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Gandhi a Brand For West – Mont Blanc Pen Tribute to Mahatma. Is it Disrespect, to Father of Indian Nation ?

September 30, 2009 1 comment
Mont Blanc Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi to Salute his Stand on Non Voilence, Peace and Cultural Ethos.

Mont Blanc Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi to Salute his Stand on Non Voilence, Peace and Cultural Ethos.

Mont Blanc on Tuesday launched a set of premium pens costing Rs 11.3 lakh under its limited-edition series commemorating 241 miles travelled byMahatma Gandhi during the Salt March.

West Projects Brand Gandhi to Promote Pen Just in Time for Gandhi Jayanti. Oct 2 .Gandhiji Stood for Truth, Peace, and Non Voilence. and workd to enchace the Cultures

Gandhiji Was a Simple Man with High Values, His dress code and his personality can not be very attractive to the west, once they made joke of his Dress Code today the times have changed they salute his values and principles.

He took the brunt of the British, Brutal abuse and hurt on his body and soul with a smile and stood for peace and non voilence.

The Irony is India and Indians are failing today to inculcate the principles and values he stood for.

Our political system, our Corportate System, Our Unions, Our Media, Our Services, Our Aam Admi is no way near to the values set by Gandhiji. Baring few none can claim to be near to Gandhiji”s Value System.

We are happy putting his poster in our Govt Buildings, and using his name only on our currency notes with very little respect to him.

“The System India” is Under Threat of Moral Drain. Unfortunate.

We should be proud we are Indians Because Gandhi is ours and he lived and died for the unity of Faith, unity of Nation,stived to enhace Indian Culture.

He fought against the Enemies of India the British, and stood as a Iron Wall against the attrocities of British. Always voiced that we Indians are superior in our souls to the West and West is not a culture to be admired and followed.

The Irony is The West is respecting his values and principles today and we are keeping him in shelve only to open with a message on Oct 2. 

It is good the west is appreciateing the values he stood FOR,  in most respected manner by associateing him with a pen, to promote non voilence and peace in the world. At a time when voilence is order of the times, and love for peace has lost its fragrance.

We know pen is mightier than the sword. Pen also symbolic to truth and non voilance.

Some may differ by saying the west is using his name for material gains, I don’t agree with this kind of arugment.

We have not done enough to promote Brand Gandhi we have no right to suspect otherers when they try to teach a lesson or two of Gandhi to the World.

In a time where in we slipped to levels where Shoe was Mightier than the pen, for a Jounalist who hit P Chidambarram with a shoe, when he failed to get answers to his questions. And Advami, Manmohan, Bush recived the shoe for some reason or the other.

World needed to prove that Pen is still mightier than the sword and shoe, for all times.

It is good that a westerner thought of giving respect to Gandhiji By using him as an Icon for pormoting peace and non-voilence.

Today world is suffering from both.

After 60 plus years after Gandhi who was killed irronically in  a violent act by Nathuram Godse a  fellow Indian.

 Babu was put to rest by an act he stood to earse all his life.

He wanted Volence in us to Die. But the tragedy was a Voilent Indian Godse Killed Babu, the Mahatma.  

On the other hand it sounds that the Ashram of Gandhiji is straved with funds for its development and living up to the values Gandhiji Stood for.

Why we Indian can’t do more on promoting Gandhi Ideology why are we content by just saying he is Father of the Nation. Why ?

The donation by Mont Balnc is going for building a block for the distitute children by the Ashram authority headed by his Grand Son Tushar Gandhi.

When we fail some one will rise and do our job unfinished by Gandhiji.

Is Congress – Testing Waters in AP.

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YSR Junior uneasy over the disrespect caused to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by tearing Posters holding her Photos. All this is only puttting Jagan on Back foot. Not the way to support son of YSR. YSR stood and respected the party in all testing times.

YSR Junior uneasy over the disrespect caused to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by tearing Posters holding her Photos. All this is only puttting Jagan on Back foot. Not the way to support son of YSR. YSR stood and respected the party in all testing times.








Why can’t  the  Supporting Congresmen see the Damage they are Causing to YSR Legacy and Jagan’s Interest. ?.

 The type of Situation that has emerged in last four weeks since the tragic death of  Rajsheker Reddy CM of AP  is like catch seventy  two situation.

Congress Masters of  Politics are finding it difficult to find,  the head or tale of the issue. 

Jangan himself,  in a fix,  on one hand he has the image of his father to which he has to live up to, on the other hand the supporters who call themselves as loyalist of Jagan, but actually not any help to his image.

Actions of these  so called loyalist of  YSR and supporters of Jagan  fail to understand that they infact are making Jagan’s position uncomfortable,  they are denting the efforts of  true  Jagan supporters who are sincerely lobbing for Jagan as CM of  AP with the Congress High Command.

Ineffectiveness of  KVP, and many Congress leaders, to dicipiline the Supporter of Jagan,   a cause of great concern to the people of AP, who loved YSR.

Among the true supporters of Jagan are KVP Ramchander Rao. Who was right hand of YSR, and  Jagan voice in Delhi. 

Repeated requests and calls from both Jagan and KVP have gone in air, with least respect to there calls to keep calm and respect the party and its leader, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Many congress leaders whose names are so big and whose interests at one point of time or the other in the past has been to crown themselves as the CM of AP are very vocal in condemning the initative and disrespecting,  acts by some congress men calling themselves as supporters of Jangan Mohan Reddy.

