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Sonia Gandhi as I understand, Can not be so wrong on a Issue so Important. Telangana and Andhra.

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The Tough and Deciplned leader of Congress the chances are less on her going wrong as she takes her calls after great calcultions and advice on a well set plan. Hope this time in the case of Telangana and the interest of AP People she will not be proved wrong

Sonia Gandhi as I understand and the Congress as I understand, can’t be so wrong in such a Important Issue. There will be more and much more, to what our eyes and ears see and hear, in Andhra Pradesh as of now.

We know this leader of Congress Sonia Gandhi as a Visionary, and the leaders supporting and advising her are never seen to be in haste to comit on any major or minor issue, we have seen that happening in the past on several issues, local, political, international, administrative and foreign.

 The Congress party under the ledaership of Smt. Sonia Gandhi has gained respect and dignity of being wise and firm in there actions and very diplomatic,  we have seen them move a step  back only to bounce back.

We have seen major upsets in the past, like Sonia Gandhi her self turned the tables over the BJP and its allies when the issue of  her becoming the PM after the victory of Congress in the year 2004, the opposition was willing and ready to go on streets on the issue of foreign origin and her being a foreighner.

 The surprice decission in the form of projecting a Minority Sikh Community a low and humble person like Manmohan Singh promoted to be the PM of India and so sucessful he has proved for the country. 

I expect  we have seen only the poster of the events till now, there will be many to unfold as the time passes the situation will be cleared and hopfully for the best and good of the state.

The unfortunate part is we are surrounded with a most active and sensitive Politicaly active parties and their followers.

The commom man is with a little say in all that happens around him,  the media, and the men in power find it easy today, with the power and money at their disposal,  to manipulate most of the things to mend to help there interests.

What the, sensible among the lot, would do in a situation when the constitutional, and  legitimate means of fulfilling demands in the parameters of rule of law and the constitutional rights and democratic means, fails.   Then the means of political manupulation and smartness and expolitation will come to the fore front,  when blackmail, and breaking of law and insighting and misguiding the innocent becomes the rule of the land.

Then the books of Political Manupulation take the front seat and produce,  the music which will be hard to hear,  but will make the air clean and clear.  It may take a little more time than the other means.

Hopefully this time too Congress with its think tank will keep the states and its people’s interests  alive.  Hopefully  Congress  will live up to the pormises it made to the people of all the regions of Andhra Pradesh in 2009 general election and the voices raised and comitments made by its late Chief Minsiter who lost his life in tragic helicopter accident few months back. 

In the last lap of campaighn of the Assemble and Parliament elections Late Dr. YSR the then Chief Minister went to the extent to appeal to the Andhra People in Costal and Rayalseema Regions that if  Mahakuttumbh lead by  TDP comes to power they will not be allowed to enter even in Hyderabad, and the State would be divided and Telengana would be formed it is him and the Congress which will keep the state Intact and will safegaurd the interests of all the regions faithfully.

And the people of  Telangana saw three elections and should  the desperation been so harsh, they should have rejected the all the parties who did not support openly   Telangana.    They  should have voted decicively for Telangana  by voting  TRS in Telengana.  That whould have saved all this confussion and pain and disregard to the Region of Telengana and Andhra.    

We like to see the state and its people prosper and build this strong and rich state by providing further strength by keeping it united and supporting the areas neglected to be on par with the developped coastal region of  Andhra with  oppertunity to all its people.

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Congress decission on Telagana back fires. 51 Resigned MLA’s more Threaten to Resign across party line.

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  A P Assembly under  off balance as many MLA's Resign in Protest on process forformation of Telangana
Two senior Congress Members of Legislative Assembly and former ministers J C Diwakar Reddy and D L Ravindra Reddy on Thursday resigned from their post in protest against the party’s decision to carve out a separate state of Telangana.
While Diwakar Reddy represents Tadipatri assembly constituency in the backward Anantapur district, Ravindra Reddy is from Mydukuru in Kadapa district of Rayalaseema.
Informed sources said Telugu Desam Party MLA Ramakrishna from Venkatagiri in Sri Potti Sriramulu in Nellore district too resigned. But TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu [
Congress sources said many more MLAs from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema have said they would resign ahead of the proposed resolution in the assembly seeking creation of Telangana state.

Several ministers and MLAs hailing from Andhra and Rayalaseema regions have strongly decried the Congress high command’s ‘unilateral decision’ to initiate the process for bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.

The Congress legislators from these regions are in consultation with their colleagues in Telugu Desam Party and trying to muster support against the division of the state.

Meanwhile, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi [ HYPERLINK “”HYPERLINK”Images ] has summoned all the Congress MPs from Andhra Pradesh to her residence at 4:15 pm. The move is perceived to be a preventive arrangement to stop more MPs from quitting.

Earlier, Congress Member of Parliament from Andhra’s Vijayawada, Lagadapati Rajagopal, resigned in protest against the Centre’s decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh and form a Telengana state.

Sources said Rajagopal met Speaker Meira Kumar [ HYPERLINK “”HYPERLINK”Images ] on Thursday morning and is understood to have conveyed his decision to quit from the house. He then left for Hyderabad vowing to fight for a unified Andhra.

Andhra Congress sources also said some more MPs from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema region will resign in protest against the decision.

They also said Congress MPs will meet on Thursday and decide their future course of action.

Many demanding in the political circles asking the govt to have a all party discussion and come to a consensus on the issue be fore to take a decission like this.

