Helpless, to the Fury of Nature. Can Govt. ensure Effective Relief ?

Fury of Nature at Dindi Dam in AP, A Over Flow dangering thousnads in villages.

Fury of Nature at Dindi Dam in AP, A Over Flow dangering thousnads in villages.

The Nature has been very harsh of us with Earth Quakes, Tornados, And Tusanmai’s and Floods, and Indisciminate Rail Fall, Landslides, Tornados. There is always a message for us that we are at at the merci of Nature and helpless to its, fury.But the recent fury of Nature across continents has left us with numbness of total inability to tackle to the Fury of Nature. Our, technological, advancement and intellect is mismatch to Natures fury and impact.
The Havoc Week of 2009
At the beginning of the Manson season in India in the month of June 2009 there were meteorological predictions that India will have more than normal rain fall and the Country will have good rains for its Agriculture and Lakes. What India saw was a total failure of Manson with few pockets getting damaging rains.

Months Passed with not enough rain till some rain in the month of September for the fields to soak and cultivation to begin. The Month of Sept went gazing the skies for rain to further bless the thirsty fields in Andhra Pradesh. With little respite, giving hope for break even and some second crops to come.

Then Came the Rain followed by Flood in Oct. The Worst in 1000 years.
After a severe drought, what led to the massive scale of floods in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh? Blame it on the rain, you could say. Irrigation officials say these are possibly the worst floods in this area in 10,000 years. But what caused this disaster? Could it have been better managed? With 18 lakhs homeless in AP and 17.5 lakhs homeless in Karnataka, Dozens of Districts Fully Effected, and Hundreds of Villages drowned.
Kurnool Under Floods. Lakhs homeless and thousands missing.

Kurnool Under Floods. Lakhs homeless and thousands missing.

There are no words to express the grief and the agony the people of Andhra and Karnataka, facing. The Dist of Kurnool and Mahbobnagar are struggleing to come back to normal the Costal Andhra is in Fear of Floods with the Prakashm Barrage dangerously raising in levels.
Millions Home Less and Millions Feared. Funds for Relief to the Effected.

The Story of Floor Fury does not end for the Millions Home less with the Rain and its Fury. The Possible spread of Health Hazards, and Getting back to normal life. In the wake of the floods and the brunt of Nature the Calamity demanded relief to the victims, in the from of rehabilitation of homes, provisions for food, temporary shelter, clothing, medicines, transpiration and cash in hand. The Govt both Karnataka and Andhra demanded 10000 crs, and 12025 crs respectively from the centre. State of Andhra already got a release of 324 cr. In relief.

The Distribution, and Distrbution of the Relief, to the Effected.
The Mechanism for rightful utilization of the relief money and who is going to monitor, is the govt and its agencies enough to do this or local ngo’s and local religious bodies should be made part of the assessment team and the legitimate and checkable disperse of the relief money to the effected.

 My Appeal to the State Govts and the Centre

Hundreds of Crores sanctioned for Releif Work. Who will check it reaches the effected, and ensures right accountable use. ? Who will check the Govt. Agencies. and Political Bodies.

Hundreds of Crores sanctioned for Releif Work. Who will check it reaches the effected, and ensures right accountable use. ? Who will check the Govt. Agencies. and Political Bodies.

a) For Effective utilization of Relief Funds in both the State.

 1. The Centre should condition for a on live web enabled account system for the money given in the relief to the state.

 2. Minute by minute allotment and disbursement of relief made available of the effected in the district and mandal and viallge.

3. A on line information, and availability of relief and support to the effected.

4.All disbersment to be released thru bank counters, no cash handling to be permitted.

5..The Banks should be ordered to open makeshif counters in relief camps immediately.

6. NGO, Local Muliti Religious Body, and the Mandal Officials be by phisically signing as witness to the relief, provided and rehabiliations. In the presence of Sarpanch and the Members of Mandal.

The Govt is doing its best, the People, the NGO’s, Corporates have come for the help of millions
in this hour of need, for the effected. Importatnt is how effectively we disburse the Relief and make it effective.

 B. Relocate the Villages Washed off on New Elevated Locations.

 Hundreds of Seriously Effected Villages to be Relocated in new S.nos. and New Villages Declared Relocated on Higher Levels.

 C.Allot Replacement Lands to the Land Owerners. in New Locations

 Allotment of Land as Replacement Land in Addition to the land they hold in the Vilalge they lived earlier.

 D Upgrade the Meteriological Depts and the Techniques, and Make it effective to safe lifes.

  The Question Mark is Why our Meteriological Dept is not Able to Preidict the Intensity of Fall of Rain at least 72 hours before. Are we 
 still Not Equipped to do Prieidct.
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