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Rahul Eyes 2014, ( Part 1 ) Is Ambitious looking Congress a Concern for Allies

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DoBritish Foreign Secretary David Miliband, right, shakes hands with a village boy, as Indian lawmaker Rahul Gandhi looks on in Semra village, India, Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009. Miliband spent a night in the house of a Dalit family, the group once known in India as "untouchables," at the invitation of Gandhi, according to news reports. ( we see a modern Mahatma in Making.

Are we Seeing Making of Modern Mahatma in this Gandhi. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, right, shakes hands with a village boy, as Indian lawmaker Rahul Gandhi looks on in Semra village, India, Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2009. Miliband spent a night in the house of a Dalit family, the group once known in India as "untouchables," at the invitation of Gandhi, according to news reports. ( we see a modern Mahatma in Making.


 Tactful Moves Saw Congress in Drivers Seat in 2009

Nation showed signs Congress Emerging as a Party which now can develop the lost grounds in sates like ,UP, Tamil Naidu, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Bihar, Madhya Pradesh
After successful campaign which saw the Congress and its allies in UPA put breaks on the Saffron Brigade and silencing the accusations of the Main Opposition Party BJP on Dr. Manmohan Singh as ineffective Prime Minister, taking all his dictates from the Cong President Sonia Gandhi. Reducing the authority and dignity of post of PM. With the Ballots. And

Rahul Gandhi’s handling of UP Politics, and The way allies of UPA like Lalu Parsad, who lost face due there adamant stand on seat sharing. And leaders like Sharad Pawar loosing the shine in there strong holds, gave rise to a very aggressive political mane ours on the part of its leader Sonia Gandhi. Bouncing back to power in Kerala in the form of Sahshi Taroor a face from young, corporate congress with room for greater transparency and effective governance, and niche.

Congress Consolidating and BJP Fizzling Out.
While BJP was busy sorting out egos of senior leaders like Rajnath sing and Arun jaitli and Shushma Swaraj and Venkiah Naidus. Congress was making intelligent alliances and stretching the relations with its allies where it mattered and breaking allies where it did not matter, ruthlessly.
Allies Relations on Merits  
DMK was kept dear, Lalu rejected, Amar Singh and Mulayam tactfully pulled in to the net, Farooq and Omar kept as family, giving greater authority to Rajsheker Redddy Govt in AP to run the state politics, Pushing an effective alliance with Mamata Benerjee. and saying good bye with a smile to left by signing the Nuclear Deal with US. And handling the North Star Rajstan riding on the mistakes of BJP Rajesindia Govt Failures, and Cashing the Delhi Shiela Govt. Achievements.

Security & Terrorism did not go Ballot Boxes, The issues were, Development and Secular Credentials and Inclusive Nation

Security was a Major issue, which reached its peek with the attack on Mumbai by Paskistan based terror organizations proving the master minds in them exposed the govts inefficiency, brought pain and agony to the hundreds and insecurity at its lowest in the Country the Common People feared.

Series of accusations and counter accusations by the media, people, opposition and international bodies concluded terror was an international issue and it is collective responsibility of the world nations to fight this menace. The people did not take the issue to the ballot boxes. But still the threat of  Terror has not subsided either in our neighbouring nations nor in our nation nor in other parts of the world, the war against terror by the world is in active mode with Obama admins. doing most in Afgahnistan and India, and US moving to find solutions to curb terror.  

They the People of India,  had greater issues in mind like development, jobs, infrastructure, education, farmer protection to unfriendly monsoons, rising prices commodities, power, health, and development of Backward and Minorities. And good governance, polarization on the lines of religon was matter of past, hopefully it will remain so.

Minorities see Hope in Rahul like they see in Dr. Singh
Sachar Committee Recommendations still pending with the congress in spite willingness of Dr. Manmohan Singh the Minorities still in a state of confusion, wanted to go with congress in anticipation that a stronger congress will find it comfortable to implement the Sachar Committee Recommendation in the term to come. Muslims saw Manmohan Singh a Friend and himself a member of Minority Community a better person to understand them. The Minorities is very closly watch the actions and the performance of UPA govt and the measures the govt is taking specially the signals coming out of Kapil Sibal”s office sound encouraging on the Educational policy for the Muslim Madrasas and govt. move to bring in the Disadvantaged in  Muslim comunity in to the Main Strem too.
Minorities Remember the Let Down by Congress too.
Rahul and Sonia are linage of the party Minorities been loyal since ages barring the Failure of Narsima Rao Govt to protect Babri Masjid when Muslims wanted to punish Congress. Congress will hold them very close to chest.
The Dalit Vote Bank shift from BSP and Caste Based Political Parties, Sign of Greater Strenght to Congress in Coming years.

Backward classes who were kept content with slogans rather than real development and economic relief by the BSP Mayawat Party in UP and few other states., and Mulayam joining hands with leaders like Kalyan Singh distanced Muslims in UP. Added to advantage congress

The lower repesentations of Muslims in Parliament in the Assemblies is of great concern to the Muslims. there has to be a good measure to moves to give the right political measure to them, by enforecing few measures like political comforting areas and pocket asssigned for them.

In all People of India saw able PM in Dr. Singh, and Efficient Leader in Sonia Gandhi, and Hope and confidence in Rahul Gandhi to build the legacy of the able Leaders of Congress in the Past on his own metal not just as a member of Gandhi Family this is what is going to make the difference in 2014 Elections

Rahul Eyes 2014.
The Series of Moves in Recent times indicate the Focus of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress High Command and an Eye on 2014 for Rahul Gandhi. Weather it is austerity move, travel by train to Ludhiana to address a youth rally, or rebuilding of Youth Congress in Tamil Naidu. Or Fitness Training in confines of 10 Janpath, Speaking about the poorest and meeting them in there huts with true care and concern for the needy in the Country surely the Eyes on 2014.
And Tragic Death of most trusted and strongest support in the South the late Rajsheker Reddy and his popular image with the minoritis and the poor, changing senario in wake of flaws in infrastructural projects governance by Shiela Dixit Govt. The polls showing signs of Modi still a force in Gujrat, and BJP with RSS coming to its support and diminishing the authority of BJP. How the years will unfold in a Economical Recession still bothering. We need to watch how the pages of history will unfold for Rahul and we the people of India.

We will explore this and more in next part in our series of Rahul Eyes 2014

Part 2 ( In series on Rahul Gandhi Eyes 2014 )