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Sachin, Sena and Being Indian First.


Sachin I am "First Indian" statement irks the Bal Saheb Why ?

Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thakery is showing definite sign of his ageing mind and frustration of being out of power in Maharashtra for too long, by his remarks in Samna the mouth piece of Shiv Sena Ideology in Maharashtra.
Can we understand that with age, human mind tends to loose the capacity of taking right decisions and efficiently apply mind to issues that concern him and his people and what is good and what is bad.
Well this seems to be true in case of Bal Saheb Tahkrey the most controversial political leader of Maharashtra.  Bala Saheb has done more of damage to the Maratha Asmita than good in recent times.
The Senior Thakery is a failure when it comes to even keep his house united, his attitude gave  birth to opposition for himself from his own family,  and his nephew Raj another Thakre did his bit in Maharastra Elections to keep  Shiv Sena out of power, squaring his personal score with his uncle Bal Thakrey.
One does not grow by accusing, abusing, rejecting and spreading hate and disunity among people. But the growth comes by reasoning, encouraging, helping, inducing love and affection among the people.

We are Indians and each one of us in India wishes to remain Indian first, our regions are our heritage, add value to us, for becoming better Indians and better individuals.

The recent attack on Schin Tandulker the able and worthy son of India and a Mumbaikar is result of, frustration in the party Shiv Sena over power loss in the state.  By airing such attacks the Sena thinks it will get back the allieneated cadre and the voters in Maharastra.

Shiv Sena is losing the grip on the pulse of the people of Maharashtra, they are not devoting enough time on finding out what the people of Maharashtra want.

Can there be any among us, for whom being Indian is next to regional entity. What ever Sachin Said is truth any sensible and balanced minded Indian would say and feel like Sachin did.

By attacking Sachin the Sena is insulting  Indian Nation, the National Pride and the loyalty  of  a legendary  son of Indian Nation Sachin.

Sachin and the 100 core Indians who are proud to be Indian first, are hurt by the remarks of Bal Thakery.

This attack on Sachin is no less than act of undermining the Nationalistic Roots of we Indians.

An explanation should be called and Balsaheb should be summoned to explain why he is so Maratha and so Un Indian.

Sachin is not playing politics he has played for 20 hard years and given his 100% to make India and Indians proud.

Balasaheb do not give lessons to Sachin he is a simple Indian who has done his job as a good Indian. He is not  a politician, do not generate one out of him, by pushing him too hard, he may prove a greater compition for Shiv Sena and Sachin has potential to do greater harm to Sena than Raj’s MNS. 

Sachin is role model for the young and old and a example of hard work, determination,  performance,and being a  good human being. Sachin deserves an apology   from Sena Chief.

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