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Sibal’s Vision for Education in India with an Inclusive Bent of Mind.


in 62 years of independence we failed to give comfort of class room to our children

in 62 years of independence we failed to give comfort of class room to our children

There is Still Wide Gap in Areas like Infrastructure, Quality, and Delivery in our Educational System even if we assume the new reform package is in place in 100 days.


The Govt takes a Bold Stand ( & This will be the first measure which this govt. will be able to take as it has the numbers in the Parliament and one good measure and benefit of getting a stable and  progressive govt at the centre.  )


1. in far-reaching reforms, Government proposed making 10th board examination optional and setting up of a single school board at the national level for a uniform examination for class 12.

2. A new scheme of interest subsidy on educational loans for professional courses by economically weaker students will be launched in the first 100 days of the UPA government, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters in New Delhi.

“We must diagrammatise education. It cannot be traumatic for parents and children. This is unacceptable,” the Minister said unveiling the education agenda. The minister need to be congratulated for understanding the stress driven years of burdened educational systems, was burdening of our children. 

3. Government will also introduce a system to replace the present assessment procedure of giving marks with grades which will reduce stress, he said.

4. The single board would replace 33 boards in the country including CBSE and CISCE and hold a uniform examination for all students on the pattern of combined law admission test being organised for admission to law institutions.

“By appearing in a single board, a student can decide which university he wants to go. It is happening in the law (courses). The aim is to reduce the trauma,” he said adding that states would be consulted on the issue.

Taking note of students and their parents complaining of sleepless nights at the time of board examinations, Sibal said the government wants to make 10th examinations optional for students wishing to continue in the same school.

I have a point to make at this point in the frame of measures the Minister has proposed to be implemented by the govt.

We are  more than sixty year aged elderly nation, and we have 70 to 80 percent of the population living in the rural areas, with exception to few we have the several issues still unresolved in our primary and upper primary and high school functioning , like,


our schools today

our schools today , we have failed to give our children comfort of class room

1, Infrastructure failure – Most of the schools in villages at Mandal level do not have proper school buildings, with basic sanitation, and power, in cases where there are buildings there are no furniture to sit on and study.

2. Not Enough Quality Teachers. – The Nation is struggling to pool in quality teaching staff in the rural areas, we do not see good conditions for the teachers who have to travel long distances to reach to the schools in the rural areas, there is lack of motivation in them due to failure by the system to take care of them, both monetary and comforts for our teachers. The Minister is requested to take note of this aspect and set up a commission to improve the teaching quality by increasing teachers and giving them proper pay scales, and facilities and make them accountable for the performance of the children.


3. Lack of Transport. The child is dependent of local transport which is not frequent some area no means of transport in such conditions it should be our responsibility that, Each Mandal should have a centralised collection of the children from different villages based on the no of villages in a particular mandal no of schools to be set up and monitored by a monitory body stationed at the manual.   And Secured movement and care of the child should be ensured. 

Proposal for Centralised Education control at Mandal level.  With a vigilant enforcement agency on move to check the performance, the infrastructural needs, and quality of staff and teachers performance, assessment of the standards of education of the students. Can be a good idea.

One Board of fine, but there should be

One Infarstrucre Quality,

One Teaching Quality, And

One Assessment Quality across the Nation,

for the Poor and the Rich alike and the Urban and the Rural alike.

Then we can say India is looking ahead to take the rural and the urban child together and we are serious to bring the real and effective revolution in our Education

5. “If a student wants to go for pre-university course, he may appear for 10th board exam. But in case of a student pursuing the course in the same school, he need not appear in the class-10 exam for promotion to class-11,” Sibal said, adding that an internal assessment would suffice.

Government will review the functioning of existing deemed universities which have come under spotlight following allegations of heavy capitation fee charged by some of these institutions.

6. An autonomous overarching authority for higher education and research based on the recommendations of Yashpal committee and the National Knowledge Commission would be established.

Sibal said a law will be enacted to prevent, prohibit and punish educational malpractices. For the disadvantaged sections of the society, Equal Opportunity Offices would be created in all universities, he said adding a new policy on distance learning would be formulated.


Right to Education of Every Child in India.

7. The ambitious bill to provide free and compulsory education to children in the age group of 6 to 14 will be taken up during the budget session. 

This is a measure that is long over due and should have been the first measure the moment India got Independence in 1947 from the British this is thought now and should not remain a thought. Every Indian has a right to be educated the choice of giving education should be with the nation and every Indian should be educated so that no Indian should regret for not being provided with the basic education hear after.  

Madrasa to Come under CBSE Fold With out Hampering the Religious Education:


Children In Madrasa

Children In Madrasa


8. The government also wants to set up an All India Madrassa Board which will award degrees equivalent to CBSE and other boards. The board will frame policy to impart secular and technical education to Muslims without interfering with the religious teachings. “We will strive to evolve a consensus on this issue,” he said.  

This is fine move it is so good to know that Mr. Kapil Sibal appreciates that the Indian Muslim Child   who is student in  a Madras getting religious knowledge, should also has to be taken in the main stream and be treated with same care and concern like any other student or any other child our nation. This can be debated on few grounds, but, this is good for the Muslim Children who are in Madras’s to be brought in to Main Stream.

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