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President’s Rule May be Imposed in AP. As Credibility of Electoral System & Governace thru Ballot is at Risk

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The State Turmoil of Andhra Telangana Deepens. President Rule may be imposed if the situation does not improve. This will be the biggest loss of the Voter and Abuse to the electro System which respectfully voted a Stable Govt to Take care of their interests and govern the state smoothly for five years.

The Voter and the electoral System is the biggest looser today.  Who is responsible for the pain and agony the common man is in on abuse of his vote and confidence in electroral System and confidence he had in governance by Balot.

Centres of Numbers and Tools for Power.

For the Political Parties and the Politicians our Assemblies and Parliaments are mere centre of numbers and tools to be in power, and to got to all extents to hold to power and authority even if it costs breaking of hearts of the voters who voted for a stable, consistent, secured and responsible government. 

Who will replace the Politician ? 

Every Election we  see promotional campaigns and motivation ads to show the importance of Vote and how our future is linked with our choice of vote. Voting is directly linked to our nations growth, performance, stability, unity, development, security, and stability.  

Today for the voter all these words are mere words the confidence is low and he is confused and in state of shock for being cheated with his vote and abused as the responsible citizen who went to the polling both to cast his vote in big numbers with and enjoyed the satisfaction of being part of governance and part of chosing the right people to lead him and the nation and state.    

The fallout in the Andhra Assembly and the Streets in all regions of Andhra Pradesh over the issue of division of the sate of Andhra and the total failure of law and order, good sence, and relink to the responsiblity towards the voters by these MLA.s and MP’s. 

What happens to the Comitments Given by Political Parties in Election Campain.

A govt was fromed with decent and save majority just few months back under the leadership of a leader of masses YS Rajsheker Reddy with certain commitments and promises of stable and strong govt for greater, growth, unity, security, stability,opportunity, and support to the disadvantaged sections or the society, the power given to our representatives is damaged and abused for one single reason that they have kept there interests ahead of the voters. 

The state is under shock and fast deepening of the turmoil is heading towards a situation where it may be possible that the govt and the president may be requested to impose Presidents Rule till the time the better sence return to the political parties and the warring groups over the bifurcation of state come to common terms and understanding. 

Voter Perplexed and Confused.

The loss of confidence in the Political and the Electoral system is so deep the voter is perplexed either to cry or to laugh or to just ignore them next time or to revolt for a better system rejecting the present. One thing is certain the confidence in the Credibility of Electoral System has diminished a lot and is in falling sphere. The fear is all this mess will lead to…. 

Is State heading for Presidents Rule ?

President’s Rule in Andhra Pradesh till the Turmoil Cools down and warring groups over the division of the state come to common terms and sit like decent citizens and thrash out differences like civilised and educated people who were expected by and trusted by the voters to take a good and effective care of all issued faced by the state.  

Hope this will be a better option to save the state which is considered to the crown of south India, unfortunately the crown is with out head ( the Assembly for now as hundreds resign over Telangana) all those who resigned are not realizing that the body Andhra Pradesh and its voter is pained and brushed profusely.