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Rahul Gandhi, Leader with a difference, Speaks to Students of Aligarh Muslim University,

Rahul GandhiRahul Gandhi interacts with the students of Aligarh Muslim University, during his two-day visit to Uttar Pradesh starting December 8. "Rahul, who is invited by vice-chancellor PK Abdul Azis, addressed students at Kennedy hall of the university on December 8," Rahul Answered to a student asking weather a Muslim can be PM of India he answered Yes he can provided......

The common perception among the Muslims was a Muslim will not be made the PM in India of which he is the citizen.

This perception was a danger syndrome for the young generation, and specially the children who is told that all Indian are brothers and sisters, our constitution gives all its citizens equal rights and equal opportunities with out discrimination on the basis of religion or caste and region.

Unless the confidence is induced in our young boys and girls at the level of  primary school, the induction  of oneness concept and the ambition to excel in life will not be present.

Each Indian needs to be motivated to work hard become good valuable individuals who later become the asset and pillars of our great nations who can strengthen our democratic and constitutional values and uphold them and administer them with vigor and discipline.

By allowing the syndrome to live we were isolating,   great percentage of population from getting involved.

We need to strengthen the ethos and values set by our fore fathers who got us the independence and the liberty to breath fresh air of self-rule and opportunity for our people.

Rahul Gandhi accused for appeasing the Minorites and people like Bal Thackeray been very harsh on him for his comments in Aligarh University.

Religion does not matter when it comes to becoming the prime minister and a Muslim can get the top job provided he is the most capable person for it, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said here today.

“It is not about what religion or community you come from, it is what you bring to the table, what capability you have,” he said in an interaction with students of the Aligarh Muslim University.

He was replying to a question that having come a long way after Independence how much more time would it take for India to have its first Muslim prime minister.

“Today, Manmohan Singh is not the Prime Minister of India because he is a Sikh. He is the Prime Minister because he is the most capable person to do the job.

“And let me tell you something that even when you do have a Muslim prime minister, he will be a prime minister because he is the most capable person,” 39-year-old Gandhi said.

What Rahul said is not anything new this is the system our visionaries have carved and set us all on equal platform with equal rights and privileges. Our books of law and Chapters of Constitution has a  single eye to look at its citizens.

Yes opportunism and lack of  enthusiasm in the Muslim community and few flaws and mistakes by few has distanced the Muslims from the rights they enjoy.   Today we do not see the Muslims in services, neither in the cenral or state govt jobs, the economically we have commitees who prduce statistics proving the backwardness of the Muslims of Indian reasons can be discussed and people blamed for this grave unjust that is happening to the Minorities of this great Naiton.

The fact is how are we going to give them there rightful place in the society.  Rahul Gandhi and people like him are the hope and confidence builders for uniting all Indians as single unit. They can help reduce the gap in economic and education and social desparity between the majority and the minority communities.

The passion  which Rahul is expressing is most decent and transparent.   It is refreshing  to know  how he feels and likes to grow in to a tall leader of  India. His  acts,  his behaviour, concern for the poor, and capacity to reach out to the people is amazing.  There will be many who will try to paint all his sincerity with different colors.

It does not matter as long as Rahul is true to his self and is confident of what he is doing and is committed for the betterment of the Indian nation and its people.

I have discussed the subject of  equality my blog in the month  Aug 2009  see the link .


Minority Prime Minister of India a Possibility.

“There will be a day when a Muslim or a Dalit or a Christian will be seen to head the Post of Prime Minister of India the Constitution gives us all equal opportunity and regards our merits and right man will always be welcome to lead it is just that he needs to raise himself to the levels of competence like Dr Sing and   A P J Abdul Kalam.  Our children from Minority community of India can raise themselves to the level of leading our nation and taking it to new heights of success by becoming the Prime Minister of India. This is very health possibility of the future.”  passage from my article on equal rights for all citizens of india in aug 2009.

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