Among them are the State Congress President Srinivas Rao, Ex Congress President, Keshava Rao, and Old from the group of Sanjay Gandhi in Seventies,  Hanmanth Rao all  from Telengana Region of A P. Mr. Roshiah is from Andhra Region the Present CM and  Jangan is From Rayalseema Region. And Renuka Choudary the MP who lost from Khamman MP Elections in 2009. Think ..

The Jagan Supporters resorted to , Locking Congress office,   halting membership drive to Congress  Party Tearing Poster of Party Leader Sonia Gandhi, We have to read much in all what is happening last few days. All this caused only discomfort to Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Though both Roshiah CM  and Jagan expressed there disapproval and pain over the incident in Khamman where some congress men calling themselves supporters of Jagan allegedly tearing down of poster of Sonia Gandhi. 

Mr Roshiah,  applozised with Sonia for the incident and in a meeting with the President of Congress Srinivas decided to expell those guilty of the act.

Few of  the Congressmen resorting to unlawful acts, and violence and disrespect to the party and its leaders, in day light in front of the cameras and media.  The manner in which  the, events are unfolding in Congress Party it is a concern for the People of AP too. A P Voter, Voted a strong  Congress under YSR Era to perform and accomplish the goals set for this term 2009-2014

Who is friend, and Who is not, to Jagan, to Congress Party to YSR Legacy.   Are there hard core oppertunist in them who do not care for the real interest of Jagan and the Party. 

I am forced to think, the kind of  trouble caused by these supporters,  will only  put Jagan to embracement.  I am afraid, this could   be evil desire to some in Party,  who  do not like  Jagan to head the sate as CM. Jagan should find them and decipline them before it is late.

Or  is it that, these are disparate lot who will be put to great discomfort if there power dynamics in sate is disturbed who like to hold to the power at all costs even if it is damaging the legacy of Rajsheker Reddy and opportunity of his son to be CM

There is great threat to Party Image, built  by YSR in is hard work for last seven years.

They say they want justice to there leader YSR,  they  resort to violence and disrespect.  Ironically putting  YSR legacy to embarasment and what all YSR  stood for in his life as Diciplined Congressmen. He  respected its leaders, Cadre, Collegues,  and Seniors, with  a smiling face.

I wonder for a while, is congress  testing  the depth of support and leadership qualities of  Jagan before to take a decission on Jagan’s bigger role in State or Centre.  Is Congress Testing Waters in AP. to find out if  Jagan Euphoria is Real.

Is this is a test of  leadership and skills of wisdom for young Jagan Mohan a first time MP.

Or is it a effort to screen the trouble mongers in congress who break the party stand and can to shown the exit door soonest.

Or when the high command ultimately find it ok to project Jagan as CM, May first  expell  all  those who broke the party discipline, and damaged image, and disrespected the leaders of the party, cauing confusion and pain and giving a issue to opposition to bicker on. Very Serious thought is it not…

Why can’t there be joint Press Conference by the State Leaders, CM, And Jagan to Clear the Air. And put a brave united face of confidence of Congress Party and concentrate on the issues faced by the State of AP.

The situation is bad, and it can not be allowed to further embarace the party and the state of AP and damage the legacy of YSR.

The High Command should  force   a Joint Statement by  CM Roshiah, Jagan, and few other leaders in AP in presence of  a observer  and incharge of AP Mr. Veerappa Moily at the earliest.  Let them clear that this will happen or this will not happen.  Further delay and leaving people guessing will not be a very good idea at this point of time.

Your Identification just an SMS away. A Media Report.

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UID Chief putting India Ahead of World. As Reported and Released by PTI other govt agencies to media. A mile Stone for India.

 Identity authentication at banks, gas connection centres or while providing rural jobs will just be an SMS away, said Unique Identification Authority chief Nandan Nilekani on Saturday.

Identity authentication at banks, gas connection centres or while providing rural jobs will just be an SMS away, said Unique Identification Authority chief Nandan Nilekani on Saturday.

New Delhi: Identity authentication at banks, gas connection centres or while providing rural jobs will just be an SMS away, said Unique Identification Authority chief Nandan Nilekani on Saturday.
“Our project will provide a unique identification (UID) number, not a card. The authentication will be made by using mobile phones,” Nilekani said.

“Once the numbers are issued, we will go for online authentication. Let’s say, you are asking for a job under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS). The authorities will send your UID number to the designated points through mobile phone message. A message will be returned saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’,” Nilekani said.

“The fingerprint of the person can be sent to the central database and receive the authentication within minutes. This will verify whether you are the person you are claiming to be,” the former Infosys managing director said, delivering the Foundation Day lecture of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

“This will not require much personal details to be divulged. It will help provide portability to our farmers, labourers. When they move from state to state, this UID will help them get employment without hassles.”

He said banks, mobile service providers, LPG gas connection counters and many more partner organisations can use this UID to verify their customer. “With the growing mobile phone network, this will become an easy process for authorities to verify people.”

He said his team will roll out the first batch of UIDs in the next 12 to 18 months. “In five years from now, we will issue at least 600 million UIDs,” he added.

“It will cut down the fake or duplicate records. This will enhance the efficiency of flagship programmes like NREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme), NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) and other such projects,” Nilekani stressed.

