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Growing strength of Indian Muslims. They will carve their way ahead, & they can’t be ignored any more.

Muslim of Today, is Wiser and Stronger, and Will strengthen the Constitution and the Ethos of India, He should not be taken lightly.

The Muslims of Andhra Pradesh were forced in to a merger against their wishes in the year 1956, on the national drive of the leader of Congress Party and the Prime Minister Shri Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, to allow reorganization of state on the basis of language. The Nizam’s state, post independence was one of the rich and  the one of the best, princely states of India. 

Hyderabad State, had people of four regions with different ethnic and religious backgrounds  living happily and prospering  under the Umbrella of the Nizam,  from Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, and Nizam.  That was a golden era with public services, health, infrastructure, opportunity, development, communication, educational, and cultural development in the region un parallel and the Indian people, and the people of AP are proud. 

 The Nizam was the richest person in the world, he was blessed with great administrative, and organizational skills. He allowed multi religious,  multi lingual, multi regional family of Nizam estate to flourish, the Monuments and the infrastructural  masterpieces, reservoirs, and gardens and public building speak the tale in golden voice even today.               

Now after more than sixty years of formation of Andhra Pradesh, Muslims are again expected to revive the resistance which they faced when of reorganization of sates on the linguistic basis, that time it suited the Congress and the Govt to break  such set states, to unite people on the basis of language. Thus breaking the loyalty to the Rajas, and the Nawabs of that time.  The idea was to strengthen the union and gain control on the central administrative and governing bodies.  It looks the idea did not work well in Andhra Pradesh, not people speaking same language Telugu are in logger heads to separate, and to stay united.  

This time it is again similar need, the large state of Andhra with 42 MP’s going to the Lok Sabaha, holding almost the key to the corridors of power in Delhi. The growing influence of certain groups and business lobbies in the south over the political strong holds in all the regions of Andhra Pradesh. As long as the Iron Man YSR was in the seat of power he was able to keep all the factions and the groups within the party, were calm, he stood for development and unity of the state, he had his means, we had the same people who are today, both in congress and opposition.  And to a great extent even in the opposition the focus was development, even though the state was squeezed with funds for its popular, infrastructural and irrigation projects. 

There was hope some miracle will happen and funds position would ease by inflow of more funds from the center, as reward for winning hands down in AP and sending large contingent of MP’s to Parliament strengthening the hands of Sonia and Dr Manmohan Singh. 

Even when YSR was in command, the issue of Telangana was fresh in the minds of the leaders in Delhi for Congress. There were instances when Mr. YSR was impressed to move a possibility of formation of a separate state of Telangana. YSR always stood for a united AP, and was for Telangana only to the extent of satisfying the pressure of Sonia Gandhi and the People of Telangana, that move of his was purely political and technical and not an all-out effort in favor of Telangana. 

With  YSR taken away by destiny, it did not take much time for this issue to take centre stage as it was helped by the agitation and non coöperation to the CM Roshaiah by the followers of Jagan Mohan Reddy against the appeals, and requests from both the high command and Jagan to have restrain on the issue of Him being made the CM of AP.  

An issue which was not as active, by the people of AP and Telagana allowed it to take the opportunity to hit the Iron When it is Hot.  It will be hard for me to believe, that KCR is the sole and only trigger who, through his Fast till death protest.  I have a great sense to understand that this was the right time  to give life to Telangana issue, for Congress to activate its agenda to divide this state and fragment the lobbies, and silence the rich political groups in the region. 

Analysists rate this as a master stroke by the leader of Congress Sonia Gandhi for her greater agenda to have firm,  control on the state politics. 

And move the focus from post of CM and the in discipline in Congress over the issue of Jagan Mohan Reddy in the a vertical divide both in Congress and Opposition by announcing the willingness to go for Separate Telangana on 9th Dec by P Chidambaram. A statement which favored the people of Telangana, and withdrawing it on 22nd Dec to favor the United Andhra Lobbies in Andhra.  And successfully exposing all the opposition parties and demolishing them vertically too.  

The state is today a fully divided on the lines of pro and against Telangana. What a Political move, in Hindi there is a saying “Latthi bhi na tuttay, aur sanp bhi marjaye”.  A party which was getting embarrassed on the issue of Jagan is now praised for supporting the cause of Telangana and also holding its commitment to go for a great and wide consensus. No one knows what will happen, but one thing they all agree is some day Telangana will be formed sooner or later. 

Whether we like it or not, this whole process of Telangana movement is given life by the statements and counter statements of P Chidambaram. The politicians in state across party lines, have pulled themselves so far on the regional issue, it is difficult to bring them under one roof to work for the welfare of the people of the state.

Unfortunate, and very bad, when it comes to national unity and brotherhood. The relations are strained no one can deny today.

Holding to the 9th Dec statement Telangana Congress leaders and opposition parties, and TRS will press for the state till it is formed, there is no two ways about it. 

The Credit due, for keeping the agitation alive goes solely to the Osmania University Students Organizations.  But now the turning point which is crucial for the Muslims and  Hindus is  the role BJP is try to project even with almost negligible presence in AP.  

