, Saturday, May 16, 2009. The Congress party headed to a resounding victory Saturday in India's monthlong national elections, defying expectations of a poor showing to secure a second term in power as the country battles an economic downturn. (AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A)

CONGRESS ENJOYING THE FRUITS OF UNITY -Congress party supporters offer cake to Andhra Pradesh state Chief Minister and Congress party leader Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, center, at his office in Hyderabad, India, Saturday, May 16, 2009. The Congress party headed to a resounding victory Saturday in India's monthlong national elections, defying expectations of a poor showing to secure a second term in power as the country battles an economic downturn. (AP Photo/Mahesh Kumar A)

 Congress Roaring with Confidence under YSR swept 2009 Elections.


And the political discipline of Congress Party improved for the first time since long and YSR became the Chief Minister with the privilege to be undisputed, going strong day after day completing full five years terms and also leading the party back to power in 2009 elections in state assembly and making Congress Party Strong in a Parliament under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Dr.Manmohan Singh.  All his moves political, administrative, and developmental proved to be correct.


Greener A.P and marching ahead to make state No. 1 in Agricultural Growth.


The Nature and God was kind to Rajsheker Reddy too with normal or above normal rainfall in all the five years silencing the plight of Farmers and Power Crisis with focus of Irrigation gaining reason and legitimacy.


Expectations in 2009-2014


This time around we expect to see a different Rajsheker Reddy, he will be quick, silent, and should to be harsh on the corrupt, Security is still an issue for most Indians, better administrative governance,


Can he hold the Muslims with him a third time too? 


Empower the Minorities who will have to remain with the Congress to see him thru 2014 too, a slightest loss of confidence or alienation of even a small section of Muslims will make the run up to 2014 difficult. Which neither the Sonia Gandhi, nor Rahul Gandhi would like to happen in order to project after a great era of Dr. Manmohan Singh coming to glorious end may by in 2014. And surely much is expected from Dr Rajsheker Reddy when it comes to the right of Muslims the Muslims look up to him in state to impress upon the central govt to act fast on Sachar Committee recommendations implementation.



And renewed political will to do better than the last term will be driving YSR to a hatric in 2014 General Elections.


The Challenges are bigger and many in 2009, in 2004 he came to power on the anti TDP wave and his Padyatra Effect by projecting himself as the friend of the farmer and deprived in the society.  In 2009 he retained his ground  against worst political odds in the formation of Mahakuttum and presence of PRP, mainly due to his firm stand on united Telegram and keeping his cards close to his chest with respect to telengana in the first phase of polling which covered most of Telengana and boldly taking political risk dumped the kutum and PRP as parties who are against the unified interest of the people of the state and warning the Andhras of very unpleasant conditions if Kutum and PRP are voted who all thru sided with an idea of formation of Telengana singing the song composed by the leader who make mockery of political culture Mr. KC Rao. Who showed his very communal colour which most suspected by siding with NDA even before the election results were announced. 



A look on Figures and Vote Share


However The Emergence of PRP as Spoiler for TDP by cutting in to the vote share of Chandra Babu Naidu Party helped Congress. By PRP Getting 18 % of vote share pulling 7 % from Congress and 11% from TDP He spoiled the Party for TDP and was a great blessing in Disguise for Rajsheker Reddy and Congress Party. The TDP did not lose the ground but for PRP would have performed better. This is a Caution note for the Congress and its well-wishers, the Congress Party can’t take this victory total there are area to improve and learn form the signal the people of the state are giving. In this perspective one can know the importance of the Muslim Vote share which has sided consciously with the Congress Party and Rejected TDP.



Muslims still not comfortable with TDP – it did nothing to gain them too.


