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“Countries of Intrest” post Underwear Bomber, are Nations rest- SAFE.



 Can USA. Or any nations afford to relax on security, concerns with any    Nation .   Will it be right to list a few and give immunity to rest?     

The security, measures in effort to make traveling in to America from destinations of the world, specifically from nations listed by TSA,  are divided in to   two categories.    

The first category being the nations which show signs of the state, suspected to be irresponsible towards terror plots, listed by TSA, caution the order for them.    

 These can be called as  “Countries with  Suspects”  The nations four of them Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria, are  mentioned by the department of TSA Transportation Security Administration, making it mandatory to an enhanced screening for all passengers coming to US form these four countries. Except Cuba, the other three are Muslim Countries.    

It makes sense to put these destinations on a greater scanner, due to the history and possibility of terror originating from these origins holding possibility.     

But then, if one go’s in-depth to understand the measures enforced, by TSA, we understand, there should be better system and procedure to security, and safety of the passengers, and aircraft originating from these four nations.     

For instance, if the suspect needle is pointing towards the organized and sponsored by the nations themselves by the security agency TSA, then it does not make a sense to allow unchecked and random procedural boarding of the passengers and the baggage from these destinations.      

Rather such destinations should be screened and put to rigorous security scanning before the aircraft is prepared for boarding, in the base workshops and support area, followed by through passenger and baggage screening.  Trusted, security personnel’s should be stationed at originating airports in these nations, listed by
TSA. (Cuba, Sudan, Iran, and Syria.)      

It could not be a very Good idea, in allowing the plotters, suspects or possible terror cell creeping soft entry in to the plane.     

This is risking the lives of the full capacity passengers and crew, on board with the air craft.  The theta is to check before it is off in air, not to reach for a formality exercises.  By the enhanced screening on arrival port, or the Air Port.     

 If the treat is real the plane and the passengers remain exposed to unknown risk and threat to lives.      

 The Northwest Airlines did not fly from a Nation listed by TSA, why not Netherlands is on the list of TSA too.    

I would request the authorizes to think for a greater measure of security, from such suspect destinations, it is not easy to assess which is suspect and which is not in the present uncertain circumstances, is clear in the case of Northwest airliner which had the Underwear Bomber a native of Nigeria, who took a friendly airliners from Schipol Airport in Netherlands for Metro Airport in Detroit Michigan USA. Which happen to be a friendly nation to USA?    

Israeli Firm under Scanner over 253 Flight Lapse.    

 An Israeli security firm headquartered in the Netherlands, and its two subsidiaries, ISEC and PI (Pro-Check International) provide security services to airports in 11 countries, including the School airport. The firm’s security system came under scrutiny and as part of the international investigation into how Abudulmutallab was able to board the flight, garnering criticism for “its possible responsibility for the security failure at Schiphol.”    

The Second Category as per the TSA is ten other “countries of interest”     

The nations could have been referred as “Countries of Caution” rather than countries of interest.  We know no place on earth can to taken for granted and security relaxed, every movement demands proper measures, be it US security or Indian security or for that matter any other how small and big nation it be.    

Nations Embarrassed, happen to be Muslims.    

Unfortunately all in list are Muslim Counties. (Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen). The TSA says the “countries of interest” list is under constant review and may be modified as circumstances call for.     

There is no statement or any concern by any of the govts listed specially the second category, why?  How do these countries prove to the world if they do not give their view-point, and express concern and measures that will allow to convince the Americans to understand that they all are rightfully listed, and the Muslim Govt are aware of this fact and they are failing to do anything to better the conditions of security to the airports, and the air travel from or to these air ports by any airline, of any nation. What a shame.    

Al Qaeda, is the biggest damage to Muslim interests.   

Muslims condemn and do not support any of the acts or designs to damage the image of Islam, and has and will condemn all acts of terror and violence and hurt to innocent people of the world. It is tough time for the Muslims to counter the allegations and to counter the ideology of such mindless enemies of the true values of Islam and its people.

One incident of a 243 is an example of many which are most deplorable and have only strenthen apprehenssion that the Muslims community has some thing to do with this all, but the Muslims of the world do not feel so, this is only a proxy instigated agenda of some who intend to harm unmindfully in the name of Islam.    

America yet, concerned how to keep up the image of a welcoming nation to the people of the world.    

The Govt and US security agencies have put the security ahead of personal privacy. At the State Department, Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley said the interaction between Americans and their guests is “actually part of the process by which ultimately we will defeat and mitigate political extremism.”    

“We’re not closing our doors to the United States; far from it,” he said. “We’re going to make sure that the processes by which people come here and travel here is as safe as it can be.

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