BJP party which has almost nil representation and hold in the state started to take the opportunity and pushed its cadre to present to the media, and to the people of Telangana that they are the front-runners in the fight to get Telangana, as the cadre based BJP, thru ABVP used this opportunity to display its presence. This is most unwanted,  for all the political parties, be it Congress, TDP, PRP, or The Communists. The people of the state do not like to go the RSS and BJP,  some laugh it out, giving no importance. 

 This has confused the Muslims and Hindus of the State.  And staement of  KCR from the Hospital Bed on 10 Dec thanking L K Advani and Sushma Swaraj for supporting the cause of separate Telangana State.   And recently the public meeting addressed by Sushma Swaraj in Hyderabad demanding separate state and its full support to its formation in Parliament in such a bill it moved.   Andhra Pradesh is  a non communal and peaceful region. 

Muslims are cautious in their approach what is clear now is they too like to take advantage of larger percentage of  Muslim population in Telangana, for better opportunity, and representation in Govt. jobs and educational and welfare schemes of the govt. They know they are part of this great Nation India.

Weather the state separated or remains intact the issues faced by the Muslims community, remain as  far bigger and far grave when it comes to the economic and social justifications for them.   

The commissions Sachar and Rangnath have sketched and given a road map to uplift the Muslims of India.  The focus of Muslim youth, and organizations, and elders, and social networks  would be to strive, demand, and knock all doors of power to make the conditions of the Muslims in India and the State they live on par with their fellow Indians. 

Whoever gives them support and comfort will be their friend. They are not opposed to any legitimate movements, and demand for rights, they are equally disadvantaged and suffering,  taken the brunt upfront all these years.   The problem of the Muslims in Andhra Region and the Telangana regions are same they are suffering like all their brothers and sisters are in any part of  India.  The change in attitude is sinking in to them with imporved eduaction and communitication.    

They  live with the memories of the past, and gather energy form the experiences faced in the independent India, and strive with knowledge and wisdom to make their future brighter, Muslims are the most important alley for any political formation, in India today. 

And take it from me the Muslim person is a well-informed and aware of where his interest  is, he will be with the trend and it will be not possible to sideline him any more.   Today’s Muslims boy and Muslim girl is determined to grab opportunity, demand his rights given by the constitution, and will defend himself and support the all those who will help in marching ahead as equal citizens of India with equal opportunity and support. They will support to any national cause,  work for the unity, to make India strong.

They  appreciate and acknowledge that growth of India is growth of  Muslims too.  

Had this not been the case we will not be seeing so many of political  parties, groups and movements willing to be in good books of the Muslim and not get odd with them on any  issue be it  Telangana,  United Andhra,  National Issues, Popular Schemes, Rights of individuals, Political, or Welfare.   

Muslims,  will  be  with the governments and bodies helping to  bring  positive change for one billion Indian.  Yes, India will find its 200 Million Muslims on the right side of the fence always. Yes they will.

  1. Maaz
    February 2, 2010 at 12:58 pm

    Sanp bhi NAHI marega aur laathi bhi TOOTJAYEGI, I fear this analogy doesnt come true for present muslims. History shows that Muslims have only dozed when they were put to sleep by so called ‘salaars’.
    I am sure this time too they are waiting for a call from the the Top of Charminar…..

    • February 2, 2010 at 6:52 pm

      Thanks for your comment. India is not just Charminar, or Hyderabad or Telangana. For Muslims it is 1 billion Indians, in them 200 million of them. We are at a great advantage both politically, spritually, stratigically. We may not have suceeded in getting a good leadership among us, it may take time. But the inshight, and fire in Muslims to excel, importantly educated, and forward looking young Muslim boys and girls hold the key how our future will shape. I am sure you too will agree, we will not be handicaped, if our vision is big and inculsive, for us and for one billion Indians. hope you agree Mr. Maaz thanks agian.

  2. shujauddin khan shakeel
    February 5, 2010 at 11:01 am

    Yes well said The Muslims once again in between sylliba and charbidus
    means they are stuck between ocean and deep pit.

  3. shakeel
    February 6, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    This is a very interesting letter from a catholic priest talking about Islamophobia in Europe ..

    “Only a life lived for others is worth living” – Albert Einstein

    Rant Number 369 29 October 2009

    Open Letter to Islamophobe Dutch MP Geert Wilders

    Dear Mr Wilders,

    They say you can only take a horse to the water, you can’t make it drink. But human beings are not horses. Unlike animals, they can be reasoned with. I offer these few remarks in the faint hope you are amenable to reason.
    It is about your recent speech to the Alliance of Patriots in New York . In which you paint an apocalyptic picture of ‘the Islamization of Europe ’. You describe some European cities with Muslim neighbourhoods in lurid terms. It is a world ‘where women walk around in figureless tents…Their husbands, or slave holders, if you prefer, walk three steps ahead’.. Mr Wilders, I live bang near one of those areas in West London . I often visit Whitechapel and Edgware Road – parts of our colourful Londonistan – I have never seen a Muslim woman walking behind her husband. Rather, the mothers stroll about in a proud, dignified manner, alongside the men. Nothing in their behaviour suggests a subordinate role, let alone slavery. And there are tons of lively, even feisty Muslim girls wearing all sorts of gear. True, they may not, as a rule, behave like permissive, liberated females, baring the flesh, hugging and kissing partners in public, no. I would even guess most of them don’t sleep with boys before marriage. But since when are chastity, modesty and self-restraint so bad? The traditional, Christian mores of the Western civilisation which you claim to uphold used to prize such things, no?

