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Can Israel take Obama Lightly ?

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 America has changed so the World, it is time Israel Changes to bring peace and Happiness for the People of Israel and Palestine too.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands in New York on September 22.  Obama is  said , No forward and bacward pattern, and no passing time, it should be serious peace this time.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shake hands in New York on September 22. Obama is said , No forward and bacward pattern, and no passing time, it should be serious peace this time.

It is the Question of Will to live side by side in peace and prosperity. The will is clear in the words and actions of President Barack Obama, and her Secretary of States Hillary Clintorn, and the Special Envoy for Middle East Mitchell. No govt has understood and taken the issue of Middle East as close to it as the Govt of United Satiates of America Govt lead by Barack Obama does, from the moment it took the Oath of Office in White House.

No more Eye Wash. Time to Act.
Mr. Obama has not kept any of the concerns coming out of Israel or Palestine in back burner, neither he pushed the process for a meaningful dialogue and initiative for peace in the region as a political and cosmetic value for expressing peace and projecting the American Resolve only as a eye wash.

The President and the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the American Administration are very keen and committed as the word committed means in dictionary.

Not Just Photo Sessions and Hand Shakes. These hands shakes should translate in to Reality on Ground.
 Mr. Obama means serious business and he is not the one who wants this talk of peace and lasting solution to Middle East Crisis, limited to Photo Session between the leader of Israel, Palestine and US, like many other such triangular meets to find peace in the region and bring the warring and strained people of the world Israel and Palestine together.
For American People Israel is Excess Baggage.
The willingness of US is in many ways very rightly expressed by Obama is not only in the interest of Israel and Palestine and the Middle East but it is in the interest of the World Community and the American Nation. America of Obama and the Americans of today know the brunt of load and financial overload the Israeli Nation has burdened the exchequer of America.

The fact is there isn’t big and real money to bring good to the people of America and the World, How can Israel expect America to carry excess baggage called Israel at the cost of interest, and the rights of the Children and Old Americans who are struggling to give a go to the Health Bill in the US Senate and Govt of Obama facing the resistance from congressmen in the senate.

Will to give Good future to People of the Region should be the Goal. By both Israel and Palestine.
The Govt of Israel and the leadership of Netheyahu the Prime Minister of Israel know very well that this time it will not be easy to push Obama with divert tact to confuse the American with negative dialogue and excuses of Iran and Hamas, Al Fatha and Palestinian Resistance.

Neither the Palestinian can push the peace off the hook by only blaming the Israelis they both will have no option but to sit and think and leave the history, apprehensions, mistrust, and conflict of the years of disrespect to the resolutions of UN behind.

America will be Tough on Any for Peace and Happiness of People of the World.
Obama means, action, Obama may have a dictionary of vocabulary of good words and words and sentences which with decent communicative tone. But I will not be surprised if this soft spoken and friendly looking Obama Administration will act with firm fist to deal with any violation of International norms, and disrespect to the UN resolutions and killing or putting to risk any innocent soul in any part of the world.

Israel has known, since the change of guard in US post George W Bush that the honey moon with the West and the Americans in Particular is over, it is time to take them seriously. Israel can no longer take America and Britain on ride.

Though the America likes to give the feel that Israel and its people are very dear to them.

True the Israeli people are dear to Americans and the People of the world but not the attitude of Israeli Gvot. which finds it uncomfortable to make peace in the region, and continue to keep blaming on its issue of insecurity blaming few outfits in Palestinian.

 The Cold War is Past History, The World has Changed, It will support Peaceful Nations only. They do not like to have pressure centers any more. 



Today Israel is important because it has to give peace in the region at all cost not because it has to keep the conflict alive it is not in the interest of Israel, its people or Palestine, neither US is keen in keeping the area fragile with insecurity and harassment of people of Israel and palatine.

Israel is not so dear to the America, or The Britain that it will risk the life’s of the people innocent people in Israel and Palestine, and the rights of the American People for keeping Israel as a Point of Pressure on the Arabs, Iran, or the Nations of the for Political Goals to Accomplish any more.

The Pages of History loaded with Agony
This is the time of real time approach no more short-lived agendas it is time for long term settlement and peace for all people of the World, and the World has come long way since 1947 British and the French policies, and The Arabs have walked with pain since then and since 1967 war of 6 days with Israel. There is only regret which comes out of the history pages for Arabs and Israelis, there are no moments of relief or comfort in the Past events and unfolded history for both the warring people in more than 63 years.
Obama Air of Truth and Trust and Real Peace Finder.
Palestine is keen to take line set by the American since Obama, the Israelis are still reluctant to fall in line with the Two Nation solution coined by Obama which is largely accepted by the West and the Islamic Nations.

A peace of advice for the Israelis Brother and the Prime Minister of Israel brother. This time it will not be easy to put the resolve and committed thrust put forward by Obama to be fizzled by attitude of non co operation and not liking to see the interest of the People of Israel and there well being in fore front of the whole conflict and respecting the rights of both the Israelis and Palestinians.

Time to do Good Business, Go for Peace, Go for Happiness, and Opportunity for People of the Region.

This President means business, he is not in the chair of the most powerful office to waste your time and his time and my time. The term of Obama is committed to do it, and the world will help him do it. Interesting  to see will be what choice will be, in what format the peace will come for the People of Palestine and Israel.

This is how the most world feels today.

The Arabs, Israelis, American, West, Asia, Africa and Europe. Be it a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew or a Buddhist, or a Hindu. Or a Athirst. Because they all want happiness for themselves and a better world for there children free from hate and conflicts be it is Middle East, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Korea, or Bosnia.