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Reach out to Habib’s, who are not as lucky…

January 10, 2010 1 comment

Habib Hussain, an Indian working as a sweeper at Medina airport sneaked onto an Air India flight from Medina to northwestern Jaipur and flew back home on Saturday (December 26). Habib is free person now, the investigation is completed and is has joined his family on 9th Jan 2010

The story of Habib Hussain is not just the story of one Habib, it is story of lakhs of Habib’s suffering and failing to meet the two ends of life, and to give two meals a day to their loved ones, in, India. 

Habib a young Indian  who sneaked  in to toilet  of  Air India flight to Jaipur from Madina, to excape further harrassment from his employer, escapeing the vigilant cabin crew’s eyes.  Habib hails from Moradabad, in  UP.    Like many other states of India,  UP too, fails to give opportunity and support, though,  landed poor, to  support  family and himself, 

Thousands of poor Indians, who find the conditions and opportunity not attractive enough to support the needs of their family and worried about long-term,  support,  security, and well-being,  to give, sacrifice their, best period of life, away from wife,  children and old parents,  unhappy and pained by being away for years from the soil they love.  Read more…