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BJP with house in Shambles, Irritated on a Good Advice from Manmohan Singh.

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Manmohan Singh getting pushed by BJP for giving good advice.

Manmohan Singh getting pushed by BJP for giving good advice.

 “In fighting is not Good. In a democarcy stability of politcal parties is necessary, if there is instability, it will have impact on the County. ” This is what Dr. Sing said to a media person when asked about crisis in BJP. 

To this BJP reacted by saying .  

The Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is worried about BJP,  we have told him to worry about Price Rise and Drought in the Country. And give relief to the people. We will worry about BJP,  You worry about the people and if you don’t we will compel you to, by agitations.” Said Jawaldekar of BJP.

Singh has given a logically correct statement. In a democratic functioning of a Nation an answer  to a question raised to him very rightly by a Media Person to comment of the present infighting and deteriorating state of affairs in BJP and failure of its leaders on various fronts, and infighting.


True, in a democratic set up you need stable govts. Stable Political Parties, and clear direction for the Nation. And unless there is discipline in political parties, be the Opposition Party like BJP or Ruling Party Congress with its allies i.e. UPA Party discipline is first step towards good governance as the leader on the top and the people who are positioned to take decisions for the people of the nation are confident, with little to worry about there own internal affairs.


A good peace of advice from Mr. Manmohan Singh should be taken in right sprit by BJP and its not so permanent Leaders Mr. Rajnath Singh and L K Advani there is no harm is hearing to Dr. Singh at least there is on who is sincere in giving advice to BJP such advice is scarcely coming from with in BJP.


The blunt reaction relating his comments to lack of focus on Drought and Price rise is a bit too loud thought.  Mr. Manmohan Singh is the PM of the country his concern is holistic towards the nation, his concerns will be many and focuses many simultaneously.


India needs good party to rule her and a good party to be in oppositition, to have proper checks and balances.  In the manner in which the present main opposition party is functioning will it be loosing the tooth to be a good opposition party in Parliament? Let us see the time will tell us, we hear allsorts of allegations on L K Advani, and other leaders in BJP. Time will speak.

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The Five “Jewels” of Ramadan – part 2 – Taraweeh Prayers.

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Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh out of the five Jewels of Ramadan , Fasting, Zakat, Itekaf, Taraweeh and Lailatul Qadar.  


Masjid E Nabavi Madina Munawara, where Mohammed sas Rahmatul Alameen is Resting May peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him.

Masjid E Nabavi Madina Munawara, where Mohammed sas Rahmatul Alameen is Resting May peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him.

















This is the Prayer which Prophet Mohammed may peace and blessings of Allah swt be on him encouraged Muslims to perform with out making is Obligatory that is Fard, (Compulsory Prayers). (The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) did lead them in Taraweeh Prayers but  not f for the full month because he feared that it would then become obligatory, and they would not be able to do it )instead the prophet showed us in depth thru his Sunah,  which can be understood with clarity in the Hadees of Prophet Mohammed sas, in Bukari Sharief, as  Below.


Volume 3, Book 32, Number 229: Narrated ‘Urwa:

That he was informed by ‘Aisha, “Allah’s Apostle went out in the middle of the night and prayed in the mosque and some men prayed behind him.

In the morning, the people spoke about it and then a large number of them gathered and prayed behind him (on the second night).

In the next morning the people again talked about it and on the third night the mosque was full with a large number of people. Allah’s Apostle came out and the people prayed behind him.

On the fourth night the Mosque was overwhelmed with people and could not accommodate them, but the Prophet came out (only) for the morning prayer.

When the morning prayer was finished he recited Tashah-hud and (addressing the people) said, “Amma ba’du, your presence was not hidden from me but I was afraid lest the night prayer (Qiyam) should be enjoined on you and you might not be able to carry it on.” So, Allah’s Apostle died and the situation remained like that (i.e. people prayed individually). ”

The people used to pray individually or in congregation there after this practice was on during the period of Abu Baker Siddique RTA too, Till one Ramadan Month when the Second Caliph of Islam Omar Bin Kattab RTA found in Msjid E Nabwi people praying in small groups, a Man praying alone or a small groups, the following Hadees of Bukari Shariff became important when it comes to congregational prayers of Taraweeh in Ramadan.  

