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All mankind is descendant of Adam, God created Adam with mud, to mearge in Mud.

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The RSS Chief impressing the Saffron Brigade with his Remarks on Minorities and the Subcontinent.

Will this answer Mr. Bhagwat’s Quest for Helping the  People with novel Solutions.

Recent Comments by the Chief of RSS is most uncalled for. We are not trying to make head counts to prove our supremacy over our fellow Indians.

Let the history speak for itself and let us think of how we are going to build the structure we are in today surrounded my numerous negative energies which are bent on harming the peaceful, comfortable and progressive livening of millions with equal opportunity for all,  in our part of the world.

I am not here to debate on the Religious supremacy and  I feel we have a  job on hand to set a goal to unite and respect people as they decide to be and live in harmony with them, with a desire to contribute, to better the lifes of  each one of them in our own way.

That is what is the crux of the sensible society.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat today dubbed all minorities as descendants of Hindus.  He said “All minorities in India are descendants of Hindus and have one ancestor.”

Speaking at a seminar here on Partition, Bhagwat said, “There is no minority here. It is used just as a definition.

The Truth is  we all are sons of   of India. Weather we are Majorities or Minorities.  

Ethnicity is used to describe those who came to India from outside 40,000 years ago but DNA of the people in the subcontinent is the same.

Emphasizing on the need for “emotional integration”,

the RSS chief said the government was providing several sops and favors to minorities to appease them but this has only led to strengthening of the divide between communities. “Our politicians also talk about these (sops) during polls (for political gains),” Bhagwat said.

Why can’t,  The society give equal opportunity to all Indians and the  divide which Mr. Bhagwat is speaking ab out will be erased soon. Some soups and few benefits are only eye wash that is not benefiting the minorities all that is done is only a drop with expectation to quench the thirst for empowerment.

Minorities are equals in Indian society and they require to be made right full partners in the share of the power, to run the nation togeter with the fellow Indians.

Why it hurts the people like Mr. Bhagwat, when it comes to supporting the disadvantaged and suffering Minorities in India.

Oh now he blames Pakistan on the Hindus and there inaction and all good of the Hindus is sent to sleep and laziness giving zero marks for the wisdom, courage, sacrifice and goodness of the millions of Hindus of the Region.

As Bagwat maintained that the situation prevalent today including circumstances that led to Partition was a result of Hindus going into a slumber after fighting bravely for thousands of years. “For the last 1500 to 2000 years, Hindus have been forgetful, asleep and beaten and others robbed, stole…” Please do not demoralize Hindus.

The People of the Region will be thrilled to hear the concept of this great son of Akahand Bharat when they hear his statement.

“that Partition would be undone and an ‘akhand Bharat’ incorporating Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, Nepal, Myanamar and Sri Lanka would be formed” by the efforts of RSS chief.

Can we expect a celebration in the region on the birth of a messiah who will unite and dilute the exiting sovern nations to become one Akhand Bharat.  Can we imagine a state with extremist like taliban, al qaida, ltte, several separatist in the region and other sharing a single parliament and a national space. Does it not sound too ambitious.

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