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Rahul’s Mantra Stumps Sena, as Mumbai dumps Udhav, for Rahul.

Rahul Gandhi the leader, determined to make Impression, and Stand for Unity and Respect of one billion people of India against, short-sighted and divisive forces like Shiv Sena, Mumbai embarrassed Rahul with Hearts and Arms open. India seeing in him a leader with determination and guts. images of his Mumbai visit 5th Feb 2010

Weeks of tussle to claim Mumbai, reach to its climax, thank God India and the spirit of Mumbai Won.  

 Mumbai is for All, Tendulker  triggered, Mukesh Ambani, emphasized, Rahul came to support  one billion Indians,  and Mumbikaars, choose to side with the Nation and declare, they will not tolerate the politics  generating shame for the people of Maharashtra, triggered by  right-wing  political,  party Shiv Sena. 

 Thousands of  Mumbiakars, proved Sena wrong, by welcoming Rahul Gandhi with open arms demonstrated  the soul of Maratha Pride,   National unity and  love for all Indians.   

A set of few Sainiks of  Bal Thankrey and Udhav Thakrey cannot put to shame the true spirit of Mumbai.    

Four hour snap tour of Rahul Gandhi took Sena and its leader Udhav,by surprise. 

Rahul’s Visit to Economic Capital of India Mumbai, protesting against the stand taken by Shiv Sena,  “Mumbai for Mumbaikars only and  not for India.” 

From Bhaidas Auditorium at Juhu (in Vile Parle), Rahul Gandhi’s motorcade zoomed towards the Andheri railway station, about two kilometers away, taking most people by surprise. As per the original plans, he was scheduled to fly in a helicopter. 

En route, he was seen standing on the footboard of his SUV and waving to the people lined going about their routine and even shaking hands with some. 

Within minutes, he reached Andheri to board a Western Railway (WR) suburban train to Dadar station in the southern direction. He travelled on the Virar-Dadar fast train in a second class compartment along with the public, and got off 15 minutes later around 1.15 p.m. at Dadar. 

All the three stations – Andheri, Dadar and Ghatkopar – are among the most congested railway stations in the Mumbai suburban network. It is usually a nightmare even for the most diehard Mumbaikars to alight or board from trains at these stations “conquered” by Rahul Gandhi,   

Who will give Sena a volume of our poise Constitution and explain the meaning of Unity, National Integration, Regional pride, Democracy, Rights of Indians, and Unity in diversity. 

The battle lost in ballot cannot be won by gimmicks, is this the way our political parties advance in the path of service to the people and nation? No I differ.   The approaching Ngar Palika Elections in Mumbai have activated the manipulative genius in Sean to counter Congress and NCP. 

Be it the  issue of “Mumbai for all Indians”, or   inclusion of Pakistani Players in IPL 3  or  be it,  Targeting Shahrukh Khan, for his willingness to include Pakistani Players in IPL, as sportsmen in his Knight Riders Team.   

Burning of SRK effigies and protests outside Mannat, in Mumbai residence of SRK and warning of NCP Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patel to Sena against any mischief by Sena Activists.   

And the way the H M P Chidambaram came in defense of the game of cricket and the support of millions of cricket fans in India, defending and wanting the Pakistani Players to be part of IPL.  

The amount of venom, and unreasonable are the remarks and utterances of Udav Thakrey and the Sena leaders, the Indian nation and its people are put to great shame discomfort and cause for immense embracement to Maharashtra progressive, welcoming people.  The whole exercise is putting the State of Maharashtra to disadvantage.   

The response and the love, shown to Rahul Gandhi by Mumbai Masses and the common man is remarkable, they are clear in giving a bold message that India is Strong and Mumbai is heart of India, and all are welcome in Mumbai, Mumbai expressed the vibration of being mother to millions of Indians taking shelter in the womb of Mumbai and always Mumbai has welcomed them with warmth and affection. 

Like Mumbai,  whole of   “India  is for all”  be  its, nooks and corners, jewels, and diamonds, metros, and suburbs are for us Indians. We are one family, one nation with one goal to progress in diversity.  

Voices of Mumbai for Mumbiakars are most divisive.  Today it happens in Mumbai, tomorrow  Delhits may say Delhi is Delhi Walas, and dayafter it could be Hyderbadis who,  will say Hyderabad is for Hyderabadis, and Madrasi will say Madras is for Madrasis. 

Where will it end,  we will left with only cities and regionals identities,   we should be content with Cities and forget about Nation.   Woo… pss  horrific I can not even  think… the damge these forces in the name of region and language are causing  we the people. 

Rahul Gandhi, deserves all praise and appreciation,  for giving a good four hour lesson to Sena , and standing for unity of the Nation, and coming to help the Mumbai City to express their true face, of national integration and love to India.   

IPL Players are not welcome to Sena,   And a visionary  Prime Minister  Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Indian, Govt finds good sence to commence the talks with Pakistan a country  by destiny our neighbor, and a country plagued with evil mongers, terror breaders, Pakistan acknowledged of their presence too.  

India needs safer neighbors, and internally strong nations. Pakistan welcomed the move of Indian Govt. and both work on date to meet for a possible opening of talks which were stalled in the wake of 26/11 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack which originated from the soil of our neighbour Pakistan. 

 The voices of groups like Sena should know all the acts they think will help their political aims, unfortunately are very harmful for the State of Maharashtra, and the people of India.  

I sincerely pray Sena, and such,  learn to respect Nation first, and help Maharashtra to work for “India is for all” and “Mumbai is for all” like “Any city and “every square inch of land in India is for all Indians” 

Keep India intact,  each one of us should resist and stop forces that are trying to draw boundaries with in boundaries.  Why is the law of the land, not taking note of  such expressions supported by voilent actions,  of disintegration.  How long nation will be blackmailed by people like Udhav’s

Who will put breaks, and punish the culprits.  Why are we tolerating them so long. Can we have attitude of open and close files, in the name of Political gimmicks every time. I  think legislation is compitent to punish.

  1. Abdul Baqi
    February 6, 2010 at 11:39 am

    In Total support of your views and Rahul and Shahrukh and who ever stands for one India and unity in diversity. That is what India is Diverse Culture & United People. Its another thing that most of our politicians are a shame and are trying to destroy our unity, but they will not be able to.

  2. Javed Habib
    February 9, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Political stunt, they say.. but can we have some more daredevil stuntmen like Rahulji, who risks his life to prove a point, sometimes to erase caste lines and sometimes to prove that India is and will remain a secular country and a majority of its citizen have enough self understanding to know and acknowledge that. A good leader puts to action thoughts of his followers / supporters. Rahulji is a true leader. Very nice write up Adil Sahab. keep up the good work, We can see a future leader in you.

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