He said later when banks or other such organisations seek to identify their possible customers, “they will be charged to recover the cost”.

He said the Unique Identification Project (UIP) is a “huge challenge”.

“Providing UID to 1.2 billion people is a huge challenge. There will be security issues too. I think this project is 10 times bigger than any such ongoing task in the world.”


 “Providing UID to 1.2 billion people is a huge challenge. There will be security issues too. I think this project is 10 times bigger than any such ongoing task in the world.”

Word of Advice to Nandan the Chief of UID in India. 

The UID to 1.2 Billion People of India on Just a press of a Button.

There can not be a bigger achievement when it comes to the hassle of verification, and identification processes which a essential part of any documentation for any purpose and activity any India will go thru or is required to engage in.

The area which will be out side the envelope of network will be the Foreign Nationals, and People with Indian origin and visitors and tourists or employees working and visiting India for short term and long term stay.

The stage next could be to bring all the visa and immigration system to and identification no. supported by the thumb impression of each individual visiting India and his or her record of movement and propose of stay and engagement.

It is important the process of developing the similar system for foreigners and people with Indian origin is made in place simultaneously.
 This is a very massive exercise and involves huge data collection and millions of man hours, the initiative of the govt and the Chief of UID is remarkable.

The Developed countries have this system in place since early seventies, and eighties, all those where,  manual and physical identifications.  

To compile the whole data in a single severer and data base with instant search and reverting information is just remarkable. 

Well done Mr. Nandan N. the Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh deserves three cheers for this institutive.

AP CM K. Rosaiah said “I am not a stop-gap CM”, will continue as long as high command wants.

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Party  unity is  part of his legacy. Let the YSR legacy smile.

Party unity is part of his legacy. Let the YSR legacy smile.








I am… here as long as hihg command wants says Rosaiah.

The Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy camp for the last three weeks demanding his appointment as Andhra Pradesh chief minister in place of his father, the late Y.S. Rajaseker Reddy. On the other hand An unnerved current CM K. Rosaiah insists he will continue in office.
“I am not a stop-gap chief minister. I have been appointed as full-fledged chief minister by the Congress high command. In fact, there is no such thing as interim CM or caretaker CM in the Constitution. I am here to stay in this post as long as the high command wants me,” Rosaiah said.
Lakhs attend meeting of Jagan Meeting

He dismissed a 1,00,000-strong public meeting Jagan held near Pavuralagutta in the Nallamalla forests on Friday. “Jagan’s show of strength is obviously an attempt to lobby with the high command for the chief minister’s post. In a democracy, there is nothing wrong in having high ambitions… (but) I am not worried about it,” he said.

“Many ministers and MLAs feel that Jaganmohan should take over as the next chief minister. He was elected by the people of Kadapa for the Lok Sabha. Their mandate is that he should be an MP. He is still young and has a long way to go,” he said.



Roshiah the  CM of  AP Loyalist to YSR, and seasoned Politician  of AP.

Roshiah the CM of AP Loyalist to YSR, and seasoned Politician of AP.








Roshaih Stood Firmly as a Loyalist and a Friend to YSR

I beleive Mr. Roashiah is a very balanced mind person with a vast experience and a loyalist of YSR, it was the present CM of AP Roashiah who stood firmly in fight against the allegations and counter allegations of the Opposition in the state Assemmbly and out side Assembly.

He is not a big aspirer of power neither he believes in groupism, he is just a obedient worker of the Congress Party and he will be in Power as long as the high command wants him.

Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Base is whole of AP and its People. Don’t restrict him to a Region alone it will be unjust.

Saying so it is also to be understood as along as he is in seat of CM he will do his job with full commitment and responsibility. He will do his best to maintain the momentum set by YSR and his Vision. As far as Jagan Mohan Reddy is concerned he does not need to prove his support thur rallies as his base is the whole of Andhra if we say he is based in idumalaiaya in Cuddapah dist. it will be an embarrassment for Jagan.

Roshiah not a Resistance to Jagan as CM. Jagan is not limited to a region in AP, he is hope for AP State.

Roshiah not a Resistance to Jagan as CM. Jagan is not limited to a region in AP, he is hope for AP State.


Jagan Mohan is CM Material. The Stage Has to set for a Comfortable Innings.

YSR’s sudden exit is a very unfortunate thing that has happen to the state of AP. There are infinite issues that are in focus for the high command for consideration to keep AP on the same footing as it was kept by YSR.

Jagan is material for CM’post the question is when. This is a million dollar question which can be answered only by high command and the core committee, congress will not like to put Jagan on loose footing when he take over he has to be for a long innings and free from any resistance and discomfort because it will be a opportunity lost if his timing is not set properly.

One another thing is with the timing it is also important the caution with which the
decision is to be taken keeping the interest of the legacy of YSR, and the aspirations of People of AP attached with Jagna, as Jagan can’t be pushed in the spurt of the moment and handle the legacy of YSR with firmness and care.

Politics is Game of Opportunity, and Stalwarts in Congress taking Stretching.

High Command would take ultimate care all said we are not more in the era of Great Leader YSR, the Congress in time of YSR was one solid Rock with no fishers for the whole tenure of YSR,Politicts is game of opportunity we know now there are groups in State Congress formed by stalwarts and polarizations how small them may be no one can deny there presence.

Roshiah not a Resistance to Jagan.

