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PC’s “Wide ranging consultations on Telangana” greeted with, “Wide ranging arson, protests and resignations of most MP’s and MLA’s in Telangana”. Will the word “Wide” declare congress google as a wide.

A gutted Bus standing as a witness to the kind of problem the state of Andhra Pradesh is riding on, due to lack of wisdom in our political brethern, the issue of Telangana has taken a very wild turn after the 23rd statement reversing the 9th Dec stand on formation of new state of Telnagna.

On the 23rd of Dec 2009 a U-turn on formation of  Telangana came in the form of a Statement by the UPA Govt  from Home Minister P Chidambaram made in brief statement saying “a large number of political parties are divided on the issue”.

“There is a need to hold wide-ranging consultations with all political parties and groups in the state. Government of India will take steps to involve all concerned in the process,” he said at a hurriedly called press conference. He read out a four para statement but took no questions.

Justifying the December 9 statement made by him on initiating the process for forming Telangana state, Chidambaram said “however, after the statement the situation has altered.

This change in heart came due to counter agitation  in Andhra and backing out by the opposition parties like TDP and PRP who where in favour of  formation of Telanaga State took also a U Turn post 9th Dec, under pressure from there leaders and MLA’s and MP’s of their party.

The statement given by PC wanting  ” wide-ranging consultations on Telangana”  has shown no signs of any of the parties in the arena of Andhra Rayalseema and Telangana conflict agreeing to take the advice of the Home Minister to sit and discuss the area of conflict and reach to a consensus. But a wide range of protests, incidents arson, damaging of property,road blocks,  resignations of MP’s and MLA’s from Telangana, and massive agitating crowds in villages, district headquarters, and universities came on roads to protest and paralyse the normal life and threaten the peace and property both govt. and public.  How long this will go on none knowns.

The selection of the word  “Wide ranging” has played the havoc, the statement was not worded properly, the objection of the Telangana TRS leader is the Govt has betrayed the people of Telangana and the absence of time frame and clarity on Telangana is unacceptable and amounts to a betrayal to the Region and  of Telangana and its people.

The state has gone in to worst mode, as all the MP’s from the Telangana region are reported to have submitted their resignations to the Lok Sabha Speaker.

The Turmoil has entered in to a phase with advantage to the Andhra agitation which was for united Andhra Pradesh and against the formation of Telangana state, and disadvantage to the Region of Telangana.  This is like a Tennis Match there will be many game to be played before the final set is played.

Who are players, who is the match referee no one knows, there is a hint on the referee,  but the teams  have mixed up, the player who  plays  for whom is know one knows.   The poor spectator, the people of the state are at  risk as always.

  1. asdadads
    December 29, 2009 at 8:56 am

    Credibility of current telangana movement by KCR & students:

    1.division is not a simple family problem.we should be careful of what we ask and careful of whom we give power to after getting telangana.Its a higly responsible task.

    2.our politicians incapability or selfishness is reason for the underdevelopment in Telangana and not the andhra people.90 percent of Telangana politicians amassed atleast 100 crores by using power instead of fighting for peoples problems.

    3.what was done to alleviate problems in telangana by our telangana politicians?

    4.Who takes responsibility for development. Will anybody(who is supporting telangana state) take oath that they will face death penalty if Telangana is not developed by our politicians even after 10 years of telangana formation?


    6.Those who are involved in the telangana agitation right now are politicians who donot have any ministries.Those who donot have any jobs or those who have government jobs and will never loose them at any cost and the students who anyway have no responsibilities or burdens whatsoever are the ones who are agitating.

    7.Instead of asking the telangana politicians of what they have tried to solve the problems of telangana area,people fell in to the trap of sentimental blackmail by politicians, especially KCR.Remember,He had not done anything as M.P or central Minister in his entire career.How can we trust & give a state to him

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