An afternoon with YSR, On a Historic Day for Urdu.

Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy greets Vice-President Hamid Ansari during a function to release Muraqqa-e-Chughtai at Jubilee Hall on Saturday.

Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy greets Vice-President Hamid Ansari during a function to release Muraqqa-e-Chughtai at Jubilee Hall on Saturday.

Vice President of India Hamid Ansari gives boost to Urdu  and appreciates dynamic YSR,

It was a well attended brief function of Realise of Urdu Poetry Marvel re written by the Govt of Andhra Pradesh under the stewardship of Dr. Y S Rajsheker Reddy a thick friend of, Minorities of the State of Andhra Pradesh.


The Honourable Vice President Ahmed Ansari released the Book Murraqa – E- Chughtai which contains paintings by young artist Abdul Rahman Chughtai of couplets of great legendary poet Mirza Galib.   He took the oppertunity to praise the Sate Govt for its good work. in thee Presence of the Elderly Honourable Governor of A P Shri N D Tiwari. and other dignitaries and a elite gathering in Jublee Hall Hyderabad.  


Serious about support  to the Minorites.

Rajsheker Reddy a very soft and profusely mannered presence added to the afternoon the confidence which the minorities of the sate look for, his very short but full of content well worded talk of ten to twelve minutes had so much to give to the minorities of the state and reassert the imagery of the mind of congress party as a whole in the country under the leader ship of Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh

 The Chief Minister was happy to express his govt’s reservation policy and the inspire of very harsh resistance by a section of people who according to him have a different shade of  vested interests and political thinking his govt did what it thought is right and in the interest of the minorities of the state. By bringing in legislation to provide 4% reservation for the minorities.

 In one of my earlier articles on achievements of YSR  on  link   “ YSR, the, Iron man of Andhra Pradesh” I raised the need for bringing in political reservation, for Minorities in India. What the state is doing is good, a persuation is, needed to develop consensus in UPA to implement the recommendations of Sachar Committee at the earliest and pass a bill to this effect in Lok Sabha, and justify the stand taken by the Minorities in support of UPA and leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Dr.Manmohan Singh.

 Urdu is Appreicated and will be encouraged

In his short talk he very truthfully expressed his govt. desire to protect the Urdu language and his express his pleasure for his govt re publishing its  Murraqa e Ghughtai by the Urdu Academy of the State. He acknowledged the condition of the many in minorities who need the help and support to the administration to establish in lives in fields they desire.

 Record Scholarship Support  to Minorites  by A. P 

 Mr. Reddy spoke about his govt’s   commitment to support minorities with scholarship in the field of education, Mr Reddy said that his govt is the only govt which has allotted 220 cores towards minority scholarship in the last year which even the sates like U P which have 6 to 7 times more minority population than what sate of A P has did not.

 Urdu Medium Student not at Disadvantage any more in A. P

 In support of the Urdu language and its promotion in the state and encouraging the Minorities to take Urdu as their medium of education, to a pleasant surprise to the elite gathering in Jubilee Hall YSR informed that nearly 770,000 Minority Student got scholarships out which nearly 40% i.e. around 330,000 boys and girls are those who come from the Urdu as there medium of education. 

 Committed for Uplifting the Disadvantaged Minorities

He was very gracefully said “Inshallah” his govt will do more for the minorities, in the recent group one examination he said eight minority members were recruited and out of eight seven got the job because of the reservation policy adopted by the state govt. and only one was selected on the basis of merit.

 Mr. Rajsherker Reddy played a perfect host for the Vice President and requested him to guide the state to guide in its efforts to better the conditions of the people in the state as he is helping the County in the position of the Vice President of the County.

Thnakyou Mr. Rajsherker Reddy, We Pray for your long innings.  

After the function I got an opportunity to speak to Mr. Rajsheker Reddy, as my appreciation for the good work he is doing for the sates poor and the needy and the various developmental works and welfare programmes his govt has undertaken in the past years and a very good initiative in helping the minorities in need. 

In a very warm talk with Mr. Reddy I told him that the people of the sate pray for you, and would like to see you in the position he is for a long time to come and keep up the good work his govt is doing. In response to my appreciation and good wishes Mr Reddy reciprocated with warmth.

 Hear is a person who is likeable, determined, a man with golden heart, good leader and a friendly personality, a true peoples Chief Minister.  And a good Soul. The Sate is Fortunate to have him.

 Let us remember to Pray for Rain and Pray for Rajsherker Reddy and Our state and India. And Normal Rain. As we are going thru testing times now..

This all happened in the back drop of a Drought like situation the sate,   A P is facing in this year.

Mr. Reddy and the State Needs very much prayers for Almighty to bless us with Rain as we have approached Aug and no good rains yet.

May God Help us. And Rajsheker Reddy and his govt. And give enough rain for our cattle,  our lakes and our fields as they  are thirsty. Oh Allah have merci on us.  amin.

  1. shuja uddin khan
    August 18, 2009 at 5:16 am

    Indeed praise to our CM Dr Y S R his performances very silently and efficiently without much hue and cry (publicity)are for the welfare of every one.

    He covers all walks of people Rich and Poor – Majorities -Minorities -Women and the down trodden.

    GOD send adequate rains to our state and the country and give a long healthy life to Dr YSR

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