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A P Govt. wants, Deccan Chargers, to pull out of IPL3. Lalit Modi in a Fix.

February 11, 2010 1 comment

Winners of IPL 2 . May opt out of IPL3 in protest.

Is it, Advantage Maratha, and  disadvantage Telugu ?  IPL3  game of sports or game of politics. 

Sharad Pawar  in interest of Maharashtra, his party NCP an alley in Maharashtra Govt, finds proper to see the Sena Chief Bal Thakrey to plead peace for IPL matches, under a threat from Sena in protest against the inclusion of Australian Players, even after the racial attacks in Australia, on many Indians. 

Sharad Pawar found it  proper, to reach out to Sena, he did not have faith in his own govt.  To maintain security to the IPL matches in Maharashtra, why did Pawar sideline the govt. in Maharashtra ?  Led by  Congress under  CM Ashok Chauhan.

On the other hand IPL  Lalit Modi  unilaterally withdrawn,  IPL matches from Hyderabad on the issue of security and normal play of matches, fearing Telangana Movement as threat to its Matches in Hyderabad. Though the Govt of AP has assured security and normal play, even the JAC promissed normal play.

This clearly means Sena, is closer to IPL; Sharad Pawar found it  proper to visit Sena Chief for IPL. But he did not attempt to set things right in AP in favor of IPL, to support IPL Home team of Hyderabad Deccan Chargers and cricket lovers of AP.  Why? was it love for Maharashtra which stopped BCCI Chief ? And allowed bais to grow towards AP Cricket Lovers. And allowed the whole issue to go out of  proportions. Read more…