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Al Aqsa calling, “Wake up Oh Muslim, I am your first Qibla”

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Night View of Masjid Al Aqsa in Jerusalem, May Allah Keep the light of Glowing Al Aqsa Mosque for Ever and Ever and let the First Qibla of Muslim be protected and respected for all times Amin.















History manupulated by the tricky western nations in the past to give a hepocratic helping shoulder to jewish people in past seventy-odd years in Middle East.

The innocent people of Palestine left to suffer and the Jewish forced occupying people protected, supported,and helped. Can any one answer few simple questions on Middle East, where was Israel pre 1948 on the face  of World Map.

The reality of Palestine and Israel and its people, and the truth about the mentors of the Middle East Mess.

First the history, facts are in place there was no nation called Israel pre 1948. Israel was born with aggression and by force fully occupying the peaceful nation of Palestine.

The people of Palestine became refuge in their own country. Thousands of innocent men, women and children become homeless in Parts of Palestine State of Sixties. They were helpless, with no means, and politically weakened and thus continued to be so for decades, with the Arab nations doing not much to comfort them.

They became targets of instigation, and conspiracies most lost there homes and got humiliated, further humiliated by successful fragmentation in the forms of Al Fatha, Hamas and what not. In strips, and ghettos. and Heights. Read more…

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Forces in Hindutva, Sing self scripted Songs, each diferently. RSS Chief said BJP needs Chemotherapy.

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RSS Headquarters Gaurded by Police In Nagpur. on Monday in Jaipur Mohan Bagwat said "As far as the BJP is concerned, whatever surgery, medicine, chemotherapy is essential for them, it has to be diagnosed by them (BJP)," .

Mohan Bagwat the ciief of RSS, Efforts in August this year did not help to bring about the unity among the senior leaders in BJP. RSS is not ready to take any responsiblity of the mistakes BJP does.

RSS Head Mohan Bhagwat firmly believes that the inner squebels in BJP high ranks is internal matter of BJP.

He asked the top BJP leadership to sort out problems in the wake of the Lok Sabha debacle, now after the setback in the recent assembly elections in three states of Maharashtra, Haryana, and Arunachal, seemed to suggest that the party may need a “surgery” or even “chemotherapy” treatment, a view rejected by BJP chief Rajnath Singh.

“As far as the BJP is concerned, whatever surgery, medicine, chemotherapy is essential for them, it has to be diagnosed by them (BJP),” he told a press conference in Jaipur.

Bhagwat, who was in Delhi in August and had advised BJP leaders to resolve their internal squabbles, said, “If they (BJP) need any organisational help, if they ask for it, we will provide them.”

However, when BJP chief Rajnath Singh was asked if the party needed surgery, he said, “Not at all, who says that?”

On whether the morale of party workers is low, he shot back, “Our morale is high. Who is saying like this?”

However, senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi said, “The doctor can only talk about treatment, we are patients.”

Replying to questions, Bhagwat said RSS was not responsible for the sorry state of affairs in BJP.

On the defiance shown by former chief minister Vasundhara Raje, who resigned from the post of Leader of the Opposition nine weeks after being asked to step down, Bhagwat said it was for BJP and its leadership to find a solution.

On the issue of ‘Marathi manoos’, which was a key issue during the Maharashtra polls, the RSS chief said, “Every Indian belongs to India. There are various languages and religions which have their own identity.

Hindutva for us is considering them as part of one (entity) and we do not believe in things like Marathi pride.”

RSS like to be the idological head for the saffron influenced parties but is no longer in mood to take the responsibility when the idiologcal failure is apparent in several setbacks in past months and years when put to test in ballot boxes and performance and national mind set of the poeple of India.

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