Jagan is Sure to be CM of AP Only Time will answer when. It will be wrong to see Roashiah as a Resistance to Jagan. This will not be good for AP. and the Congress Party. Roshiah has clearly said he will be in the post of CM till the High Command wants him to be, he is not going to challenge the decision of Sonia Gandhi.  The worst and greatest disrespect to the services of YSR would be if Congress Divides and forms groups on issue of Sucession. Every single congressmen today should be cautious in this respect. The grace of YSR should live.

State to Set up 350 Crore Memorial of YSR at Accident Site.

We should know that it is the govt of Roashiah which with the Tourism Minister Geeta Reddy in Co ordination with Jagam Mohan Reddy is at the verge of announcing a 350 cr. Memorial of YSR at the site of Accident in Nalamala Hills, and develop it as tourist Point, in remembrance of YSR and as a mark of respect for YSR for his Service to the Poor and the people of the state.

Can Israel take Obama Lightly ?

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 America has changed so the World, it is time Israel Changes to bring peace and Happiness for the People of Israel and Palestine too.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands in New York on September 22.  Obama is  said , No forward and bacward pattern, and no passing time, it should be serious peace this time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands in New York on September 22. Obama is said , No forward and bacward pattern, and no passing time, it should be serious peace this time.

It is the Question of Will to live side by side in peace and prosperity. The will is clear in the words and actions of President Barack Obama, and her Secretary of States Hillary Clintorn, and the Special Envoy for Middle East Mitchell. No govt has understood and taken the issue of Middle East as close to it as the Govt of United Satiates of America Govt lead by Barack Obama does, from the moment it took the Oath of Office in White House.

No more Eye Wash. Time to Act.
Mr. Obama has not kept any of the concerns coming out of Israel or Palestine in back burner, neither he pushed the process for a meaningful dialogue and initiative for peace in the region as a political and cosmetic value for expressing peace and projecting the American Resolve only as a eye wash.

The President and the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the American Administration are very keen and committed as the word committed means in dictionary.

Not Just Photo Sessions and Hand Shakes. These hands shakes should translate in to Reality on Ground.
 Mr. Obama means serious business and he is not the one who wants this talk of peace and lasting solution to Middle East Crisis, limited to Photo Session between the leader of Israel, Palestine and US, like many other such triangular meets to find peace in the region and bring the warring and strained people of the world Israel and Palestine together.
For American People Israel is Excess Baggage.
The willingness of US is in many ways very rightly expressed by Obama is not only in the interest of Israel and Palestine and the Middle East but it is in the interest of the World Community and the American Nation. America of Obama and the Americans of today know the brunt of load and financial overload the Israeli Nation has burdened the exchequer of America.

The fact is there isn’t big and real money to bring good to the people of America and the World, How can Israel expect America to carry excess baggage called Israel at the cost of interest, and the rights of the Children and Old Americans who are struggling to give a go to the Health Bill in the US Senate and Govt of Obama facing the resistance from congressmen in the senate.

Will to give Good future to People of the Region should be the Goal. By both Israel and Palestine.
The Govt of Israel and the leadership of Netheyahu the Prime Minister of Israel know very well that this time it will not be easy to push Obama with divert tact to confuse the American with negative dialogue and excuses of Iran and Hamas, Al Fatha and Palestinian Resistance.

Neither the Palestinian can push the peace off the hook by only blaming the Israelis they both will have no option but to sit and think and leave the history, apprehensions, mistrust, and conflict of the years of disrespect to the resolutions of UN behind.

America will be Tough on Any for Peace and Happiness of People of the World.
Obama means, action, Obama may have a dictionary of vocabulary of good words and words and sentences which with decent communicative tone. But I will not be surprised if this soft spoken and friendly looking Obama Administration will act with firm fist to deal with any violation of International norms, and disrespect to the UN resolutions and killing or putting to risk any innocent soul in any part of the world.

Israel has known, since the change of guard in US post George W Bush that the honey moon with the West and the Americans in Particular is over, it is time to take them seriously. Israel can no longer take America and Britain on ride.

Though the America likes to give the feel that Israel and its people are very dear to them.

True the Israeli people are dear to Americans and the People of the world but not the attitude of Israeli Gvot. which finds it uncomfortable to make peace in the region, and continue to keep blaming on its issue of insecurity blaming few outfits in Palestinian.

 The Cold War is Past History, The World has Changed, It will support Peaceful Nations only. They do not like to have pressure centers any more. 



Today Israel is important because it has to give peace in the region at all cost not because it has to keep the conflict alive it is not in the interest of Israel, its people or Palestine, neither US is keen in keeping the area fragile with insecurity and harassment of people of Israel and palatine.

Israel is not so dear to the America, or The Britain that it will risk the life’s of the people innocent people in Israel and Palestine, and the rights of the American People for keeping Israel as a Point of Pressure on the Arabs, Iran, or the Nations of the for Political Goals to Accomplish any more.

The Pages of History loaded with Agony
This is the time of real time approach no more short-lived agendas it is time for long term settlement and peace for all people of the World, and the World has come long way since 1947 British and the French policies, and The Arabs have walked with pain since then and since 1967 war of 6 days with Israel. There is only regret which comes out of the history pages for Arabs and Israelis, there are no moments of relief or comfort in the Past events and unfolded history for both the warring people in more than 63 years.
Obama Air of Truth and Trust and Real Peace Finder.
Palestine is keen to take line set by the American since Obama, the Israelis are still reluctant to fall in line with the Two Nation solution coined by Obama which is largely accepted by the West and the Islamic Nations.

