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Guidlines & Advice for Relief with Comapassion and Care.


Do not do this to them. Please reach them in their houses and help them with compassion, and care.

Do not do this to them. Please reach them in their houses and help them with compassion, and care.

Dos and Don’ts for Relief Work for Flood effected Villages and Cities.




Form a Relief Group which operated in effected area.

A team of 15 individuals operated toured and operated for relief in the flood effected areas of South India, in parts of Andhra Pradesh.


List of Things to give as Relief.

a. Food Items and Grains,

Rice, Pulses. Salt, Chilly Powder, Haldi Powder, Tamarind, Onions, Oil sealed Packets, Ginger Paste Packets, ,Laisun, Wheat Flour, Jawar Flour, Dry Amchur, Sugar, Seveeyan, Rawa, Saboodana,

Milk Powder

Drinking water, 20 liters cans. Clean water.

Medicines – Glucose Packets, Dehydration Medicines, General Cold and fever tablets, and Multi Vitamins. Checking the expiry dates and source properly.

Soaps and Tooth powder or paste.

All in in one packet of total 15 kgs. All inclusive. 5 Kg Rice, 5 Kg Four, and rest other items as listed.

Each house can be given one packet.


b. Cloths

Blankets, Lungis, Sarees, Sweaters, Slippers, Caps, Soaks for the old, Banyans, Bed sheets, Towels. Stitch a substitute for Petticoat Large and Medium, in cotton. Pajamas, Kutras three sizes Large, Medium and Small.

( All new materials please do not give old. They may not take it ) Note there are tons of old cloths rejected on the streets of the villages .

Pillows, Mattress if you can.

c. Cooking Tools.

Stove, Match box, Fire Wood will help too, sealed kerosene 5 liter tins ( sealed )

Utensils, buckets, mugs, knifes, and storage boxes, 3kg 5 kg.

d. Literature in Telugu, Urdu, Kananada. if you with to, provide spiritual support.


Guidelines for distribution

Basic information form the other social organizations, and locals try to know which area needs relief before you leave you home and your city. Have a contact person trusted with you who has done relief work before you.

Reach with the relief material in a team of three groups. With responsibilities divided.

Reach to a isolated location near the area in need of relief. Freshen up and plan the relief work in the following manner.

Keep the Relief material in a closed Van, or truck at distance of 100 to 300 mts from the spot of distribution. Out side the village. In a lonely place.

Group A ( in a team of 10 relief workers 3 will be part of Group A)

Advance Party, and Identifiers of the People who need support , and help, do this job very discreetly with out hearting there feelings and go with a very soft heart and pure intention of providing help with compassion and care, with no hurt to them.

List the Names and remember the houses you want to meet and give relief properly. Avoid discussing in public and at village Junctions.

Group B ( in a team of 10 relief workers 5 will be part of Group B )

Group B will carry out the distribution of the Material with the support of Group A

Mix Group B and Group A from three or four teams and take the relief and reach to the houses and the families identified and with compassion and a care silently provide them your help never in public.

Don’t give tokens and slips to the needy this is disrespecting them pl work and strive to walk and reach out with compassion and care personally and a friend and family.

Group C ( in a team of 0 relief workers 2 will be part of Group B)

To stay with the Relief Material till it is delivered to the team Group.B. Once it is done the Group C should. Pray to God and stay at the place with vehicle which carried the relief waiting for the teams to return safely.

All team should have a mobile phone fully charged, with talk time loaded. All teams should carry water, and banana or biscuits with them for themselves too. Till the job is over. To avoid dehydration and fatigue.

Don’t do this.

1. Do not Reach the Village with the Relief with out identify the person who needs your help personally by visiting him in his house.

2. Do not make queues for the needy.

3. Do not give relief in open and in common places.

4. Never give with out meeting the people and the person who need help. do this with compasion.


Care for your Team and People

1. Don’t be out of stock of water and eatable for your team.

2. Rest if your team members are tired.

3. The best time would be go in the early moorings to visit the village it will be comfortable.

4. .Don’t stay in village after sun set.

5. Keep good vehicle with fuel filled and checked.

6. Carry pair of cloths for your self.

7. Drink lot of water.

8. All remember God and ask his help for the victims and Pray your act is accepted by God.

9. Keep in touch with the family at home.

10. Drive safely

11. Have a May of the area and distances of vilalges and known before you start your journey






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