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Dynastic Culture in Indian Politics.

What is so magical about them, the Gandhi’s. India has loved them so much they have governed for more than 45 years and still governing and going strong. Is it quality of leadership, integirty, sacrifice, love of people, or just the family. I don’t think it can be just the family they have more in them.
Are they Smarter Families, or is it  Just, “Luck by chance.”

Every person dedicated to give his best and contribute positively in affairs of the nation and its people under any political setup, can not be sidelined, as long as he puts nation before self. Having said this.

India is no different from nations of the world, when it comes to growing influence of families that take. centre stage in politics of nations.

We have examples in US in recent times two families Bush’s and Clinton’s have taken centre stage for over two decades now.

The story is no different in our neighboring nations Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Families have played major role in shaping the structure of the nations.

Factors that help them to hold on.

What is important to note is, what is securing their stay on top or allowing them to hold the office of power for decades.
a) Is it their sheer quality to do better than the others, or they being smarter than others,
b) Or, is it because not many like to venture into politics and dedicate themselves,  in service of the nation. Thus this gives advantage to these families.   I feel,  Both factors are valid.

Why Can’t  Politicians child be a politician.

Every Doctor, Engineer, Actor, Busninessmen, IAS, IPS, and Army Man, likes his child to join his profession, why fuss,  when a Politician wants his child to be a politician.

If they are bad Drivers they will be out of job.
Political Families can take their, sons, and daughters, to the driving seat but they can not make them drive safely, it is their, individual capacity that makes them to drive safe, and for long.
Let us not deprive the laurel to these young leader produced by the political families of India who are out there to contribute to help the people of the nation and raise the issues faced by the people disadvantaged and support the nation on right fronts.

I agree  like  Aklesh many are in politics due to their parents. But, I am sure  Mr.Aklesh Yadav,  would not be in politics and wining just because he is son of Mulayam Singhji.  Unless he fit, serving, capable and liked by the people of his region,  for his good work.

The list is long, Fraooq Abdullah, Sachin Pilot, Joti rajiya Schidia, Dutts, Gouda’s,  and more like them, have great capabilities and have learned to be good politicians, they learned the art of  being good leaders too.

Rahul Gandhi, emerging as a acceptable leader to lead the Congress Party and the Nation, even his advarsaries acknowledge now.

Rahul Gandhi, 2014 all eyes will be on him, he will play a role which should make him undisputed leader in Congress Party he will be the fourth generation Gandhi who may become 4th Gandhi after Panditji, Indiraji, Rajivji.
He could  be the 5th, had Soniaji not sacrificied to keep the Congress house intact, on the issue of her foreign origin.
And Rahul Gandhi is popular and has raised himself to levels of acceptance nationally on the merits of his vision, approach, goodness, and skills to reach to the masses and develop in a responsible individual.
Yes, being grand son of Indira Gadhi and great grand son of Pandit Nehru and the tag of Gandhi with his name coming from Mahatma Gandhi has helped him.

But only to put him in bigger and better car to drive ultimately he the one who will drive the risk is greater for him as he is driving a bigger and more valuable car.

He can’t afford to fail if he was to continue this value machine which will can lead him to a takeoff point where he can take a highway and drive fast in to the horizons of glory and successes for the nation and its people.

Can we shy away from appreciation to these families.
The power and position we are today, the growth and progress we have seen in spite of diverse issued faced by the nation, a credit has due to our leaders, like who held the helm of affairs of this great country India.
We should’nt  shy from appreciating the contribution of family which governed India for most years.
We Indians have the right to be in all spheres’ of functioning including politics,  just by belonging to a family in politics one can not be deprived the desire to serve the nation and the  public.
Power in Politics is Intoxicating, it is very hard to escape its temptations‘.

Those who take pride in criticizing the family influence in Politics should join politics and do better then them. Once they join and reach to  respectable level,  I promise them they will love, there sons and daughters join them too, so at some point when they retire,  there is some one in family to fill the space vacated.

Performance based Extention, if not the people will fail them.

They will be out if they loose track, we have seen it happen in the past with them and with others too. Only performance and good work, largly will keep them going.

India is awake it will  judge them fairly, in  event of failure by them,  electornic electoral machines,  will stop, singing for them all is well.

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