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A P lost, Brother and Iron ManY S R. In Tragic Crash, Congress Shaken.

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Iron Man Y S R is no More. He is taken away by Destiny in Tragic Accident

Iron Man Y S R is no More. He is taken away by Destiny in Tragic Accident 1949-2009


Nation United in Paying Respects to its Leader Y S R, the man who had a soft heart for the Poor.  The State and the Congress party in state of Shock.The Party is trying to come to terms. And a Cabinet has to pass the resolution to make official the loss of YSR.

What it mean to the people of  AP.This is biggest loss for the Sate and  the Disadvantaged and Poor of the State and the Minoriteis.


The man who gave hope and relief to milliions to starving, sick, and disadvantated people of A P. Has been taken by fate in a tragic manner.


He stood as a man who can be trusted by the Congress Party he was the trusted hand for the President of Congress Sonia Gandhi.  And the people of State had confidence in his capabilities, as a go getter, a man with golden heart is no more with us.



The State is in Grief,   A P lost a man whose heart was very soft on the Poor and the people in need in A P with no dicrimination, of caste, religion and region.

The loss is irreparable for A P and Congress. 


The opposition joins the people of state in giving praise to the achivements of Y S R and condoling his Death.


All dead in the Copter Crash. A sadest moment for people of  A P .

State Finance MInister K Roashiah is placed as the Acting Chief Minister of A P for now.


There are names like Uniion Minister Jaipal Reddy, Srinivas Rao the present President of APICC were also in consideration.


There was also a news tthat as Rajsheker Reddy was the soul Architect of the Revival of Congress in A P from 2004 and retaining powern again in 2009 General Elections there are and were demands of Rajsheker Reddy;s Son Jagan Reddy too circling the Congress Emergency Meetings.


The state is in deep pain and greif on loss of its leader it may take time for things to get percolated. A honorable person YSR is set to get a very honarable homage on his last journey. 


His body will be Laid in Lal Bahadur Stadium for paying last right by 10 am tomarrow morning Friday.

Why the Delay in Wenching of Comandos to Search for Survivors.

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The Iron Man  Y S R  Has the Feared Happed and We are Missing YSR.

The Iron Man Y S R Has the Feared Happed and We are Missing YSR.

After more than two hours of finding the locaion and the Chopper and Locating it,  the option to drop comandos from Air, after knowing the difficulty of land the army helicopters on the Location of the Chopper which carried YSR, is not used.  Can we know in detial Why ? The Commandos can take the risk of this kind to get to the reality and effect any releif that the Possible Servivors May need. This is very very distrurbing.  

The Air Force authority knows there job best, but still as we say know stone will be untruned I feel the army should reach to the chopper in person with its trained commandos and get the actual damage caused and we know the possiblity of servivors can not be ruled out in any intensity of crash in air. We people serviving from worst air crashes in the past.

The Army is droping the white slip giving the location for the purpose of media and the officials in the area. I would like the troops to land by air and ground similtaniously. The slip with co ordinates of crash will help the comandos to reach the accident site.

Forces are telling on foot to reach to the site of crash is half an hour hope they will be there soon This is  a very grim situtation and the fear is the worst is feared. Hope a Miracle unfolds.

Chopper of YSR found in Mangled State. Hope is Still Alive on YSR

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 Accoring to the Experts the landing is apparently a un intentional landing or to be more clear keeping the hope alive this was a possible crash.

Chopper Found in Mangled Sate 40 notical miles from Kurnool.  The State is which the chopper is not very clear yet.

Chopper Found in Mangled Sate 40 notical miles from Kurnool. The State is which the chopper is not very clear yet.

The Chopper is Found on a Hill Top 40 notical Miles East of Kurnool this morning around 9 am. This is confimed from the Comand Office set up in Kurnool to press the operations to find the Helicopter Missing with the C M of A P Rajsheker Reddy and his officails since yesterday morning.

The Tracing of the helicopter has indeed has given a great hope, hope the prayers are paying off, it may take some time more, before to find and  get a final word on weather the copter has Crash landed or for Landing was in Planned manner but in tough conditions.  As of now we hope the landing was consious and there is hope that no big damange must have caused and as the officers in command say the hope is on and  God willing the people are safe.


Highlevel meeting is on as P Chidambaram meeting Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi and the sitution looks little grim as the reports come in with the confirmation that the helicopter is not is good shape fully. There is much to come in and we should keep the hope alive.

I am an optimistic as our  officers and the people of india are but we are concerned and not comortable to hear that it is a bad crash.  Let us again turn to God and pray for safty of  C M YSR and his men.

The news is coming in with  lot of confusion and not very clear.  Yet,  Hope has to be kept Alive.  Sakshi has reported of  getting information of weel being of YSR, we what to believe Shakshi and see YSR back. God willing.

With each passing minute, and the Meeting in the  A P Secretariat the concerns are growing .

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