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Exams postponed by AP, Is it sacrifice, or embrasment, spilled from agitation?

January 30, 2010 1 comment

Several Bandhs, and agitation days take its first casualty "exams postponed" Education suffered.

What was feared has happened, the Student and the Education in the state has witnessed first blow on them, in the form of postponing of intermediate exams in the state.

Several bandhs, and agitation for separte state, and united Andhra, is given its first sacrifice, or has suffered first embrasment. ? The answer to this question should come from the political parties and the student organisations.

(PTI) Reported, The Andhra Pradesh government, today postponed the Intermediate (+2) exams by a week bowing to pressure from some ministers of Telangana region.

The exams will now begin on March 10 instead of March 3 as announced earlier. However, the SSC (Class 10) exams will begin March 23 as per the original schedule. Even, the Intermediate practical exams will be held as per the original schedule from February 3, official sources said. Read more…

Save Cricket from Politics. Has IPL & its Franchises, done dis-service to game of Cricket ?

January 29, 2010 2 comments

Sensible, Balanced, and Man of all hours, P Chidambaram, puts healing touch to the millions of Cricket fans by saying it will be a disservice to cricket if Pakistanis are not included.

Basis of  Strain between IPL and Govt.

Let us go year back and try to figure out the relations which the IPL and its Franchises had with the Central Govt and its Home Minister P Chidambaram, Mr. Chidambaram was freshly moved from Finance Minister to Home, and Mr. Pranab Mukerjee, was given Finance.  The challenge before the govt. at that time in summer of 2009 was the General Elections in India, clubbed with Assembly Elections in some states. And it so happened the dates of Elections in many IPL League matches were coinciding with the dates of Polling.  IPL teams Read more…

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Obama first State of Union Address, calls for unified effort to, counter US Problems.

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Obama, sticks to his campaign agenda, floats a bill for job, and extends taxcut to companies, encourages job in and for US job less.

Washington –  News. -Citing a “deficit of trust” in government by the American people, President Obama’s first State of the Union address urged Congress to erode the influence of special interests and work together to confront the nation’s most pressing problems. In the nationally televised speech Wednesday night to a joint session of Congress, Obama sought to reassure Americans angry and nervous about the pace of economic recovery that his government understood the challenges and would act boldly to meet them. The president offered populist proposals that some say could reconnect his administration with middle-class Americans, and he offered a plea to end the partisan stalemate in Washington and work for the common good. Americans “don’t understand why it seems like bad behavior on Wall Street is rewarded but hard work on Main Street isn’t. Or why Washington has been unable or unwilling to solve any of our problems,” Obama said. “They are tired of the partisanship and the shouting and the pettiness. They know we can’t afford it. Not now. ” Rather than fight “the same tired battles that have dominated Washington for decades,” Obama called for a new political climate of “common sense” approaches that invest in the American people without building “a mountain of debt.” Read more…

Sania prefers tennis to marriage. Hope she will strive again for her lost slot in World ranking.

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

For Sania Mirza it will focus Tennis, and Marriage is put on hold, may be.

2010 seems to be turning out to be quite a tough year for Sania Mirza both on and off the court. After failing to make a significant mark at the Australian Open, reports now suggest that Sania’s engagement to Mohammed Sohrab Mirza has been called off.

The duo who got engaged in July last year, reportedly realized that they were incompatible and agreed to go their separate ways.

The sources in family and friends confirm it was compatibility, issue between  Shorab and Sania, and nothing more.

This is sad and it hurts.  We know they were childhood friends and they knew each other very well, hope there could be a patchup between them.

They both can wait, and hold the marriage for few years, and think the proposal a afresh.

It will be hard on both the families, this was a well planned and well thought decission to go with an engangement and marriage.

They both should allow this thing to cool and allow a fresh thought in a couple of years, to revive the engangement and marriage once again.

That would be good for both.

For now Tennis can be her focus, and for Shorab his studies. Hope things will be fine again.  There need not be any more probing to this. It is her and his personnel matter, we need to wish them the best and advice caution.

Telangana Congress leaders adviced not to visit Delhi.

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Moily bats again, for High Command on Telangana.

Hyderabad, Jan 26 (PTI) Congress leaders from Telangana region today cancelled their planned trip to New Delhi after the party high command took a serious view of the issue and issued a stern warning against such plans.

Congress general secretary and Union Law Minister M Veerappa Moily announced in New Delhi that the Centre would soon announce its decision on Telangana statehood issue and asked party leaders from the region not to visit the national capital.

Following this, the Congress ministers, MLAs and MLCs from Telangana cancelled their Delhi trip. Two senior MLAs K Jana Reddy and R Damodar Reddy, who already reached Delhi last evening, returned to Hyderabad today on the high command’s directive.

