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Anti Telangana Protesting MP on Hunger Strike is missing, He Sneaks out from Hospital. State Police in search and on alert.

December 21, 2009 1 comment

Lagapati Rajgopal Vijayawada Congress MP Sneaks out of Hospital with the help of his supporters opposing formation of Telangana State.

Congress MP from Vijayawada, Lagadapati Rajagopal, who was admitted to a hospital after being brought from a hunger strike site over the Telangana issue, walked out of the room on Sunday night. The MP’s supporters facilitated his ‘escape’ by preventing the 300-odd police team camped there.

He was confined in the Government General Hospital here for the last three days and was insistent that he be admitted to the NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad, police said.

Around 10.30 pm, he walked out of the room and got into a waiting car as hundreds of Congress workers mobbed the 300-odd police personnel and facilitated his exit from the hospital. Police have launched a search for the MP.

 The lawmaker has been on an indefinite hunger strike for the last eight days in protest against the proposed bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. He was forcibly evicted from the camp three days ago and shifted to the hospital.

He had refused to take any medical help though doctors said his condition was deteriorating. He wanted to be shifted to NIMS for better treatment. State Human Rights Commission also had directed that he be shifted to NIMS immediately.

However, the state government did not comply with the SHRC order as it feared that his admission to NIMS might cause a law and order problem in the state capital in the wake of protests by Telangana supporters. Krishna district administration wanted to shift the MP to NRI Hospital at Mangalagiri, 15 kms away from here, sources said.

The State Police, Officials, and the Media is kept guessing about his where abouts. There is no clue yet on his where abouts, the police is keeping vegil on National Highways leading to state capital Hyderabad. The state govt. is in state of shock, how Lagapati and his supporters planned this escape fromthe hospital. All checkpost are on alert, it is understood that he is accompained with a doctor, few supporters with a convey of cars. 

How this move by a responsible MP and Anti Telnagana portestor will be seen by the poeple of Andhra  is to be seen,  will it help the anti Telangana movement or it will short circuit the Anti Telangana movement and give advantage to the Central Govt and the Telangana Cause.  

Will this amount to mockery of the age old act of nonvoilence to express dissent  “Hunger Strike” . Will it amount to breaking of law too. Is Lagapati confident that this way he will help his objective of opposing separation of Telangana from the State of Andhra Pradesh.