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Ruchika is victim of our system, that is corrupt, indiffrent, insensitve and irresponsible. Rathore’s will smile, and rule as long as we don’t change our system.

December 26, 2009 1 comment

Ruchika victim of our system, how many more ruchikas should sacrifice before the systme chnages.

The question faced today by the Nation is how will we bring back the lost glory of our ethical and moral value system that we enjoyed and inherited in the past ages from our forefathers and the cultural gurus and protectors of the moral schools in our part of the World.  

Who is really to be blamed for the abuse and misuse of power, contact and money in the case of Ruchika,  she gave her life not withstanding the agony and failure to beat the system and power of a ruthless and manipulative powerful officer on duty Rathode.  

She suffered three years of unbearable agony and abuse, with her family shattered and fragmented, asking for justice running from pillar to post, the several social and community bodies supporting her and raising her plea with the authorities of the time failing to get speedy justice for her and her family.  

If this is case with the victim supported advocated so strongly gets raw deal by our system, then we know what will the fate of the thousands out there struggling for justice in some form or the other in our wide nation.  

The root to this is deeper, the society we are in today is to be blamed, our ethical and moral system has suffered most, we the people are not truly concern about what happens around us, we are not ready to challenge the system most of the time we surrender to the system run by the powerful and wealthy, surrendering  this will not change and nothing can be done to it, we shelve our thoughts and get along with our routine. 

We need to inculcate, values, respect our being human beings, and learn to grow as good sensible, and protective people who can raise to the occasions and be brave and assertive to drive fear in the detractors, and manipulators of law, and degrades of our society. 

We have bad to very bad examples to be worried about,  we are see and hearing every day on our neighbourhood, in our city, in our print and electronic media. The lessons are not  learned it is apparent. 

How many more Ruchikas and families like her, need to pay the price and suffer before the system changes. 

Who are the real culprits. Can we say we are not part of the problem,  with great concern for our future as a nation, I am afraid we can’t.