    ’25 per cent of the population of Europe will be Muslim just 12 years from now’. Lies, damned lies and statistics, someone said.. But if you want native Europeans to stay numerically supreme, how about encouraging them to have more children? To urge them not to use contraceptives, the pills? To give up abortion? To bolster family values? Stop bashing Islam. Embrace the Christian religion in its conservative, sound traditions and all will be kosher.
    ‘Thousands of mosques across Europe . With larger congregations than churches’, you notice. Well, whose fault is that? Do perhaps Muslims stand at church doors, stopping the eager faithful from worshipping the Lord? Methinks you should rather address yourself to Christians. ‘Look at Muslims’ you should say. ‘Look at how many regularly pray. How keen they are on the observances of their religion. You should do the same.’ Exactly. The flourishing of mosques across Europe should serve as a stimulus to Christians. A window of opportunity. As an urgent reminder to get back to their vital, life-giving roots – the worship of the One True God. Why blame pious Muslims for the faults of lukewarm or nominal Christians, eh?

    In Amsterdam ‘gays are beaten up almost exclusively by Muslims’. Awful, if true. Funnily enough, I recall the words of Pym Fortuyn, the gay right-wing politician murdered by a fanatic. ‘I have nothing against Moroccans – I have slept with so many of them.’ From Andre Gide to William Burroughs, the Arab world has been one of artistic gays’ favourite fun destinations. Tangiers’ nickname was ‘ Sodom on Sea’.. Homophobia can’t be all that endemic amongst Arabs, I should imagine.

    ‘The history of the Holocaust can no longer be taught because of Muslim sensitivity.’ How bizarre. First, a godson of mine has been to Auschwitz , on a school trip. Part of a programme to learn about wartime horrors. School curricula in Britain do in fact include projects about WWII and persecutions of Jews and other people. London’s Imperial War Museum has a holocaust section, which I viewed just the other day. What’s more, TV channels force-feed viewers with a daily, obsessive dose of films and programmes about the war and Germany ’s crimes. If anybody should complain about this state of affairs, it should be Germans. It fuels Germanophobia, the lurking, masochistic English vice. Do today’s Germans deserve such constant pilloring? After all, isn’t Germany amongst the strongest supporters of your beloved state of Israel ?

    The Prophet Muhammad.. Had he been ‘a man of peace…like Ghandi and Mother Teresa wrapped in one, there would be no problem. But Mohammed was…’ I won’t quote the rest, as it would be distasteful. Muhammad certainly did not found a religion like the Quakers, no. And he is definitely different from figures like Buddha and Jesus. However, why you did not compare him to a prophet and lawgiver like Moses? Muhammad had the Jewish tribes of Banu Qurayza slaughtered, you write. Well, Exodus 32:25 has Moses ordering the Levites to slay those who had worshipped the Golden Calf, about 3000 men. ‘Today you have ordained yourselves for the service of the Lord’ Moses told the slayers. Hardly like Gandhi, would you agree?

    You are silent about Moses, I suspect, because in your speech you wrapped yourself in the mantle of defender of Israel . Mr Wilders, this Anglican priest is opposed to the destruction of the state of Israel . Because I am a Christian, Jews are rather important to me. I support both a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. A modest-sized Jewish Vatican in the Holy Land is the realistic solution. Bernard Wasserstein’s thoughtful book, ‘Israel & Palestine’, points the way. Wasserstein shows how your fantasy of Israel as a heroic outpost of the West against the incoming Jihad is nonsense. Indeed, Israeli society today needs immigrants as much as Europe does. And they won’t be Jewish immigrants. Despite your astonishing garbage about rising anti-Semitism in France (headed by a Jewish President!), Jews worldwide are happy where they are – they not migrating to Israel – or should I say ‘Isra-hell’, as my Israeli friend Ronen once wrote?

    Ok, you don’t like Muslims. Yet they are not going to go away. Your case is analogous to that of the man whose garden was infested by ladybirds. They were everywhere. He didn’t like them. He tried several methods to get rid of them. Sprays, insecticides, this and that. Nothing worked. The ladybirds kept being around. Indeed, they multiplied. The guy was getting obsessed with them, growing paranoid, bitter, haunted. Eventually, he sent an e-mail to a wise old friend, an experienced gardener: ‘What should I do about the damned ladybirds?’
    The reply came: ‘I suggest you learn to love them’.

    Revd Frank Julian Gelli

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