A peace of advice for the Israelis Brother and the Prime Minister of Israel brother. This time it will not be easy to put the resolve and committed thrust put forward by Obama to be fizzled by attitude of non co operation and not liking to see the interest of the People of Israel and there well being in fore front of the whole conflict and respecting the rights of both the Israelis and Palestinians.

Time to do Good Business, Go for Peace, Go for Happiness, and Opportunity for People of the Region.

This President means business, he is not in the chair of the most powerful office to waste your time and his time and my time. The term of Obama is committed to do it, and the world will help him do it. Interesting  to see will be what choice will be, in what format the peace will come for the People of Palestine and Israel.

This is how the most world feels today.

The Arabs, Israelis, American, West, Asia, Africa and Europe. Be it a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or a Buddhist, or a Hindu. Or a Athirst. Because they all want happiness for themselves and a better world for there children free from hate and conflicts be it is Middle East, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Korea, or Bosnia.

YSR “Hard to believe he is no more” But, “AP has to live the dream seen by YSR for its People”. With no delay.

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The Respect of this Flag of INC should be upheld in post YSR in AP By Party Protecting the Interest of AP and Its People like YSR would have wished to.
The Respect of this Flag of INC should be upheld post YSR in AP By Protecting the Interest of AP and Its People in the manner YSR would have wished to.

And Make AP Indias No. 1  Developed State and  a State of Oppertunity.






Can we Be the Eyes of Rajsheker Reddy, At least.

The only comfort will be the state lives his dream of seeing  Andhra Pradesh as The Growth Capital of India, and a State which Cares for its needy and disadvantaged at the same time. 

 The Rich and the Powerful  will find ways to adjust,  but what about the dreams YSR has shown the tiny Minds of the Poor and the Needy, who,  saw there dreams getting color, thru the eyes of YSR,  now for them the Eyes are lost .

We should At least become the Eyes of Rajsheker to see the pain of the Millions who are waiting to see there Dreams Accomplished.

Sea of Sarrow is Still Voilent – Hundreds lost life in the Sea of Sarrow.

The history of  recent times has not seen pain of the common man to the magnitude like it has seen in the tragic loss of Y S Rajsheker Reddy. 

 Hundreds committed suicide, and several not able to bare the loss of YSR lost lives mostly needy and poor people of the sate who saw in him a helper, friend, and support in there hour of need and pain.

The Pained Heart”s Agony un discribed.

And a man who was always available in person to hear to there agonies and came forward to give them relief.  Where are you Rajseker, they ask looking at skies.  And they scream in pain of not finding him around they have gone so restless they find it still very hard to believe he is gone, very far, very far.

YSR is gone he is Not with us any more. They surrender in pain to the fate and the agony that has fallen on them abrubtly, killing all hope and support for them.

The world will get moving but there will be no YSR, and There will never be one like him again.

His Padyatra, His fight for the needy in the society, His concern for the Minorities, His Brave Support to the Congress Party, His firm Support to his followers, and His Love for his State AP and His Country India, His affection to his Children and Wife, His support to his community, His love to one and all, will be fresh in the memories of millions and the people of the state who miss him and are not able to beleive that he is not with them any more. 

Rivals too Acknowledge  YSR was for AP and its People.

Many political rivals feel the loss, his adversaries keeping aside the differences in tears have remembered him,  as a man of the masses and the man who lived to give releif and support to the poor of the state, and provide oppertunity and uplift them economically and provide them educational liberty. 

The Chief Minsiter and the Cabinet should take certain Strong Decissions.

The  High Command of Congress should Keep a special Envoy permanently to,  keep track of the  the Dreams unfished by YSR for the People of the state. This is most exepcted of the Congress Party at this hour.

The Govt of AP now Post YSR should first form a Enforcement body which will monitor and make sure all the promises, and the felfare schemes introduced and promised by YSR in this term be fulfilled towards the needy, poor, minorities, economically backward. and the Developmental works in State.

As this is way the party and the people of the State are truely going to benifit and this will the true paying of respects to the departed sould of YSR.

There is Bothering Silence Post YSR

Confusion of Sucession and Emergence of  Y S  Jagan As strong Contender in Public and Political Circles.

There is Bothering Silence in Air over Comitment by the Administration over Continuation of  support mechnism, towards the needy and poor.

The Rich and the Powerful do not look to be very insecured and distrubed there silence communitcating concerns of  varied areas of concern.

 How are we as a state going to take things as they unfold and make best to make things normal. 

K Roshiaiah  it is your hour proof , your, age and experience will Prevail.   Allow A P to live YSR Dream in Full Size 

My appeal to the State Chief Minister K Roashiah and the Cabinet Ministers is to  live up to the expectation what Rajsheker Reddy would like them to live up to. 

There are very many un finished works and goals that have come to a serious setback due his sudden death and reasons,  of National Economic Set backs due to interantional Economic Recession and various local and national parameters, clubbed with.

The Chief Minister in Charge has to be very prompt in forming and a focussed effort in all Departments, and Policy and Action Plans to allow the momentum of growth to continue and the measures of confidence building and popular schemes should be geared as before.

