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Who Cares ?

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Khan with  Gauri before Marriage

Khan with Gauri before Marriage





Who  Cares ? 

 For most of these Actors Religion is only by chance. They are happy using their commuity to push their carrier as they can not neglect the Muslims because they need them  to keep themselves in business. And be available for  their defence when they are in trouble.



 Who Cares? They Want Laddu in both hands.

 Should we really care about them?  Some one, rightly said,  Who Cares?   You are right, who Care?  They want Laddu in both hands, when they need Muslims they come to Masjid and when they need Hindus they go to Temple.

Why  are we tolerating them?

 They are playing with the sentiments of both Hindus and Muslims alike.  Either they have to openly come and say who they are, do they have the guts to spell the Truth.  

 Their  actions  play with the sentiments of Muslims and Hindus.  These are fence sitters, they hjave no guts to declare to the world what , exactly they are, in plane terms can they be labelled as Hippocrates.  Let them say they have nothing to do with Religion  then they are free to do  what they like.  

 Young Indians in Delema.

Unfortunately the Glamour World has attracted millions of young Indian who consider these individuals successful and look up on them to emulate, it becomes futher more important that we  as a society check these individuals to inculcate right values in our youngsters.

 They are a Public Domian they have to check their actions and deeds and be truthfull. And should not confuse the masses.  In absence of such check we should expose them and show the true face to the people.