Decision on Telangana puts Congress Party on Hot plate this could be advantage TDP.

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Govt. at Centre to Carve a Separte State of Telangana.

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Telangana State gets a nod from the centre.

Hyderabad, Dec 10 (PTI) The decision to carve out a separate state of Telangana, which will take the total number of states in the Union to 29, comes at the end of a 40-year- old struggle for a distinct identity. This comes after a gap of nine years when three new states were carved out. Jharkhand split from Bihar on November 15, 2000 to become the 28th state while Uttarakhand split from UP on November 9 and Chattisgarh was created on November one the same year.

Telangana to get statehood

Andhra Pradesh has 23 districts, including the state capital Hyderabad, in three regions coastal Andhra (nine), Rayalaseema (four) and Telangana (ten).

Since its inception in 2001, the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) has been fighting for creation of a separate Telangana state. Telangana region now accounts for 119 of the 294 seats in the Assembly and 17 of the 42 Lok Sabha members. Telangan region comprises Hyderabad, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Medak, Warangal, Rangareddy, Nalgonda, Khammam and Mahbubnagar.

The demand for a separate state began in 1969 but the Congress then had stoutly opposed any move for additional linguistic states. Disillusioned by it, firebrand Congress leader M Channa Reddy broke away and formed the Telangana Praja Samithi (Telangan Popular Association) in 1969. The first movement of a separate Telangana state started met with a gory end in 1971. As a counter, the “Jai Andhra” agitation was taken up in 1972-73.

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Telangana State – Very Close to be Real. Part 1 ( history )

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KCR leader of TRS emerged as a Hero in the recent Agitation for Rights of Telengana People.

Is the state of AP at the verge of replaying  what happened  40 years by the Jai Telengana Movement led by Late Channa Reddy, in late sixties. It was the Congress Party in Power in State aswell as in the State same like this time in 2009-10. The difference today is Congress did not have the type of opposition it has today to tackle in the  Parliament and  assembly. It will be difficult for Congress to keep mum this time, there will be action now.

This time it was TRS Telengana Rashtria Samitihi leader Chandrasheker Rao, who in past several years right from his breaking away from TDP due to political differences with its leader Charndrababu Naidu, formed a political party to raise the issue of Telangana and fight for the rights of the people of  Telengana. Congress was in Opposition then, and Congress was happy that this is a blessing in disguise to get the power back from TDP which was ruling from 9 odd years due to efficient administration, and popular schemes of Chandra Babu Naidu and his image of a CEO of the State making his popular internationally.

Telengana  Region  has its share of  history of discrimination by the powerful Andhra Business Community, and the officials and the political leaders who mostly hailed from  Coastal Andhra or  Rayalseema regions of AP,  headed the helm of affairs in the State since the time it was formed in 1956 by re organization of states on the basis of Language in the period of  Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The Congress Party was not willing to take any chance and was desperate to defeat Chandra Babu Naidu and get the most important sate in south India to Conquer the Power at the Centre by defeating the BJP and its allies the NDA in 2004. 

Chandrababu Naidu had major set backs when is was to face the elections in 2004 both for Parliament and as well as the State, one the Farmers dissatisfaction on the power and irrigation issue, secondly the govt employees was fedup with him for Head Master stlye of fuctioning.

The Minorities who were deceived by him as he fought the elections with out an alliance with the BJP,  on gaining numbers traded with the numbers won due the votes of Muslim Minorities in the Elections to gain he political grip on the NDA and compromising on Gujrat Roits and Narender Modi govt.

TRS became the allie of Congress and defeated the TDP with a land slide victory but the TRS was not impressive it got the support of the Congress votes and advantage due to alliance with the Congress.

The honey moon was not long and kCR had  resigned with his colleagues from the central Ministry in UPA. Soon he shifted to BJP and then to TDP and then Joined hands with almost all forces in the Political arena, to keep the TRS active. There were allegation with in the party with leaders leaving TRS and raising allegations of corruption and sale of Tickets within the party for the contesting the MLA and MP elections. There were times when the Head Quarters of the TRS had become centre of all controversies and times was deserted for months.

The failure to impact in the Elections in 2009 Assembly and Lok Sabha. The party saw erosion of its political base and the sentiments on telengana and the sympathiser was not reaching the polling station to vote for TRS. Some how the party was getting isolated and loosing its grip on its cadre and many a times the cadre turned against the leader and other leaders of  TRS for inciting sentiments and not doing enough to support the cause of Telengana.

Then came the Hunger Strike and the student Agitation in Osmania University in the State Capital of Hyderabad in the month of Nov 2009 which changed the whole dynamics of the agitation for Telengana.    

 The Agitation all these years which was peaceful suddently took a voilent turn with actions of damage to the property and loss of lifes due to self amolition of supporters of TRS and stundents in favour of formation of Telengana State. There was a moment when the TRS leader broke his fast in the early statges of his fast and the state saw reaction and burning of afiggies of TRS leader Chandrasheker Rao and protests against him.

When he gave a statement that he was forcefully made to break the fast by the doctors the matter subsided and the momentum for the agitionwent in to a serious mode with KCR continueing his fast putting pressure on the Ruling Congress Party.  Ultimately congress giving in for the demand instructed the state govt to table a resolution in favour of formation to recommend a State of Telangana to value the aspirations of the people of Telangana with a statement by the Home Minister Mr. P Chidambaram late night on 9th of Dec 2009, which triggered celebrations in Telengana and made KCR and the agitators heros of the Agitation. How real and how quick this will happen is to be seen.