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Telangana Congress leaders adviced not to visit Delhi.

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Moily bats again, for High Command on Telangana.

Hyderabad, Jan 26 (PTI) Congress leaders from Telangana region today cancelled their planned trip to New Delhi after the party high command took a serious view of the issue and issued a stern warning against such plans.

Congress general secretary and Union Law Minister M Veerappa Moily announced in New Delhi that the Centre would soon announce its decision on Telangana statehood issue and asked party leaders from the region not to visit the national capital.

Following this, the Congress ministers, MLAs and MLCs from Telangana cancelled their Delhi trip. Two senior MLAs K Jana Reddy and R Damodar Reddy, who already reached Delhi last evening, returned to Hyderabad today on the high command’s directive.

The Telangana Congress leaders wanted to apply pressure on the party high command on the statehood issue by meeting the top leaders in Delhi.

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Republic Day, one of the three, National Festivals of India. Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti are two other.

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Thousnads braved thick fog, to witness Republic Day Celebrations in Capital. 26th Jan 2010

 January 26 th.  Indian,  National Festival.

Republic Day is one of the greatest national celebrations observed throughout the country on January 26 every year. India became Republic on the 26th Jan, 1950. The country became a sovereign democratic republic with a written constitution and an elected parliament

At the time of independence, although India was under British rule, there were 565 Princely States, big and small, ruled by powerful sovereigns who were protected by treaties of alliance with the British Crown. Without bringing them together, the fundamental unity of the country was not possible. This unification was accomplished by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whose statesmanship helped to integrate the country into one nation. In a little less than 2 years, all the princely States became a part of the Republic of India. Read more…

Veer a tribute to “Heros of freedom Stuggle”.

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Salman Khan as Veer, in Veer

The Salman Khan’s  epic VEER, is by far among the biggest  and the  best, epics of all times, form Indian Cinema.  Veer is different for me, for its, display of how the British used the rajas and maharajas of the great Indian continent to better their own interests in India.

Veer also exposes the nexus between the few Rajas, Maharajas and British India Master. And how conveniently the Rajas,  accepted the pleasures extended by the British White masters, sharing of power with the British to  hold on  to their  pockets of Raj, to be called as Rajas and Maharajas. For them there fake pride and riches was more important than the aspirations of millions of Indians and the Praja in there region.

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