 Volume 3, Book 32, Number 227: Narrated Abu Huraira:

” Ibn Shihab (a sub-narrator) said, “Allah’s Apostle died and the people continued observing that (i.e. Nawafil offered individually, not in congregation), and it remained as it was during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr and in the early days of ‘Umar’s Caliphate.” ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Abdul Qari said, “I went out in the company of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab one night in Ramadan to the mosque and found the people praying in different groups. A man praying alone or a man praying with a little group behind him. So, ‘Umar said, ‘In my opinion I would better collect these (people) under the leadership of one Qari (Reciter) (i.e. let them pray in congregation!)’. So, he made up his mind to congregate them behind Ubai bin Ka’b. Then on another night I went again in his company and the people were praying behind their recite. On that, ‘Umar remarked, ‘What an excellent Bid’a (i.e. innovate ion in religion) this is; but the prayer which they do not perform, but sleep at its time is better than the one they are offering.’ He meant the prayer in the last part of the night. (In those days) people used to pray in the early part of the night.”

Since then in Holy Kaba Mosque in Makkah Al Mukkarama and in Masjid E Nabwi in Madina Munawara, Taraweeh Prayers are performed in congregation under one Imam and the practise is un disturbed Alhamdullillah with Twenty Rakats of  Sunnath E  Muakkada ( Sunnat).  Taraweeh, where in lakhs of Muslims attend with great enthusiasm and affection and love towards there Prophet Mohammed sas desiring rewards from Allah Subhanawatala.  Both Devote Men and Women perform Taraweeh with great sense of submission to Allah. Swt. All thru the month of Holy Ramadan and one full Quran is recited during the month.


Today thanks to Allah swt whole of Islamic World performs Taraweeh Prayers with great Regard and Puncualtiy to hear the whole Quran e Kareem in Taraweeh Prayers behind a single Imam.  


Be it Ethiopia, India, Egypt, Spain, China, US, Australia or Arab world same zeal and enthusiasm is seen in Muslims all over the world, to perform Taraweeh,  Mosques are full and even this special prayers are arranged by organizations and individuals in halls and grounds, and houses, to perform Taraweeh. 

 As this is the month of forgiveness and rewards in this respect  the saying of Prophet  Mohammed sas  as Narrated by Abu Huraira RTA Allah’s Apostle said, “Whoever prayed at night the whole month of Ramadan out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.”

to be cont.  zakat, itekaf, and lailatul qadar. .. in part 3 and 4

Obama Greets Islamic World with “Ramadan Kareem”

August 23, 2009 1 comment
Obama, President of America with a Difference, gives a message to Islamic World on the eve of Ramadan

Obama, President of America with a Difference, gives a message to Islamic World on the eve of Ramadan


As part of his continuing outreach to the Muslim world, President Obama released a video statement today marking the beginning of Islamic holy month Ramadan, which begins Saturday in much of the world.

“On behalf of the American people – including Muslim communities in all fifty states – I want to extend best wishes to Muslims in America and around the world. Ramadan Kareem,” Mr. Obama said to start his message. You can watch the full video from the White House at left.

Like he has in speeches in Egypt and Turkey earlier this year, Mr. Obama also talked about a “new beginning” in the relationship between America and the Muslim world. He said the U.S. had a “commitment to engage Muslims and Muslim-majority nations on the basis of mutual interest and mutual respect.”

The president praised the rituals of the month of Ramadan, such as prayer and daily sunrise-to-sunset fasts, saying that they “remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

He also reiterated his administration’s foreign policy goals, highlighting areas of cooperation and defending policy positions regarding many parts of the Muslim world.

“Beyond America’s borders, we are also committed to keeping our responsibility to build a world that is more peaceful and secure,” he said. “That is why we are responsibly ending the war in Iraq. That is why we are isolating violent extremists while empowering the people in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. That is why we are unyielding in our support for a two-state solution that recognizes the rights of Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and security. And that is why America will always stand for the universal rights of all people to speak their mind, practice their religion, contribute fully to society and have confidence in the rule of law.”

“May God’s peace be upon you,” Mr. Obama concludes.