Till the high command takes its call on who will be the regular CM of AP, or When Jagan will be Given the Reins of State. 

 Please live in Today and do as the most powerful CM of all times Like YSR. 

Keep your Concisece Witnes,  you will find your age will support you,  and the collegues who scuffed, will become your strength and the Congress Party will emerge as Victorious.

Be Brave  Mr. Roashaiah, Every Minute is Important, Governance is Responsibility of Congress.

The people are Watching they are getting impatient, act with authority as long as you grace the seat of Power once graced by YSR.

Let us not loose the valuable time, each minute of governance should be filled with governance of responsibility and achievement and value to the people of the sate of  AP, and to  the state.

Zakatul Fitr, Sunnah of Eid Prayer Preparations, Eid Prayers, Structure of Eid Prayers.

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A Reputed Scholar, Ex Advisor to Govt of India and Chief Engineer and A Religous Scholar who Wrote a very Popular Tafeer E Quran "Qurani Irshadats" in urdu is seen among the  Thousands of Muslims for Preayers on Idd ul Fitr Day at Hyderabad. On 21st of Sept Monday 2009
A Reputed Scholar, Ex Advisor to Govt of India and Chief Engineer and A Religous Scholar Mr. Inamul Haq who worked on Quran al Hakeem and After Extensive study of Religion of Islam and Fiqa and Hadees of  Prophet Mohammed over a period of 9 years  wrote a very Popular Tafeer E Quran “Qurani Irshadats” in urdu is seen among the Thousands of Muslims for Preayers on Idd ul Fitr Day at Hyderabad. On 21st of Sept Monday 2009

 Eid ul Fitr and Zakat ul Fitr.  

 Anas (ra), a companion of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) reported that when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrated from Makkah to Madinah, the people of Madinah used to have two festivals. On those two days they had carnivals and festivity. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) asked the Ansaar (the Muslims of Madinah) about it. They replied that before Islam they used to have carnivals on those two joyous days. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) told them: ‘Instead of those two days, Allah has appointed two other days which are better, the days of Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha.’ (Hadith) 
is celebrated on the first day of Shaw’waal, at the completion of Ramadan. Shaw’waal is the 10th month of the Islamic calendar. The Eid-al-Fitr is a very joyous day; it is a true Thanksgiving Day for the believing men and women. On this day Muslims show their real joy for the health, strength and the opportunities of life, which Allah has given to them to fulfill their obligation of fasting and other good deeds during the blessed month of Ramadan.
 Sunnah of Eid Wake up early. Prepare for personal cleanliness,
take care of details of clothing, etc.Pray Fajr by Jamat, After Farj Prayers,  do Ziker and Wait for The time of Salatul Ishraq and after Ishraq PrayersAnd Pay Zakaat-al-Fitr before Salaat-al-Eid (on Eid-al-Fitr).

Go to prayer ground early.

Offer Salaat-al-Eid in congregation in an open place except when whether is not permitting like rain, snow, etc.

Use two separate route to and from the prayer ground.

Recite the following Takbir on the way to Salaat and until the beginning of


Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber. La ila-ha ill-lal-lah. Allaho-Akber, Allaho-Akber. Wa-lilahill hamd.How to offer Eid prayer:Who should go to the prayer ground & offer Eid Prayer:

Umm Atiyah (ra) reported: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) commanded us to bring out on Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha, young women, hijab-observing adult women and the menstruating women. The menstruating women stayed out of actual Salaat but participated in good deeds and Duaa (supplication). I (Umm Atiyah) said to the Holy Prophet (saw): Oh! Messenger of Allah, one does not have an outer garment. He replied: Let her sister cover her with her garment.”
( Muslim )

On the Eid day, every believing man, woman and child must go to the prayer ground and participate in this joyous occasion.Structure of Eid prayer:
Eid prayer is wajib (strongly recommended, just short of obligatory). It consists of two Rakaat (units) with six or thirteen additional Takbirs. It must be offered in congregation. The prayer is followed by the Khutbah.

The Khutbah is part of the worship and listening to it is Sunnah. During the Khutbah, the Imam must remind the community about its responsibilities and obligations towards Allah, fellow Muslims and the fellow human beings.

The Imam must encourage the Muslims to do good and ward off evil. The Muslim community must also be directed to the state of the community and the Ummah at large and the feelings of sacrifice and Jihaad should be aroused in the community.

At the conclusion of the prayer the Muslims should convey greetings to each other, give reasonable gifts to the youngsters and visit each other at their homes.

Muslims should also take this opportunity to invite their non-Muslims neighbors, co-workers, classmates and business acquaintances to Eid festivities to expose them to Islam and Muslim culture.

Ibn Abbass (ra) reported: ” I participated in the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer with the Messenger of Allah (saw), Abu Bakr (ra), Umar (ra) and Uthman (ra), and all of them held Eid prayer before Khutbah, and then the Prophet Muhammad (saw) delivered the Khutbah (sermon).” ( Muslim )
(Allah is great, Allah is great. There is no god but Allah. Allah is great, Allah is great. And all praises are for Allah).


Take a Ghusl (bath) after Fajr.
Brush your teeth.
Dress up, putting on best clothes available, whether new or cleaned old ones.
Use perfume (men only).
Have breakfast on Eid-al-Fitr before leaving for prayer ground. On Eid-al-Adha, eat breakfast after Salaat or after sacrifice if you are doing a sacrifice.

