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Fort Hood Shootout, An unfortunate Act. Muslims Condemn.



Imam Syed Ahmed Ali (L-R), Chaplain Jason Palmer, and Chaplain Ira Houck sit together at the Islamic Community Center in Killeen, Texas November 7, 2009. The Chaplains paid a visit to the Imam to extend an invitation to the memorial service being held on Tuesday, for victims of a mass shooting. Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist who is suspected of killing 13 people during the mass shooting at the Fort Hood Army post, attended prayer services at the Islamic Community Center. REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi (UNITED STATES MILITARY CRIME LAW RELIGION CONFLICT)


Major Nidal Mallik Hasan of Fort Hood Shootout which killed 12 American Army Personnels. In American Army's biggest army base.

Fort Hood Shootout involving Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who Was trying to justify his action in his mind,  I believe he was Wrong very Wrong. He killed fellow Army men for no fault of theirs. Islam condemns killing of innocent people. A terrorist is one who disturbs peace and kills mindlessly innocent people. And Nidal is no less than a mindless killer.  He may have his justification for his act but Islam forbids  and curbs  such acts.

Mr. Hasan a highly educated and respected officer of the American Army was under pressure due to passing remarks by fellow army men, on issues of 9/11 and his Islamic inclination, his origin of being an Arab and from Palestine. He must have experienced religious isolation and discrimination by few.  
The Officer Hasan was of the opinion that the Muslims should have the right to Opt out of action when they are in combat with the Muslims. As he found  all the times the American army was in offensive engagement with the Muslims, weather it is in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq or in the Middle East. But all these observations do not in any manner justify his criminal action of taking law in to his hands and killing people in confines of a secured army base.
Islam teaches Peace, Patients, and Protection of the innocent people and property.  

The people killed by him were innocient and had families and loved ones back home, Hasan did not have the right to put to pain the families and loved ones of these ill fated army personnels.

We need more Muslims in the  Forces as this is a good way of building confidence and to know the minds and educate the world armies about the peace loving nature of Islam and be loyal citizens to the nations we live in. The world knows Islam forbids killing of any innocent person.

All what happened could be in the spurt of the moment due to some sort of provocation which he could not control and lost patience. The loss of control and lossing of patience is unpardonable, and very sad.

Which is sad very sad.  It was expected of him to be calm and raise  issues if distubing in the manner he was trained to  with the authorities.  and restrain himself from  taking law in his own hands.

Restrain was the right arm for that moment.

This should be treated as one of the isolated incidents and this should not effect the fellow Muslim Personnel’s in the US army.

Muslims have too many problems they can’t afford one like this Islam does not approve such acts.

The Criminal who is mindless or driven by evil designs is not mindful of the damage he is doing to his faith, community, and, his own family and loved ones.  

The whole incident needs to be condemended and lessons learnt from.


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  1. Ghazi Hind
    December 2, 2009 at 9:24 am

    These people were innocent? Thats a weird thing. They were soldiers in the american army prepared to kill Muslims, and they are innocent. They are involved in a war to annihilate Islam, and they are innocent? Islam does teaches Peace, but not at the expense of Muslims Freedom, religious practice and oppression. If someone puts a hand on us, we are supposed to send them to the cemetery.

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