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The Five “Jewels” Of Ramdan

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A Fasting Muslim Boy Performing Nafil Namaz,  from Roof Top of a Mosque  in India.

A Fasting Muslim Boy Performing Nafil Namaz, from Roof Top of a Mosque in India.



Quran ( Revelation )

TARAWEEH ( Night Prayers )    

  ROZA (  Obligatory) 

 ZAKAT (Obligatory Charity),        

 ITEKAF ( Stay in Mosque), and

LAILATUL QADER (The Night of Power


In, Ramadan, Quran was sent down as a Guide to Mankind.

 “Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind and a clear guidance and judgment (so that mankind will distinguish from right and wrong)…” (Q 2:183)


Mankind is provided with Quran as a book to guide.  Our    Creator and Sustainer Allah swt  desires that, we take  the right choice in our actions and deeds and get rewarded, by him.  Should refren from evil and opt always for Good we Inshallah be one of the blessed ones by Allah swt.

The message is not limited to Muslims alone the Message of Quran is    for, all Mankind.  Any of us, with clear mind desire to get true guidance, he or she will find in Quran, in it is mercy, blessing, reward and forgiveness for all.   

Ramadan the Month of Fasting

A Muslim arranging Iftar, the food taken after fasting, for the students of a madrasa in Chittagong, during the month of Ramadan. Bangladesh.

  (A Muslim arranging Iftar, the food taken after fasting, for the students of a madrasa in Chittagong, during the month of Ramadan. Bangladesh. )

Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness” (Q 2:183)

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, “When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.” (Imam Bukhari) …

Narrated Abu Huraira (r.a): The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:”… whoever fasts during Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah’s rewards, and then all his past sins will be forgiven.” (Imam Bukhari).

Sahl ibn SA’d reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “There is a gate to Paradise that is called ar-Rayyan. On the Day of Resurrection it will say: ‘Where are those who fasted?’ When the last [one] has passed through the gate, it will be locked.” [Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim].

The Hades below, of Prophet Mohammed SAS should make us feel the amount of concern Allah Messenger had for his Ummah, he wanted us to be righteous in our life and reap the rewards for the hereafter.

Abu Hurairah reported that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said : “The time between the five prayers, two consecutive Friday Prayers, and two consecutive Ramadan’s are expiations for all that has happened during that period, provided that one has avoided the grave (major) sins.“[Imam Muslim]

 In another hadees, the Messenger of Allah (saw) says, “Ramadan has come  to you. (It is) a month of blessing, in which Allah covers you with blessing, for He sends down Mercy, decreases sins and answers prayers. In it, Allah looks at your competition (in good deeds), and boasts about you to His angels. So show Allah goodness from yourselves, for the unfortunate one is he who is deprived in (this month) of the mercy of Allah, the Mighty, the Exalted.” [ImamTabarani]

We know in the past decade, there has been a great revival in Muslims large number, of our young boys and girls eager to know about their Religion Islam, they are fascinated by the amount of clarity and ease with which Allah swt thru, Quran al Hakeem and his Messenger Mohammed sas has communicated, what he wants from us for our success both in this world and world after.

The Mosques in our times Alhamdulliah are active in all Days of the year, and we find the young Muslim is excited about his faith and good majority are keen to make their Iman pure and deeds proper. 

By saying so we know the amount of revival is little, there is much to be achieved yet.  Our basic focus should be, to frame our deeds in compliance with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.  & Maintain Unity among Muslims.

Muhammad (Salla Allahu `alaihi wa sallam) indicated in several Ahadith on unity and brotherhood as we can see in his (saaws) Farewell Sermon (khuTbat ul-wadaa`):

“All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.”

In the environment of Test, and Period of Fitna, We have to keep our guard proper and try to be cautious in finding falt with others, rather,  we should make it a habit to check our inner self, as to where we stand in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. For this one needs to educate himself  and keep the company of people of knowledge and piety,  who work to unite Muslims using common agreements as the means of unity, with no contradiction to  the Teachings of Quran and Hadees.

