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Obama supported by World Leaders on Two Nation Solution to M E.

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President Obama and King Abdullah in Riyadh on 3rd June 2009

President Obama and King Abdullah in Riyadh on 3rd June 2009

Mr. Obama you are the selected one by God,to bring peace to the region of MIddle East.

Confilict of Middle East is as old as our history. This confilict like any other confilicts sure does have a solution. I agree this is a hard nut to crack but you Mr. President are blessed with tooth to crack this hardnut.

The factor missing is willingness of one of them involved Israel. Though the world community, the Palestinians, and your Nation US backs you in your two nation solution to middle east issue, it is surprising to see the Israeli leaders hasitant.

They should be equally serious to cash this oppertunity floated by you and your administration. Which comes out of zeal and truthfulness, from you, with great concern for world peace and well being of the people of the region. And a relief for US and the people of the world.

What is stopping Israel and its Leaders from seeing the wisdom in the proposal. Is it Iran and its Neucliar Capabilities.
or a shear Ego.

The friends in Israel should understand that the threat for the safey of Israel defuses with formation of Palestinian State and a Israeli State with blesssing of all in the region, be it Arab and Islamic nations, Eropiean, Asians and US.

How can the wolrd leave Iran to act smart now or after. Iran will be checked, we known it is on your agenda too, Mr. Pesident.

 Iran”s Nuclear Capabilities are a different subject not related to the issue which is as old as 60 years, by the way Isreal is also Nuclear Power this is a factor of balance there is not much to be added to it and hold the peace in M. E.

We the people of the World are proud of you and admier your capabiliteis and skills of negotions, for being so firm, so comitted, so cautious, vocal about two nations soution for Middle East Issue.

Your clear message to the Israel authorites with regads to stopping the settelements in West Bank and Gaza, and unofficial check posts in them is firm, too.

Be it the Palestinian nation or be it the Israeli nation. People of both (nations) deserve to live in peace and security, with equal oppertunity to prosper like all the other nationions of the world.

And grow as happy and prosperous nations contributing to the world positively, ending guilt and fear in the region.

The energies used in hating and protecting due to fear of hurt can be channelleised for the wellbeing of the people of the region.

You are going to do it in your term Mr.Oabama, the people of the region both the Isrealis and the Palestinaians look up to you for getting a lasting soution to provide relief to the pain they are subjected to for decades.

Happy they will be on formation of two nations living side by side in peace.

This is a face-saver for Israel, your persuation for the soultion should be a great relief for Israel. What makes them so resistive to the idea ? Are they not for the safety and secuity to their people which gives them fine oppertunity to prosper in free air of positivity.

The World leaders and peole of all Nations thank you for being so good as President of Great Nation America we pray for American people for having faith in you and support you in you efforts for peace and propertity of we poeple, wheree ever we are. amin.