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Wounds of Sikh Massacre of 1984 still wet. Justice is denied in 25 long years to the victims.



Sikh Questioned “Are we not Indians ?”
It is 25 years passed Since Mrs. Gandhi’s assassination by her own Sikh security men. 4000 Innocent Sikhs massacred by Hindu Mobs, and their families put to loss and pain, thousands of Sikh Families living with sufferings of the trauma of 1984.
Gandhi was assassinated by her own security personnel’s who were loyal and tested by Mrs. Gandhi herself .
She was reluctant to change them on advice of the security and intelligence agencies of the time.
Thousands participated in this the outburst of violence and targeted mass killings of Sikhs in the Capital of India New Delhi.
The wounds of the Minority Sikh community are still fresh the community is living with this fact of Indian Modern times.
The punishment of two terrorized, and self motivated individuals who killed Mrs. Gandhi to take revenge for disrespecting the Golden Temple and the Sikh sentiments by crusading the Golden Temple in Amritsar.
Army and Police forces combed the Temple with the terrorists led by late Bindernwala. Who also was killed in this combing action.

Sikhs who were considered as the strongest trusted and loyal soldiers and citizens of the Country were in one act rejected as the killers, traitors, and enemies of the Nation.

 The stories of the families who had seen the loved ones children and women and the old and the young burnt, stabbed, and killed, are in thousands and the pain of these innocent people who were not responsible for the Killing of the Indira Gandhi  the  Prime Minister of India, were punished of no falt of their’s.

The irony is 4000 people killed and property damaged, thousands involved in killings and hundreds of the people knocked the doors of the Justice yet not a witness stood the test of time and none is punished for what was done to the Sikhs Community in India in 1984.

The Justice has not been done. All the killers escaped the gallows. With the fight for justice still continuing with hope to be treated fairly and the killers punished. Who the nation will blame for this continuing episode of pain and agony never ending of the thousands of Sikhs effected in the 1984.

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