Ramadan is the best time to Introspect and work for the unity of Muslims of the World, and Pray with deep concern, and true care for brother Muslims.

to be contnd…  section 2 TARAWEEH (Night Prayers), ZAKAT (Obligatory Charity),          ITEKAF (Stay in Mosque), and LAILATUL QADER (The Night of Power)

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What a Chintan ! Bharatiya Jana-ta-ta Party. You are almost there Rajnath Singh. Keep it up.

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BJP Has,  its, Exit Gate  Big why should it  be worried if the Entry gets small. 

Four wickets down, more to go.


Jaswant Singh Shown the Out Gate by BJP- his primary membership to the party is suspended.  The Exit Gate of BJP become big and the Entry Shrinks. He pays the price for wiritng book on Jinnah .

Jaswant Singh Shown the Out Gate by BJP- his primary membership to the party is suspended. The Exit Gate of BJP become big and the Entry Shrinks. He pays the price for wiritng book on Jinnah .

Yashwat, Anun Shourie,  Raje Sindia, and  Jaswant. The stalwarts of BJP leadership in past two decades are not welcome for Chintan Baihtak. In Simla. They no longer are considered as leaders who are fit for Chintan.  The party is not able to adjust to the Chinta these leaders have given to the party.


Is BJP serious about introspection and correcting the mistakes committed in last couple of years and its big failure to project itself as impressive contender to govern India, in recent Election 2009, for Parliament,  Or it is so obsessed with its self cantered style of functioning that  has lost the sensitivity to see the real problem in the party.  BJP is drifting from the position it once enjoyed with  progressive Hindus and liberals in the party and its cadre,  as a party which will mould itself and start delivering on national building and progressive dynamic moves to build the nation keeping the contentious issues of Hindutva agenda  in Back Burner.


The mistake Rajnath Singh and Advani are making again and again,  under the stewardship of RSS masters is the Back Burner has become front Burner and the Nation and its Interests  of its People has gone in to Back Burner.  


Jaswant once the blue eyed boy of RSS and BJP can not even see eye to eye today. Can Jaswant be fully blamed or this too is part of a full scale conspiracy to put embarrass Congress and the Minorities.  The Action of BJP will only alienate any chance of gaining Minorities even in future even partly to its fold.  This is not good running of a National Party.  


The Party thinks  Hindus are loving this Drama, they are   getting confused and feeling hard to identify themselves with BJP.


This elections saw reasonable MPs in Parliament if this is they way BJP Decides to function I doubt if they will be able to even maintain the tally they hold now,


There is going to be slide down in numbers for sure.  Only time will show how big will be the down slide in 2014.


BJP’s Rigidity ignited the process of Disintegration and Fragmentation. The Party is on a slide who will hold it now…..  or there are forces in BJP who want it on the slide.

Journey of Freedom, Pandit Nehru to Manmohan Singh.

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 Pandit Nehru addressing India in Free air of Independece 1947 from Majestic of Red Fort coplex build by Shah Jehan in 17 th Century.

Pandit Nehru addressing India in Free air of Independece 1947 from Majestic of Red Fort coplex build by Shah Jehan in 17 th Century.


While we Celebrate our 62nd Independence Day we have lessons to learn, Dreams to Accomplish, and Tears to Wipe, Faces yet to smile, Freedom for many yet to achieve, Deserved celebrations we have earned in areas few, but still there are many a sorrowed hearts which long for comfort after a journey of freedom and liberty we have since 62 years now.

As I move my fingures on my laptop to pen few sentences in Memory of 1947  15th Aug, our Moment of Freedom from the British, my gardener, informs me he is collecting few roses form  the garden to be part of  flag hoisting ceremony,  I said these flowers are lucky.

Manmohan Singh P M addressing India in Closed Air. Our journey becoming tough as we reach 2009 leaving behind 1947

Manmohan Singh P M addressing India in Closed Air.

Our journey becoming tough as we reach 2009

leaving behind 1947


Hope we each Indians get lucky too, and   tastes the real Freedom and none remains pained and none with an un-wiped tear.   As we celebrate our 62nd year of Freedom, there are millions who sleep with fear, where would their next meal come from, to feed themselves and their loved ones.  Hope, Justice, Equality and power of true freedom protects him and remains his best friend.    

