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Justice Apology in Beard Case






Jusctice Kutju we Congratulate for  Respecting the Sentiments of Muslims of India.


This blog  authored by  adil mh  www.adilmohd.com and www.adilmohd.wordpress.com and www.gawahurduweekly.com carried a an article condemning the statement of  Mr. Katju “Beard is not Talibanization of Nation” by adil mh  in April 2009 see link     http://www.adilmohd.com/stories/April/2009/4.html

now that he has apologised as per the reports in National Papers this requires me to congratulate him on his broadminded gesture in the interest of the nation, respect of Muslims, and up holding justice in India.

English Media on 6th  July 2009 reports as below.

New Delhi, July 6: The Supreme Court today recalled a  judgment rejecting a Muslim student’s right to keep a beard in violation of school rules and referred it to the Chief Justice to be heard again.

Salim had said no one had the right to interfere with religious beliefs in a secular country and sought quashing of the school regulation requiring students to be clean shaven. But Justice Katju said: “We don’t want to have Talibans in the country.”

When lawyer B.A. Khan argued that sporting a beard was a fundamental tenet of Islam, the judge said: “But you don’t sport a beard.”

A high court verdict supporting the decision of Nirmala Convent Higher Secondary School, Bhopal, to expel Salim for defying rules was upheld.

The apex court today said: “During the hearing, certain observations were made by one of us. His intentions were not to offend anyone. However, if anyone’s feelings have been hurt he apologises and expresses his regret in the matter.”

An apology of this sort is rare in the court’s annals. The last time, the apex court had been forced to do that was when a judge had acquitted a rapist on the ground that the victim was a woman of loose morals.

Salim’s petition will now be heard afresh by a bench picked by the CJI.



 By a Aplogy  you Justice Katju Sir have raised the Juscitce System and yourself  to a  level high. 


The Apology by Honourable Justice Markandey Katju, who had said he didn’t want “Talibans in the country”, while hearing Mohammed Salim’s petition, is highly appreciated and this makes the Justice System and Judiciary strong in India.  We know judges are also human beings they can also in the spurt of the moment may say things which by intention may not be to hurt some one. But the Justice Katju has proved to be a good Indian and a Good Protector of Law, his very realization of possible hurt is appreciable. 

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