The Telangana Congress leaders wanted to apply pressure on the party high command on the statehood issue by meeting the top leaders in Delhi.

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Republic Day, one of the three, National Festivals of India. Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are two other.

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Thousnads braved thick fog, to witness Republic Day Celebrations in Capital. 26th Jan 2010

 January 26 th.  Indian,  National Festival.

Republic Day is one of the greatest national celebrations observed throughout the country on January 26 every year. India became Republic on the 26th Jan, 1950. The country became a sovereign democratic republic with a written constitution and an elected parliament

At the time of independence, although India was under British rule, there were 565 Princely States, big and small, ruled by powerful sovereigns who were protected by treaties of alliance with the British Crown. Without bringing them together, the fundamental unity of the country was not possible. This unification was accomplished by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whose statesmanship helped to integrate the country into one nation. In a little less than 2 years, all the princely States became a part of the Republic of India. Read more…

Veer a tribute to “Heros of freedom Stuggle”.

January 26, 2010 6 comments

Salman Khan as Veer, in Veer

The Salman Khan’s  epic VEER, is by far among the biggest  and the  best, epics of all times, form Indian Cinema.  Veer is different for me, for its, display of how the British used the rajas and maharajas of the great Indian continent to better their own interests in India.

Veer also exposes the nexus between the few Rajas, Maharajas and British India Master. And how conveniently the Rajas,  accepted the pleasures extended by the British White masters, sharing of power with the British to  hold on  to their  pockets of Raj, to be called as Rajas and Maharajas. For them there fake pride and riches was more important than the aspirations of millions of Indians and the Praja in there region.

Read more…

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Photo Voter Id and Burqa.

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

These women, have passports, they work in a sofware company, they respect the law of the land but they honour there religion too. They are better Muslim Women than the Muslim women who do not wear burqa, in the eyes of Allah.

When Muslim, women can take photograph for Saudi Agama, and Indian Passport, why not for Voter Id.  

Muslim clerics have backed Supreme Court directive that Muslim women must be ready to shed their burqa to be photographed for electoral role verification if they wanted to cast their votes. The clerics have argued that Islam permitted women to be ‘clicked’ in exceptional circumstances.

Justifying the court’s observation, the clerics argued that electoral roll verification was not possible without revealing the face, which made it a “special need” for Muslim women to lift their burqa.

“I am totally with the Supreme Court order. When we have no objection to photos for passport for going to Haj, why should we object to this? This should not be made an emotional issue,” said Delhi Minority Commission Chairman and All India Muslim Personal Law Board member Kamal Faruqui.

Reacting to protest from certain quarters against the court ruling, Faruqui said he would make an attempt to convince the community of the need for photo voter IDs. “I am sure they will understand the importance of having it,” he added. Read more…

“Countries of Intrest” post Underwear Bomber, are Nations rest- SAFE.

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment



 Can USA. Or any nations afford to relax on security, concerns with any    Nation .   Will it be right to list a few and give immunity to rest?     

The security, measures in effort to make traveling in to America from destinations of the world, specifically from nations listed by TSA,  are divided in to   two categories.    

The first category being the nations which show signs of the state, suspected to be irresponsible towards terror plots, listed by TSA, caution the order for them.    

 These can be called as  “Countries with  Suspects”  The nations four of them Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, are  mentioned by the department of TSA Transportation Security Administration, making it mandatory to an enhanced screening for all passengers coming to US form these four countries. Except Cuba, the other three are Muslim Countries.     Read more…

Manual Search, for six vital mintues, led to loss of control, and loss of YSR.

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

It is negligence, or lack of prepairedness, on the part pilots.Strange, they had to search for a manual for six long vital minutes, in a n emergency, in such a sophisticated helicopter. Was it shear bad luck or was it a gross failure to be efficient as pilots. The fact is a leader of the masses and a VVIP lost. This raises questions on the safty of all our VVIP's who matter so much to the nation and its people.


 Pilot error cause of YSR chopper crash: probe report 

New Delhi, Jan 20 (PTI) The helicopter crash which claimed the life of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S R Reddy was caused by pilots’ error who lost the chopper’s control and were engrossed for vital six minutes trying to locate a flight manual, the probe report said today.

The report, submitted to the government by the four- member inquiry committee, said the “probable” cause of the accident was that it “occurred due to loss of control resulting in uncontrolled descent in the terrain at a very high rate of descent due to entry into severe down draught”.

The crew flew the helicopter under the instrument flying condition even though their flight plan was cleared for Visual Flight Rules (VFR), it said. The crew noticed a snag and “was engrossed for vital six minutes before the impact in searching for the relevant checklist from the Flight Manual”.