Our leaders Lal Bahadur Sahsrty raised his voice “Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan” India Gandhi slogan of “Gareebi Hataoo” and Pandit Nehru. Modern vision for Industries is our Temples of Prosperity and Social Justice and Economic Liberty. 

We know we in our hearts that neither we succeeded in satisfying our Armed Forces who protect our boundaries, nor we succeed in putting an end to the agony of our Farmers who commit suicide due to lack of resources, Our industry is suffering and we still are dependent of many a thinks on imports, and Gareebi is still the main problem, we are still not able to provide jobs and opportunities to all and pull them out of the levels of poverty. Why?

Our boundaries are still unprotected, our people die in hundreds in the name of Terror,  Enemy with in, Religious, Regional, Social,  and Ethinic, intolerance.  We still see people who love to divide us in the name of religion, caste, and region.

Will it be true to say, we are allowing our enemy, external, or with in to be stronger than the values, and determination we inherited from of forebears of our struggle for freedom. 

We have walked as a Nation a long Way forward, our leap could have been still longer but for our failures, and complete determination to be fully united and look up as one people and one nation and face the challenges with determination and courage.  We have issues yet not settled in many quarters of our vast spread of cultural, ethnic, religious, regional, linguistic, social, political, body of free India.

Did we give long rope to our, selfish, ignorant,  corruption, lethargy, divisiveness,  lack of tolerance, greed for power, indiscipline,  in us to ride  body of our true self in  free India. Could this be our reason for short on our leap in the historic manner as Indians?  Yet…

Are we a people with Rich becoming richer, and poor become the poorest. We see big giants in co prorate culture unsatisfied with their greedy to grab the market shares and rivalry among them to show the other competitor in low light.  Small entrepreneurs getting wiped off in struggle to survive.  Why is it so, important to be greedy and can they not be, sharing, bringing contentment with inclusive growth of all people.

May we see the wisdom and appreciate the strength of unity, and love, comfort to our hearts, power of sharing, and happiness of living together. My heart beat for the millions who are yet to taste the true taste of Freedom and reminds me of what our First Prime Minister and Freedom Fighter; Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru spoke on 14th Aug 1947 at the stroke of Mid Night in Parliament Hall in Delhi.

Part transcript speech of Pundit Nehru 14th Aug, Mid Night 1947 in Parliament Hall.   Pundit Nehru said.

At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.

It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.

The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?

Freedom and power bring responsibility. That responsibility rests upon this assembly, a sovereign body representing the sovereign people of India.

 That future is not one of ease or resting but of incessant striving so that we might fulfil the pledges we have so often taken and the one we shall take today. The service of India means the service of the millions who suffer. It means the ending of poverty and ignorance and disease and inequality of opportunity. The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us but so long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over.

Nehru appealed in his closing remarks to the full house and the members then

“To the people of India whose representatives we are, we make appeal to join us with faith and confidence in this great adventure. This is no time for petty and destructive criticism, no time for ill-will or blaming others. We have to build the noble mansion of free India where all her children may dwell.”

Are, our leaders of today ready to take this advice from Pundit Nehru, and work still harder to fulfil the dream seen by him, and  satisfy the desire and, ambition of  Gandhiji our Father of the Nation and greatest man India has seen, “ to wipe every tear from every eye”.   

Let us make our Nation Proud by our deeds and wilful goal to make it caring nation of the world, which has learned to respect its citizens and takes pain to give relief to millions, left out, even as we celebrate today 62 long years of Freedom.  

  Jai hind,

 Hindi hain ham hamwatan hai

sare jahan  se accha Hindustan Hamara.

Indian Bill on Equal Rights. In wake of Discirmination faced by Minorities.

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(FILES)In this picture taken 15 August 2005, Dr Manmohan Singh a Minority Sikh Prime Minister of India delivers his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Red Fort complex was built as  fort by Shahjahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor of India, who reigned from 1628 to 1658.  It is possible a Dalit, a Muslim or a Cristian can address the nation on a Aug 15th from Red Fort As Prime Minister of India.

(FILES)In this picture taken 15 August 2005, Dr Manmohan Singh a Minority Sikh Prime Minister of India delivers his speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi. The Red Fort complex was built as fort by Shahjahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor of India, who reigned from 1628 to 1658. It is possible a Dalit, a Muslim or a Cristian can address the nation on a Aug 15th from Red Fort As Prime Minister of India.



























