Rajnathji “Hindus are Watching”

Can Rajanth Set Right, Crippled  Rath, for Advani to Ride Again?  Advani knows, Rajnath is Making a Mistake again in diagnosing the problem, Advani is silent, fearing RSS may opt Modi as new Rider for the Hindutva Rath by 2014 General Elections.

 L K Advani and Rajnath Singh  "Do they look Confident"

L K Advani and Rajnath Singh "Do they look Confident"

 BJP Decides to be Painted Saffon for Ever.

“The Bharatiya Janata Party will not drop its Hindutva agenda at any cost,” BJP president Rajnath Singh said on Sunday in Lucknow UP,  he also added  there was no “need for making those factors public” that led to the “party’s unsatisfactory performance” in the recent Lok Sabha elections.

“We are determined to follow the Hindutva agenda. Come what may, we will not leave it. We are committed towards Hindutva. We will not compromise with Hindutava, even if we have to wait for five-10 more years to assume power,” Singh said at the BJP’s Uttar Pradesh working committee meeting.

Voices in BJP against Hindutva Burried.

The manner in which Mr. Rajnath Singh is boosting, about his parties agenda and line of action and pattern laid out for future of BJP in India,  BJP the second largest Political Party of India and Main Opposition for Congress in India as of today. 

I only have to say with great dissatisfaction and concern for the good leaders in BJP who care for this Country and in recent past boldly, criticised and blamed the failure of party in recent elections on issues of Communal Divide, and lack of concern for finding solution for real issues that are of great concern to the nation.

Like, education, infrastructure, social justice, fair justice system, basic needs and requirements like quality medical facilities, clean air, clean water, and un interrupted electricity, helping the deprived and disadvantaged in the society and working inclusively for uplifting every Indian, irrespective of religion and caste and region.

None can Replace Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his Grace, for BJP.

They relied on   wrongly projected leaders like Varun Gandhi, and Naredner Modi, and the likes, who pumped the fuel of hate in to a rather not so very offensive furnace of BJP under the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in past,

BJP can, face a harsh rebuttal from Hindus, in a possible last battle of Ideologies. In 2014 General Elections.

They now string and play irresponsibly with issues that are not of great concern to the majority Hindus, that is Mandir, Masjid Divide on the basis of Religion. . The Nation has suffered enough and is sick of these issues. It will be very unfair to expect and label the Majority Hindu Community as Communal.  The Secular Hindu is the Main Driving Force of this one billion Indians.  Let us not embrace him by expecting his to act selfish and rude towards Minorities and fellow Indians.

The Nation Dared to Dream to see India at Pinnacle of Growth

The Nation today, be it Hindu, or a Muslim or a Sikh or a Christian they all together dream for the inclusive growth of the Nation and forward-looking community which dreams to see India in the 21st century at the pinnacle of growth, and standards of living and justice for all, and food for all, jobs for all, peace for all, happiness for all, security for all and opportunity for all.  No power will stop the Nation from its right to be united on equal terms to its citizens.

Is Hindutva Medium of Spreading Brotherhood?

BJP Still Believes the way forward for them is only the Path for them to Reach the seat of power with strings of power is strictly by abiding to the dictates of Hindutva as articulated by there Saffron  Bosses. 

They still say  “We started from the Hindutva ideology and will continue with it without any changes. We draw inspiration from Hindutva, which is not confined to any religion. It’s a medium of spreading brotherhood across the country.”

This statement above by BJP Stalwart like Rajnath, nullifies the cocept of Hindu Religion and its Entity as an  Independent Religion and dilutes the status of the Hindu Community altogether, why are they doing so and resorting to wild interpretations of Hindutva. There is vast room for all of us in the space we share to accommodate independent identities of our multi religious multicultural progressive living.

Please Define Hindutva a Fresh 

Hindutva of Brotherhood is welcome and if Rajnath is willing to modify and preach Brotherhood and equal opportunity to all,  let him spell few more sentences and define HIndutva a fresh distancing from the policy of divide on the basis of religion and work to respect the constitution of India and its Secular Credentials.

 The Great Hindu Ethos and Cultural Fusion.

Hindu Religion as practised and followed by our  Pious Hindu Brothers and Sisters is a tolerant and inclusive religion which respects all other religions and has demonstrated great wisdom and health cultural fusion for centuries between Hindus, and Muslims of this part of the Sub Continent, and  lived in affinity with  mutual respect  for hundreds of years.

British Played the Spoil Sport

Till the British Raj played dirty politics of divide and rule on the basis of Religion, Caste and Region in a Happy united Nations of India in 19th Century India. Then the politics of vote bank in independent India for gaining numbers in parliament and state assemblies. The democratic liberties was sadly used negatively to divide us, induce fear, and generate shades of insecurity in the minds of both the majority and minority communities of our Nation India.

Change is In; India has taken the Option of one Unit.

All this is changing and will have to change, for we as nation have no option but to rise above these divides and work for a strong India and a sustainable and aggressive robust India to face the challenges of our times.  This is possible by having wisdom to think for India as a unit a single unit with different colours each colour enhancing its value and pride.

The Voice of Majority Hindus and Majority Minorities Match.

Only they can take a drive in the lanes of power only who realise that India needs parties and individuals who think Indian and work for Indians. And walk on the path of inclusive truthful appreciation of the secular ethos respecting the forbearers of our nation and respecting all sections of the society, and its people with the beliefs so dear to them. This is the voice of Majority Indian, and Majority Hindus and Majority Minorities of India.

  1. July 31, 2009 at 6:25 am

    yes its true the HINDU BRETHEREN TODAY IS MORE INCLINED TOWARDS the DEVELOPMENT ASPECTS OF THE COUNTRY rather than spreading the hatred of communalism— But the message should be spread to the illiterates and the innocent as well since , they are the ones who are the easy victims of the hatred idealogy of the politicians.

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