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Will AP sing Bhaiya “ALL IS WELL” after all party meet on Telangana on 5th Jan 2010.

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Is there a message for the People of Telangana between the lines voiced by Home Minister on Thursday 31st Dec on the Eve of New Year.

We have to take the note and clarity with which the Home Minister has spoken on the of the New year Celebrations on the Topic of Telangana. There is no pinch of doubt on the intention of the govts. determination to carve a state of Telananga, the govt. like to hold all its statement that where aired in favor of formation of new State.

Asserting that the government had done “no flip-flop” over separate statehood to

He said the Major political parties in Andhra Pradesh, he said, contested the 2009 Assembly elections on manifestos that “in one manner or other declared support for the formation of a separate state of Telangana”

He also said, “UPA government in its common minimum programme had said that a separate state of Tealangana would be carved from State of Andhra Pradesh” at an appropriate time after due consultations and consensus.

“On December 9, it was announced that an appropriate resolution would be moved in the state assembly. I would like to highlight key words in the statement, they are ‘process’, ‘appropriate resolution’ and ‘moved’. In the background of the minutes of the all party meeting, I would like to ask what was wrong with that statement,” he queried. And on December 23, after MPs and legislators from the state appeared divided over the issue, the government stressed the need to hold consultations with all political parties on the issue following a fortnight of protests in Andhra Pradesh for and against the separate state.

“We simply responded to the wishes of the people of Andhra Pradesh. I hope you don’t call the January 5 meeting a flip-flop,” Chidambaram added.

“The January 5 meeting is the first step in consultations. We have called the recognized parties in the state to devise a mechanism and lay a roadmap on the issue,” he said.

Chidambaram also pointed out that other student groups and interested parties would also be consulted at a later stage.

One thing is coming out clear from all this clarification is to send a message again that Telangana is a possibility which will have to come thru consensus. Even now it is not clear when it will happen, but it is, clear that sooner or later it will happen.

Our wish would be consensus and with no feelings hurt after all AP and its people shared the same space for over 50 years now. let us hope for the good of the people of the region and the business and the lost optimism returns and let it be said. All is well. 

The sowards are pulled in AP , both by pro and aganinst Telangana groups, in all the three regions of AP, Teleangana, Rayalseema and the very effulient region Andhra on the coasts of AP, with the coasts touching it, both Rayalseema and Telangana are land locked.

The activities in Delhi are hot to get charged for a very charged and cruicial meeting, both the camps in pro and anti claim it will be sucess to them.