Muslims Celebrate Eid ul Fitr, with Traditional Glory, Around the World. India will Celebrate on Monday.

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Muslims around the world woke up Sunday and welcomed the end of a long month of fasting with hearty greetings of “Eid Mubarak,” or happy festivities.

Egyptian women perform the Eid al-Fitr dawn prayer at a stadium in Mansura, 120 km north of Cairo.

Egyptian women perform the Eid al-Fitr dawn prayer at a stadium in Mansura, 120 km north of Cairo.






Egyptian women perform the Eid al-Fitr dawn prayer at a stadium in Mansura, 120 km north of Cairo.

The faithful were ushering in Eid al-Fitr — three days of celebrations that Muslims mark with joyous community prayers, acts of charity, visits from far-flung relatives, gift-giving and elaborate feasts.

“Think Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s — all rolled into one. It’s that huge for us,” said Sajjad Aziz of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Islam follows a lunar calendar, and the timing of Eid al-Fitr varies around the world depending on when the crescent of a new moon is sighted.

So, while most countries — including the United States — observed Eid on Sunday, some will begin their celebrations on Monday.

The night before Eid, entire communities gather on rooftops, scanning the sky with giddy anticipation.

“It only needs one sighting of the moon in the whole country, and the whole nation erupts in cheers,” said Qazi Arif, 35, of Sirajgong, Bangladesh. “It’s a divine feeling, hard to describe.”

Eid al-Fitr bids goodbye to Ramadan — a month of dawn-to-dusk abstinence from food, drinks and other sensual pleasures. Muslims believe the Quran, the religion’s holy book, was revealed to Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan more than 1,400 years ago.

The Eid is one of two major holidays in Islam, alongside another called Eid al-Adha. The latter commemorates the prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son, Isaac, for God.

On the morning of Eid, Muslims don new clothes and head to prayers that are often held in open fields to accommodate crowds too big to contain in mosques.

Those who can afford it donate a small percentage of their possession or its equivalent to the poor and needy so they too can avail themselves for the celebrations. Feasts await at every house.

“It’s a festival principally about community. We’re even asked to take a different route when we walk back from prayers so that we can meet different sets of people to greet and celebrate with,” said Wasim Iqbal of Karachi, Pakistan.

For Muslims in North America — and countries where they are the minority — Eid is a more subdued affair.

“If you have family close by, then you can kind of capture the mood that you remember from back home,” said Abdallah Gamal, a native of Egypt who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. “But it’s not the same.”

Because the U.S. Census does not ask about religious affiliation, it is difficult to gauge the Muslim population in the United States. The Pew Muslim American study conducted two years ago estimated it at 2.5 million, while the Council on American-Islamic Relations places it as high as 6 million.

On Saturday, both President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered greetings to American Muslims.

“We know there is more than unites peoples of faith than divides us,” Clinton said. “So as Ramadan draws to a close, let us hold on to that spirit of community throughout the year to achieve our common goals of peace, prosperity and stability.”

It is a message that Afghanistan’s president, Hamid Karzai, also shared during Eid prayers when he called on the Taliban to join the peace process in his war-weary country.

The day wasn’t one of universal comity, however.

In Yemen, the government and rebels accused each other Saturday of breaking a cease-fire they both asked for to commemorate Eid.

And Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei used his Eid sermon to launch another volley at the country’s arch-rival Israel and at Western powers.

“We’re not quite there, I’ll will admit,” said Mehreen Ali of Boston, Massachusetts. “But have you seen an Eid prayer? Rows and rows of Muslims all prostrating together in unison. It’s a feeling of such unity and brotherhood. You have to believe that with that spirit present, anything is possible.”

Muslims around the world woke up Sunday and welcomed the end of a long month of fasting with hearty greetings of “Eid Mubarak,” or happy festivities.

In india the Prime Minister of India in his message to the Nation and to the Muslims said.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Sunday greeted the nation on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, saying the festival reflected the true spirit of India’s composite culture.

 Eid-ul-Fitr, to be celebrated on Monday, marks the end of the period of fasting during the holy month of Ramzan. Eid is celebrated on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal.

 “The festival commemorates austerity, brotherhood and the spirit of sharing. It reflects the true spirit of our composite culture. May the festival strengthen our resolve to promote tolerance and peace and live in harmony,” prime minister said.





King Abdullah’s Message on Eid Ul Fitr, to the Muslims of the World, and OIC Chief‘s Call for a Palestine State with Jeruselem as its Capital.

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Costodian of two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madina urged Muslims in his message on Idd ul Fitr, to treat the less fortunate with a spirit of compassion and solidarity

Costodian of two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madina urged Muslims in his message on Idd ul Fitr, to treat the less fortunate with a spirit of compassion and solidarity

 Message of King Abdullah to Muslims on Eid ul Fitr.Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Saturday congratulated Muslims all over the world on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitrand urged them to treat the less fortunate with a spirit of compassion and solidarity.”Let your Eid be a celebration of love and compassion,” King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan said in a joint message to the nation.”Let us spread happiness … and let us spread hope wherever we go and let us make this Eid a great opportunity to enliven the spirit of compassion and cooperation,” the message said.Thanks giving to Allah Subhanawatala

King Abdullah and Prince Sultan thanked God for bestowing His blessings on the Kingdom and its people.

