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Reach out to Habib’s, who are not as lucky…

Habib Hussain, an Indian working as a sweeper at Medina airport sneaked onto an Air India flight from Medina to northwestern Jaipur and flew back home on Saturday (December 26). Habib is free person now, the investigation is completed and is has joined his family on 9th Jan 2010

The story of Habib Hussain is not just the story of one Habib, it is story of lakhs of Habib’s suffering and failing to meet the two ends of life, and to give two meals a day to their loved ones, in, India. 

Habib a young Indian  who sneaked  in to toilet  of  Air India flight to Jaipur from Madina, to excape further harrassment from his employer, escapeing the vigilant cabin crew’s eyes.  Habib hails from Moradabad, in  UP.    Like many other states of India,  UP too, fails to give opportunity and support, though,  landed poor, to  support  family and himself, 

Thousands of poor Indians, who find the conditions and opportunity not attractive enough to support the needs of their family and worried about long-term,  support,  security, and well-being,  to give, sacrifice their, best period of life, away from wife,  children and old parents,  unhappy and pained by being away for years from the soil they love. 

Gulf has been the most attractive destination for these Indians for decades,  mostly the unskilled labourers, they find our  system and the opportunity not supportive to them in India,  for,  various reasons, that can be debated.

The  need to look for better prospects is so intense in them, such individuls,  took  opportunity in Gulf,  even though livingin conditions not very encouragng, they found them as blessings when compaired to what they left behind, atleast they have a regular income to support their families back home.   

Though the govt of  gulf countries most of them have strict labor laws, and courts to protect the rights and interests of  the experts in those countries,  there are sources which speak and report cases of great volilation of  employee, and human, rights by irresponsible enployers.  

What happened to Habib should not happen to any other Indian. Our Embassies need to be more vigilant and better co-ordinated, with nations they operate in.  

The important aspect which needs to be in place, is our embassies should be equipped with round the cloak help lines, and cells operating in all regions of the country they are, with fullest information, equipped to address to any call from a troubled Indian, by his employer, or otherwise.

Embassy should maintain, data of Indians entering the country with the resident permit and legal information of the employers, and his contractual responsibilities.  Help line to Counsel to  any request and concern from an Indian liveing abroad. 

Recent incidents in Australia, are shameful, even after repeated requests and diplomatic measures by tForeign Affairs Minister S M Krishna and appeals from the govt and the PM for greater protection and security to the students in Australia, the racial discriminatory acts and harm to the students is unstoppable, why our govt cannot be proactive, and raise this issue in international forums and  monitor the well being and safety and security of the Indian and their familes. 

The good thing about the investigting authorities in the case of Habib  was it was fare, with that touch of care, and concern for its poor, national   Habib who suffered in the hads of his employer.  Habib was treated with great caution and regard  was given,   to the statements made by him and his innocence and the clarity of his problem with his employer in Saudi Arabia was appreciated rightly,  and a poor Indian happly declared  innocent. 

 And no tag of ulterior motive was attached to him.  Except that, Habib in desperate concern for his family, it was said,  his action to return to his county to join his pregnant wife and family, in suspicious manner illegally was wrong.  But after, ten days of investigation he was set free to join his family who spent days in uncertainty on the fate of Habib. The ordeal ended in a happy note. In such suspecious condtions like Habib’s the matter sensitive to security of the passengers, and on board could have taken a very different turn too.  

But,  The issue does not end here,  the problem is, here is a man who sold   his  only valuable,  asset a  piece of land to fulfill the demand  of the agent who showed him dream of better living,  but, pushed Habib, in a mess, giving bad employer, bad job, no food, and no one to hear  him, no hope to get relived from the agony and uncertainty faced by him Habib,   Habia, deserves all the sympathy and support from Indian, nation of one billion people. 

Habib is back with lost opportunity, with nothing in hand, he has to start his life from scratch 

1)  I appeal to the Indian Govt, State govt  and Saudi Authorities, for getting him the salary due with his employer, a settlement with damages. 

2)  An investigation has to be carried out on the agent who misled him and caused suffering for Habib and his family and embracement to the Indians . A employer scan to be made mandatory in cases of unskilled and labour class jobs abraod, to counter harassment by them.

3)   Ministry of Foreign, affairs in co-ordination with  the Country under,  should  set up a cell for grievances which can take the complaints from the Indian abroad and attend to them on proactive basis. 

Hope our voice will be heard, to help the suffering Indians  thousands of miles away in foreign lands.

  1. suk
    January 21, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    Very well Highlighted the poormen’S plight. I appreciate

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