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YSR “Hard to believe he is no more” But, “AP has to live the dream seen by YSR for its People”. With no delay.

The Respect of this Flag of INC should be upheld in post YSR in AP By Party Protecting the Interest of AP and Its People like YSR would have wished to.
The Respect of this Flag of INC should be upheld post YSR in AP By Protecting the Interest of AP and Its People in the manner YSR would have wished to.

And Make AP Indias No. 1  Developed State and  a State of Oppertunity.






Can we Be the Eyes of Rajsheker Reddy, At least.

The only comfort will be the state lives his dream of seeing  Andhra Pradesh as The Growth Capital of India, and a State which Cares for its needy and disadvantaged at the same time. 

 The Rich and the Powerful  will find ways to adjust,  but what about the dreams YSR has shown the tiny Minds of the Poor and the Needy, who,  saw there dreams getting color, thru the eyes of YSR,  now for them the Eyes are lost .

We should At least become the Eyes of Rajsheker to see the pain of the Millions who are waiting to see there Dreams Accomplished.

Sea of Sarrow is Still Voilent – Hundreds lost life in the Sea of Sarrow.

The history of  recent times has not seen pain of the common man to the magnitude like it has seen in the tragic loss of Y S Rajsheker Reddy. 

 Hundreds committed suicide, and several not able to bare the loss of YSR lost lives mostly needy and poor people of the sate who saw in him a helper, friend, and support in there hour of need and pain.

The Pained Heart”s Agony un discribed.

And a man who was always available in person to hear to there agonies and came forward to give them relief.  Where are you Rajseker, they ask looking at skies.  And they scream in pain of not finding him around they have gone so restless they find it still very hard to believe he is gone, very far, very far.

YSR is gone he is Not with us any more. They surrender in pain to the fate and the agony that has fallen on them abrubtly, killing all hope and support for them.

The world will get moving but there will be no YSR, and There will never be one like him again.

His Padyatra, His fight for the needy in the society, His concern for the Minorities, His Brave Support to the Congress Party, His firm Support to his followers, and His Love for his State AP and His Country India, His affection to his Children and Wife, His support to his community, His love to one and all, will be fresh in the memories of millions and the people of the state who miss him and are not able to beleive that he is not with them any more. 

Rivals too Acknowledge  YSR was for AP and its People.

Many political rivals feel the loss, his adversaries keeping aside the differences in tears have remembered him,  as a man of the masses and the man who lived to give releif and support to the poor of the state, and provide oppertunity and uplift them economically and provide them educational liberty. 

The Chief Minsiter and the Cabinet should take certain Strong Decissions.

The  High Command of Congress should Keep a special Envoy permanently to,  keep track of the  the Dreams unfished by YSR for the People of the state. This is most exepcted of the Congress Party at this hour.

The Govt of AP now Post YSR should first form a Enforcement body which will monitor and make sure all the promises, and the felfare schemes introduced and promised by YSR in this term be fulfilled towards the needy, poor, minorities, economically backward. and the Developmental works in State.

As this is way the party and the people of the State are truely going to benifit and this will the true paying of respects to the departed sould of YSR.

There is Bothering Silence Post YSR

Confusion of Sucession and Emergence of  Y S  Jagan As strong Contender in Public and Political Circles.

There is Bothering Silence in Air over Comitment by the Administration over Continuation of  support mechnism, towards the needy and poor.

The Rich and the Powerful do not look to be very insecured and distrubed there silence communitcating concerns of  varied areas of concern.

 How are we as a state going to take things as they unfold and make best to make things normal. 

K Roshiaiah  it is your hour proof , your, age and experience will Prevail.   Allow A P to live YSR Dream in Full Size 

My appeal to the State Chief Minister K Roashiah and the Cabinet Ministers is to  live up to the expectation what Rajsheker Reddy would like them to live up to. 

There are very many un finished works and goals that have come to a serious setback due his sudden death and reasons,  of National Economic Set backs due to interantional Economic Recession and various local and national parameters, clubbed with.

The Chief Minister in Charge has to be very prompt in forming and a focussed effort in all Departments, and Policy and Action Plans to allow the momentum of growth to continue and the measures of confidence building and popular schemes should be geared as before.

Till the high command takes its call on who will be the regular CM of AP, or When Jagan will be Given the Reins of State. 

 Please live in Today and do as the most powerful CM of all times Like YSR. 

Keep your Concisece Witnes,  you will find your age will support you,  and the collegues who scuffed, will become your strength and the Congress Party will emerge as Victorious.

Be Brave  Mr. Roashaiah, Every Minute is Important, Governance is Responsibility of Congress.

The people are Watching they are getting impatient, act with authority as long as you grace the seat of Power once graced by YSR.

Let us not loose the valuable time, each minute of governance should be filled with governance of responsibility and achievement and value to the people of the sate of  AP, and to  the state.

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