Muslims still remember the opportunism of Chandra Babu Naidu when he kept silent on the Issue of Gujrat Riots and Naerender Modi while supporting the NDA govt in Cenre. Chandra Babu failed to correct his mistake, still was in double mind weather to re join NDA post poll 2009 alliance politics it is fortunate that the people of India gave a clear verdict against the policy of divide and rule of BJP and rejected the plank of Hidutva and L K Advani had  the verdict be hung I would not be surprised if the parties like TDP and TRS joining hands with the forces of Divded and Hate BJP.


Celebrations for Majority Hindus and Minorities.


The Real Heroes of the Verdict 2009 are the Majority Hindus who said no to politics of Hate campaigned by L K Advani and his brigade and the Icing on the Cake came only from the Muslims of India in a situation where the Muslims got divided in casting their vote the journey to power of Congress would not be smooth.


Empowering Minorities


Congress is Friend of Muslims the Muslims wanted to prove. It is the turn of Congress both in states and the centre do act which will keep the rights and give the deserved share of power both in centre and state. By empowering in the areas like.


  1. Political Reservation- today we very sad to know that the representation in national, even regional parties on Muslims is only for names sake and mostly negligible. The reason being lack of financial capabilities of  growing demands political culture where money is one of the major tool to acquire power, some who make it to the offices of power end up as inefficient or rejected by the Muslims them selves like what happened in the case of few in the state in this time.


       2. By political reservation I mean like there are reserved constituencies for backwards classes and SE AND ST’S      there should be minimum of 15 %  of the seat in parliamentary democracy and our assemblies should be reserved for Minorities in which Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Janis and other minorities. This will change the face of the modern India and this could be one big step forward by the Congress to hold the Muslim Vote and keep the confidence of Minorities.


B Reservation in Govt, Army, Civil Services, and Police force and Enforcement Agencies. To a tune of 15%


C. Development of institutions to render true Islamic Ethos and Knowledge to the Muslim Children to give them the confidence that the State cares for their belief and respect it.


D. Enforcement bodies to make sure the schemes, programmes, and legislations in the interest of the Muslims are formed in a transparent and effective manner, that will assess the economic growth and guide the authorities to take up the remedial measures, from time to time.


E. Empowering the Muslim Youth develop a national talent search in Muslims and other Minorities, to groom them for able, responsible, assertive, nationalist, leaders.  By forming a university which will develop thousands of Muslims men and women who will grow with an objective of leading this country from front with their Hindu brothers, in Political and Social bodies.


This is very innovative and positive initiative if taken.  These leaders will represent the people of India on all issues and will strengthen the secular and democratic set up of our nation.


Can he help Rahul to be PM in 2014?


The Iron man Rajsheker Reddy in able support and guidance of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and Dr. Man Mohan Singh can start the ball rolling to zero in from now to work for a bigger Victory under the leadership of Young Rahul Ganhdi as PM of India. And further reduce the communal and forces of divide in India.


Backup Congress it is time to Work

We know BJP is now a hurt, it will try to put all sorts of issues to gain the lost ground similarly the small regional parties are going to take smallest mistake of Congress and will trying to make it an issue to gain their lost ground it is all in the way how the Govt in Centre and Sates ruled by Congress perform coming five years and gain confidence of the people further more.  Hope Congress does the Expected and will not let down the Indians who supported it and its leaders.

  1. smitha
    June 1, 2009 at 6:54 am

    Political reservation is a non-starter issue. To be frank, it does not really empower minorities, but those few well-to-do and close to power circles would eat them up in no time.

    What is indeed needed is, to provide a helping hand to muslim population in terms of education reservation and equal opportunities for employment, atleast in public sector.

    As it has been quite clear that muslim population is indeed backward economically, education attainment, healthcare.

    What concerns me is that muslim population is similar to what rest of the people by about 20 years, and the only way to see that they get equal opportunities, economic welfare is to provide enough upliftment, despite the constant minority appeasement noises.

  2. June 4, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    thanks for the comment smita this is the author, i am encouraged and expect you to put more light on the topic and advice. Our idea is to educate and muslims and bring to light the true issues related to muslims.

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