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Fear of Weak Iran Glooming

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Allegation of Un Fair Elections in Iran and Curbing of Peacefull Protests by the Govt.  will infact weaken the Iranian Nation.

Allegation of Un Fair Elections in Iran and Curbing of Peacefull Protests by the Govt. will infact weaken the Iranian Nation.

May effect the Middle East Peace Process. World needs a stong Govt. In Iran which can face the Challenges of Today.

The Iran Crisis is one big challenge for the Obama Administrations, The President who moved the wheel for meaningful dialogue on various issues concerning to the Muslim World and the U S will have to be extra cautious with the present crisis in Iran though U S has reacted with great caution to the curbing of basic right of expression and freedom of speech using the peaceful means,.


Obama has not supported openly the protests and allegations rose by the Iranian Opposition groups charging the President Ahmedinejad with election rigging and power thru un-fare means, curbing the legitimate voice of the people of Iran.


The Middle East peace plan of Obama adm. needs better relations with Iran and process which will address the issue of Nuclear Capabilities of Iran and its alleged softness towards few of the extremist organization, by the west and Israel.


In the Two Nation solution to Middle East Crisis the major hurdle projected by the Israelis is Iran and its Nuclear Capabilities, and Issue of Security.


Israel will take this as another opportunity to be evasive and drive the issues of peace at crawling pace which is not in the interest of the Palestinians, Arabs, US and Muslim world. 


President Ahmedinejad got the shock when the supreme council ordered for a probe after, a dozen protestor were killed as thousands came out across the capital from Tehran’s Vali Asr Square to the Tehran University calling President Ahmedinejad’s re-election rigged, and clashing with pro-regime militiamen.

Pro-Ahmedinejad rallies came out in the Iranian capital too.

Seeing the country plunging into chaos, Iran’s most powerful body, the 12-member Guardian Council announced a re-counting of the disputed votes, a day after Supreme Leader Khameini ordered probe into the elections.

But Ahmadinejad’s opponent, Mir Hossein Moussavi said at his first public appearance after the results that he will settle for nothing less than re-election as the polls – according to him – were marred by fraud and robbed him of victory.

Meanwhile, the world was watching it all. There was even a veiled warning from the US President Barack Obama.

“The democratic process, free speech, the ability of people to peacefully dissent – all those are universal values and need to be respected,” President Obama said.

But Obama’s statement just further irritated Tehran.

Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani said, “Americans had better not worry about Iran and its election. You must be worried about how to clear your political and security scandals of the past. It is good that you revealed your real face which was hidden under the mask of your deceiving remarks of the past couple of months.”

And within hours, the eyes of the world were shut, with Tehran banning all foreign media from reporting any protests, rallies against Ahmadinejad.

Now the recount could take 10 days, but inquiries into similar allegations of fraud made during the last elections are yet to see the light of day.

Will this tussle between the Opposition and the Ruling Party end on a Bargain of Power as some analyst predict?

It looks very unlikely there will be fresh elections. In Iran. The crisis is giving Israel the needed reason to blame on the fragility of governance in Iran this will be more so as the Governance will definitely be with reduced public support this time for 4 years term of the re elected president.