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Rathore grim, as law tightens its grip.

when law is determined, smile changes to grimness, with the fear of law tightening its grip.

When Rathore was sentenced a few weeks ago to six months in prison, he left court smiling, escorted by his wife. A man who once headed the police force in Haryana showed no remorse minutes after he was found guilty of molesting a teenager who went on to kill herself. India was incensed by that smile.

On Wednesday, there was no trace of that smile as Rathore once again left court.  He was grim as the law intends to tighten its grip for justice in the case of Ruchika.

 At the Panchkula Court in Haryana, Rathore asked for anticipatory bail in the two new police cases filed against him on Tuesday night by the friends and family of Ruchika Girhotra, the 14-year-old Rathore molested in 1990.

Ruchika’s family has now accused him of criminal conspiracy and fabricating records related to Ruchika’s post-mortem after her suicide in 1993.

The judge will decide on Rathore’s bail on the 1st of January. A request for interim bail was denied. While that means Rathore could be arrested, police sources say they’ll wait till the judge’s final decision on Friday.

Turning on the media, Rathore snapped, “The day you convince me that you are a constitutional power on judicial matters, I will speak (to you).”  Ratore highheaded ness is still at its peak.  

In an interview to a national TV channel. The man in charge of keeping a check on corruption in the system, the Central Vigilance Commissioner, Pratyush Sinha,  claims that files are delayed whenever there is an investigation against a senior bureaucrat. In an exclusive interview to CNN-IBN National Affairs Correspondent Sumon Chakrabarti, Sinha talks about corruption in the Government and said that the ills have reached the top.
Hope the moves by the Ministery to reform and make the law more proactive will help the process to bring respect to the system.
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