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Govt. Comissions to assess condtions of Minorities is fine, but will it implement, their recommendations with same sprit ?

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The Commission noted that the minorities especially the Muslims are very much under-represented and sometimes wholly unrepresented in government jobs.

Many commissions are formed with sincere desire by the govt. to help the minorities and give them their rightful place in the society.  Many surveys and  commissions proved time and again that the minorities on India are left out and are a backward, in many areas of education, economic, social life. since the independence the condition of muslim minorities in particular has not shown signs of growth as it should have.  The minorities are supressed and disadvantaged due to their economic, educational and social backwardness which is growing as the years and decades pass by.

Why the Minorites are backward

Their backwardness has given way to very odd and unhealthy colors to some of them, as we know economic and education backwardness make an individual weak, he becomes the weak link and these elements due to personnel insecurity become tool in the hands of opportunists and evil masters of the anti-social colors.  

There is factor  contributing to this backward trend in minorities first and foremost the lack of inclination in the minority community to educate themselves, the other factor the environment, support and counselling by the organizations to motivate them and educate them about the various governmental schemes available for them to give them the necessary support, one other factor is the leadership in the Minorities is not focussed on doing their bit to support them with organised effort and guidance and support.

UPA sincere in Intentions.

However not all is dark as we like to present, the truth is the nation India is a the biggest democracy of the world with a billion population. The challenges faced by the country are big and diverse with voices, for and pro to all schools of thoughts and the diversity is bond to be influenced most of the times by the majority voice in the system we live in.

The govt of Dr. Manmohan Singh  for the benefit of the minorities formed commissions and committees to study and report and recommend suggestions to the govt. for takeing concrete measures in order to uplift the Minorities of India, commissions such as the Schachar committee, and Ranganath Mishra Commission. The findings of both are now public and recently on the 9th of Dec the Ranganth Mishra Commission findings and with its suggestions is placed in the parliament for the process to start and take action on its recommendations.

Justice Ranganth Commission Recommendations

The report of the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities headed by former Chief Justice of India Rangnath Mishra, is considered a step ahead of Sachchar Committee report that went into the backwardness of minorities mainly Muslims.

The Commission, was notified in October 2004 and began functioning in 2005. Two years later, it submitted its report to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in May 2007

With regard to quota, the Commission says that 10% should be reserved for Muslims and  5 % for other minorities in central and state government jobs in all cadre and grades.

It added that in case of non-availability of Muslims to fill the 10% earmarked seats, these may be made available to other minorities but in “no case” shall any seat within the recommended 15% shall be given to anybody from the majority community.

OBC   “non-exclusion of ineligible” castes has hurt genuine backward groups.

The failure to exclude castes from the OBC list has led to a sharp increase in number of OBCs — provocation for Mishra panel to slam “political considerations” and “vested interests in remaining backward” for distortion of the system.

The purging of OBC list is a sensitive issue which saw the government plump for status quo when Mandal Commission completed 10 years in 2003 and the first exclusion exercise was to be taken up. Citing inclusion of Jats and Vokkaligas in OBC list as examples of “political compulsions”, the report said “non-exclusion of ineligible” castes has hurt genuine backward groups.

If the report’s comments threaten to touch a faultline in backward politics, its recommendation for 8% subquota for minorities within 27% OBC quota is a testing proposition too. The panel has suggested the measure for increasing representation of minorities in government jobs.

Dissent on the recommendations by Asha Das

Member Secretary of the Commission Asha Das has, however, given a note of dissent on the Commission’s recommendation for conferment of SC status on Dalit converts to Christianity and Islam saying there was “no justification” for it.

Besides, she has said that as Dalit converts to Christianity/Islam do not qualify for inclusion as SCs, they should continue to form part of OBCs and avail facilities and reservations given to the OBCs until a comprehensive list of Socially and Educationally Backward (SEB) is prepared.

The Commission has, however, rejected the contentions made by Das in the dissent note and said “(we) firmly stand by every word of the recommendations, we have made under this term of reference.”

Alternative Route Sujested by the Commission for satisfying the 15 % reservation for the Minorites.

The Commission also suggested an alternative route for reservation to minorities if there is “insurmountable difficulty” in implementing the recommendation for 15 reservation.

In this regard it said since minorities constitute 8.4 percent of the total OBC population according to the Mandal Commission report so in the 27 percent OBC quota, an 8.4 percent sub quota should be earmarked for minorities.

The internal break-up should be 6 percent for the Muslims, commensurate with their 73 percent share in the total minority population at the national level and 2.4 percent for other minorities.

Besides it has recommended that the reservation now extended to the Scheduled Tribes, which is a religion neutral class, should be carefully examined to assess the extent of minority presence in it and take remedial measures.

The Commission noted that the minorities especially the Muslims are very much under-represented and sometimes wholly unrepresented in government jobs.

Some are of the opinion that the reservations is not going to help the Muslims and the Minorities.

This can not be true in India one should understand that India since its formation was forced to protect and support its backward and supressed classes of populations,  the scheduled caste, backward caste, on the basis of caste, social placement, linguistic, and economic backwardness. It is to be understood that the SC Sheduled castes are mainly the caste originating from the Majority Hindu community and it is found that the SC category Hindu when converts to other religious belief is deleted from the SC category and he will not be treated as a SC he will have to be considered in the religious minority.

Among a host of recommendations, the Commission recommends delinking of Scheduled Caste status from religion and abrogation of the 1950 Scheduled Caste Order which “still excludes Muslims, Christians, Jains and Parsis from the SC net.”

The Order originally restricted the SC status to Hindus only but was later opened it to Buddhists and Sikhs.

In such as set up when every class and section of the population is given reservation it becomes more important that muslims should be given reservation to make up for the gap both socially and economically between them and the rest of the Indians.  If it is not done the effect will be multiple and the gap will be widened and will come to a level of apathy

National Effort to be made to influence and help the govt. to implement the recommendations at the earliest.

The Minorities across  political party line, regional and cultural divides should influence  and help the govt. with all available means to implement the recommendations of both the Ranganth Commission and the Sachar committee recommendations in true spirit.

This should be  single point focussed agenda of all the Minorities of India.