“Islam is the greatest blessing of God and Eid that comes after the holy month of Ramadan is one of its features,” the message read.

The king and the crown prince urged Muslims in the Kingdom and elsewhere in the world to compete with one another in charitable activities in order to remove and lessen the pain of others.

The OIC Secretary General Extends All Out Support to Palestinians to Establish Independent State with Jerusalem as its Capital.

In a related development, Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), extended his congratulations to Muslims all over the world on the occasion.

“Eid is a harbinger of goodness and hope,” he said while urging Muslims to stand united in order to defend their religion and respective cultures.

The OIC chief urged all member countries to extend their all-out support to the Palestinians to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

He emphasized the need to protect the Arab and Islamic identity of Jerusalem and prevent the move to “Judaize” the city.

Channel for Children “Ajyal” Launched in Saudi Arabia.

Also, the culture and information minister said a new Saudi television channel for children named “Ajyal” would be launched today, on the first day of Eid.

“It’s our duty to present good programs for our children in order to improve their levels of thinking and enhance their various capabilities,” the minister told officials in charge of the channel.

Some may Try to Politicize the Kalavati Issue, But Rahul Emerged, as Prince of Farmers in Need. (Rahul Eyes 2014, series, article no. 2)

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"Serious Problem in India is our Energy Security, Poverty is Directly Connectd to Energy Security" This is what Rahul Said in Parliament on Neuclear Debate last in last term.  And he used the real example of  Kalavati Parshuram of Vidharbh in Maharastra to support his point.

"Serious Problem in India is our Energy Security, Poverty is Directly Connectd to Energy Security" This is what Rahul Said in Parliament on Neuclear Debate last in last term. And he used the real example of Kalavati Parshuram of Vidharbh in Maharastra to support his point.

Some, Blame  Kalavati, for Ditching Congress. The truth is.

Media and Political Circles may call it ditch of Kalwati to Congress. But Rahul was representing not a congress worker in Parliament when he was raising the plight of a women who lost her husband a farmer in a suicide in a Worst effected district Yavatmal in Vidharba in Maharstra.

The move of Kalvati Behind to contest as a candidate to air the plight of the suffering farmers in the region, by Tiwari, of Vidharb Jana Andolan Samiti.

is a good move to help the cause of the farmers, she has the free will of her own and Rahul’s help was not conditional or for political gains.

How Important it is to have power to secure the hard work of our farmers in fields.
Rahul Gandhi wished to express to the nation in his speech in Nuclear Debate in the Parliament in last Term, which Congress won, the need for energy in our Nation to support the Farmers, our Agricultural Machinery, providing them sufficient power, save the farmers for the difficulty of loss of crop due to non availability of power to lift ground water for there crops. The area effected due to below average rainfall.
Rahul voiced agony and a helpless of Kalvati who lost her husband Parshuram who, committed suicide after his crops failed in 2005.
Leaving a large family of nine children to support and tilt 9 acres of Dry land.

Kalavati’s husband Parshuram committed suicide after his crops failed in 2005. She continued to till her nine- acre land valiantly for three years until Rahul Gandhi paid a visit to her village Jalka last year.

Gandhi in order to support her immediately requested and redeemed her. A Rs 30-lakh fixed deposit was instituted in her name.

“I get Rs 25,000 every month as he had promised,” she said.

Rahul had also promised her a home and hostel accommodation for her children. That didn’t happen. As quickly as the fixed deposit. That will happen too.

Kalvati Concern for her fellow Farmers Comes from the confidence Rahul has given her in her self and the system she lives in she has a hope for her fellow farmers today.
The 50-year-old widow, who supports seven daughters and two sons, will contest from Wani constituency in Yavatmal district.

She is backed by the Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti, a local group fighting for the cause of farmers.

“I have no complaints against Rahul Gandhi or the Congress. If some assurances have not been met, it is because of the people in between, not him.”

Asked if she would have contested on a Congress ticket, she tactfully said the party was not the point.

“What is important is to take up the cause of farmers. They are in distress and suicides have not come down,” she says.

Yavatmal is the worst affected district in Vidarbha, with 36 farmers committing suicide here this August alone.

 We need to understand that Rahul Gandhi or the Congress did not do this to make it advantage congress.

I don’t think it was difficult to convince her to join Congress I am sure she would have loved to join and serve the party and the needs and issues faced by the farmers of the area.

This is very positive sign, Rahul did  so much to help a Indian Family in need  and NOT as a political move to promote vote bank politics, or make Kalvati join Congess Party and fight Election for Congress.

This liberty of choice and the free will of Kalavati will go long way in impressing upon the people in Vidhrab, Maharastra and India. The fresh air of political wisdom and service to the people image of Rahul and Congress party.

Rahul Gandhi will be Happy and Satisfied for Doing his bit in helping a Farmer Family

I am sure Rahul Gandhi will be very happy to know that Kalvati who was a suffer once is able to raise her voice for her fellow farmers. She is supported with 30 lakh fixed deposit by the govt. on the request of Rahul and now she is voice for many. This is called change. The Farmers can only thank this Prince of the people in need who is there go lend a helping hand when needed.

The Flip side of the Story.

Will all the Farmers who suffer the brunt of nature, and lack of Power will get the similar support like kalavati got from Rahul and his Party, This can be explained by saying we need to develop our energy situation in Country. So that there will not be many Kalavati’s.