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People of AP extend, caring hand to Flood Victims.




Children in a Relief Camp in Vijayawada fall asleep in shear exhaustion.

Children in a Relief Camp in Vijayawada fall asleep in shear exhaustion.



Reach with a caring heart and helping hand, to victims of Floods 

The Images and the stories from the flood effected areas of AP and Karnataka, are very painful. Our brothers need our support and help. The govt is doing its bit let us do our bit.  

The Mangnitude of the Calamity is Massive, and  assessment of the material may be possible but, the loss of life, dreams,  hopes and loved ones can never ever be comforted.

Any consolation to the ones who lost so much in the ruthless flood fury in the southern states of AP and Karnataka.

Each one of us  has a responsibility towards our fellow Indians who are in need of our support. There are several relief organizations and  Media Chanels, Religious Groups,  NGO’s are operating effectively, please contact them in your locality and try to do your bit by any which way possible for each one of us.

A lady helped by Army to Reach to safty in Kurnool Town

A lady helped by Army to Reach to safty in Kurnool Town

Great Display of  Unity and Support shown by People of Andhra Pradesh for Flood Victims.   

The state of Andhra Pradesh and Govt. and Army, Police  is with the victims of the floods. Irrespective of Caste Religion and Region. Massive relief activity is on in the City of Hyderabad and Secunderabad in Temples, Mosques, Churchs, Social, Trading Community,  and Film organizations and individuals form all walks of life. Thousands of people are foucssed to collect clothing, food items, transportation, medicines, and fire wood and blankets to provide to the victims of Floods.

Muslim  and Hindu Youth focused to help the Victims.

Thousands of Muslim young boys  and  skilled techinicans, are landing in effected areas of Krunool, Mahboobnagar, and Vijaywada with a relief material  to reach to the victims and there houses, they will  help in cleaning the sludge, and mud from the houses, rectifying the electrical wirings, and providing cooked food, clean drinking water and clothing to all victims.  There are prayers in  mosques for help of the victims and appeal to join them with a supporting hand. Many Muslim organizations have set up relief camps and collection centres in Hyderabad City. 

Many temple organizations have started the drive to collect clothing and food, and sending truck loads to the effected areas. On Tuesday several temple and Hindu Associations and unions joined in sending materials and madicines to the effected districts with volanteers to help the victims.




Relief by Individuals Just in time for a Meal

Relief by Individuals Just in time for a Meal



The Noble Victims. Man is best friend to Animals. The spirit of the victims is so noble they refuse the authoritees to move to safer places with there cattle left behind  un safe. One Chinnaya in Vijaywada town refuced to move out form his home   for love of cattle.

The Police and the Authorities and the Media, TV9 and Sakhshi TV are doing a great job.

The State Departments and the Media has acted with great responsibility and immence true support to the victims call in dier circumstances, risking there own lifes.  The Conditions out there are testing. The Media is using its communication network and transport facilities to safe lifes and help the people in need.

Children in Relief Camps Crying for there share of Milk and Clean Water.

Children in Relief Camps Crying for there share of Milk and Clean Water.

  1. October 7, 2009 at 8:10 am

    Make a secure online donation to credible NGOs working to help the flood affected in Andhra Pradesh through GiveIndia.org. Tax benefits for donors in India, US and UK and an instant receipt via email.


    You can use credit card, cheque or netbanking to complete your transaction.

    Every little bit helps!! Donate today!!

    • October 10, 2009 at 10:11 am


      I appreciate your care for the Flood Victims. Please run an appeal to the govt of India and to the PM, to put army in action in the effected areas.

      The tragedy is unmeasureable it needs thousnads of legs and hands and caring hearts hearts to support and help the effected.

      I am visiting the site effected by floods will have first hand information for my viewers by monday.

      thanks. for visitng my blog and best of luck

  2. Dr Baig
    October 12, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    The noteworthy lessons for relief planners

    Give charity without the ulterior motive of publicity.

    Be compassionate .

    Take care of your team.

    Plan meticulously for efficient distribution , most required items, helping the most needy .

    Avoid agents and irresponsible persons who are adept at misleading and looting.

    Give aid based on need, not on personal likes and dislikes.Try to reach out to people who are reluctant to ask and not covered by other relief agencies.

    Dr Baig

    • October 13, 2009 at 2:25 pm

      Dr. Baig Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would like you to kindly see the series on floods and read my latest articles “Gudie and Advice for Releif with Compassion and Care” and ” Put Army in Action in AP and Karnataka. Situation is Grim” the world is experiencing a mass degradation of human values, reulting due to self breeding self glorification. May Allah protect us all and guide us to a humble path of caution and care. Inshallah.

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