Govt on Right Side of Law.

The government move to think and introduce a bill in the parliament,  This has to stop,  discriminating on the basis of caste religion or region, will weaken the unity of our People and Nation.

This is seen in western world too, promoting racist tenderises, was common, in many parts of West,   it  has changing fast,  and thus we see in the election of Barack Hussain Obama as President of Democratic America has become a reality,  in nation plagued with racial hate and discrimination that few decades back   did not allow blacks the right to vote in US.  


Hurting the Ethos and Values on which our Nation Stands.

Discrimination of all kinds is un welcome. The Society for  homogeneous We  Indians are a cultured society, looking forward to reach heights of cultural growth and wellness of our nation.

It is not the question of a celebrity or a section of the society being discriminated, it is about how our so called elite of our society and cross section of our society think and act in their personnel life, how dear is Nation and its people to them. They only do lip service and still follow the age old evil act of discrimination which Father of the Nation fought and sacrificed his life for eradicating unsociability and right and bother hood of Hindus and Muslims we are hurting the ethos and values on which our nation stands.


Reports in media on discrimination in buying house in Mumbai 14TH OF Aug 2009 IBNlive.

New Delhi: First, actor Shabana Azmi alleged discrimination in buying a house in Mumbai, then her colleague from Bollywood Emran Hashmi too allegedly faced the same problem. Not just that, the Delhi Police recently released a booklet on how people from the Northeast should conduct themselves in the city. All these cases and many more have prompted the UPA government to finalise a law to provide equal opportunity to all.

The Bill in its current form gives powers to a Commission to deal with cases related to education, employment and any other area as notified by the government.

Sources in the Minority Affairs Ministry say housing will be first to be added to this list at the time of notification and the proposed law will be applicable to both public and private sector. The Equal Opportunity Commission will have powers to recommend to the states and the Centre to hand out disincentives.

For example, a housing society guilty of discrimination could have its tax incentives or water and power connections at concessional rates withdrawn.”Housing is the most important problem. It’s because of this we are witnessing the ghetto culture in major cities,” says spokesperson of All India Muslim Personal Board, S Q R Illyas.Soon the bill is to be put before the Cabinet for approval and the Government wants it to be introduced in parliament in the coming Winter Session. 


All are Eqal in the Eyes of Law.

Constitution gives us the fundamental right as Equals in the eyes of law, and when it comes to social and economic justice. We Indian belong to each inch of Indian where ever we are born in India, which ever Caste, Region, or Religion we belong. A tactical and instigative isolation or discrimination for all quarters of society should be punishable offence in the eyes of the nation and its people. This is not the first time there are bodies in Gujarat who boastfully spread hate and discrimination in housing societies against Muslims Minorities.

It may not be fully true in the case of Minorities alone; this can be the problem with Majority Community too, in Areas of the Society where the Minorities are dominant.

An act to punish such discriminators is most welcome to protect our national integration and unity and inculcate in our diverse sections UPA govt and its leaders and the Prime Minister should be supported in this matter.

India can see a Muslim, a Dalit, or a Christian its Prime Minister soon

Opening up the subject the right of equal opportunity is a very wide and right expression.  Our nation does not discriminate in its political and administrative set up when it comes to raising common men from all sections of the Indian diverse nation to the levels of President, Chief Justice, and Prime Minister and Defence Ministers we have examples, of Dr, Man Mohan Sing a Minority Sikh Community Becoming the Prime Minister and A P J Abul Kalam becoming President of Democratic India both were welcome with full respect and authority in the positions held.

Minority Prime Minister of India a Possibility.

There will be a day when a Muslim or a Dalit or a Christian will be seen to head the Post of Prime Minister of India the Constitution gives us all equal opportunity and regards our merits and right man will always be welcome to lead it is just that he needs to raise himself to the levels of competence like Dr Sing and   A P J Abdul Kalam.  Our children from Minority community of India can raise themselves to the level of leading our nation and taking it to new heights of success by becoming the Prime Minister of India. This is very health possibility of the future.