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A P Govt. wants, Deccan Chargers, to pull out of IPL3. Lalit Modi in a Fix.


Winners of IPL 2 . May opt out of IPL3 in protest.

Is it, Advantage Maratha, and  disadvantage Telugu ?  IPL3  game of sports or game of politics. 

Sharad Pawar  in interest of Maharashtra, his party NCP an alley in Maharashtra Govt, finds proper to see the Sena Chief Bal Thakrey to plead peace for IPL matches, under a threat from Sena in protest against the inclusion of Australian Players, even after the racial attacks in Australia, on many Indians. 

Sharad Pawar found it  proper, to reach out to Sena, he did not have faith in his own govt.  To maintain security to the IPL matches in Maharashtra, why did Pawar sideline the govt. in Maharashtra ?  Led by  Congress under  CM Ashok Chauhan.

On the other hand IPL  Lalit Modi  unilaterally withdrawn,  IPL matches from Hyderabad on the issue of security and normal play of matches, fearing Telangana Movement as threat to its Matches in Hyderabad. Though the Govt of AP has assured security and normal play, even the JAC promissed normal play.

This clearly means Sena, is closer to IPL; Sharad Pawar found it  proper to visit Sena Chief for IPL. But he did not attempt to set things right in AP in favor of IPL, to support IPL Home team of Hyderabad Deccan Chargers and cricket lovers of AP.  Why? was it love for Maharashtra which stopped BCCI Chief ? And allowed bais to grow towards AP Cricket Lovers. And allowed the whole issue to go out of  proportions.

 Why an attempt was not made to pacify the Students Unions in Telangana, by the BCCI chief Shard Pawar or its IPL Chief Lalit Modi.  Why the AP Govt’s repeated assurances of providing proper security and normal play not believed by IPL bosses.

Who is making cricket suffer and allowing politics to root deep in to cricket and harm the interest of the game and its popularity, and take away the thrill and right to enjoy cricket and see eye to the star or cricket in action from people of Hyderabad, and state of AP.

The state minister for sports, Mr. Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, upset on shifting of IPL matches from Hyderabad. The inaugural had already been pulled out of the city because of the unrest over Telangana.  Two of the seven home matches of the Chargers are scheduled to be played in Visakhapatnam. Hyderabad was to host four after losing the opener.

The state govt. repeatedly requested the IPL management to consider moving back the matches in the interest of the cricket lovers, and the sate of AP. 

On no response, and in the absence of any indication of honoring the earlier set program and matches in AP the govt took a strong stand on Wednesday, 10th Feb, by requesting the Home Team Deccan Chargers to with draw from the tournament and in protest  for skipping Matches in Hyderabad.

Minister also said, ‘I have also written a letter to BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) president to hold all IPL matches in Hyderabad as scheduled,’ he said. The IPL last month decided to move the opening ceremony and the inaugural match between local franchise Deccan Chargers and Kolkata Knight Riders scheduled to be played here March 12, to Mumbai in view of the unrest for a separate state of Telangana.

 In the letter, copies of which were marked to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, union Home Minister P. Chidambaram and IPL chief Lalit Modi, the sports minister said the decision of the IPL governing council had disappointed cricket lovers in the state.

‘I as sports minister hailing from Telangana and on behalf of government of Andhra Pradesh assure the IPL of all necessary support for peaceful conduct of the matches,’ he wrote. The Minister said he discussed the issue with Chief Minister K. Rosaiah and decided to seek the intervention of Sonia Gandhi and Chidambaram to ensure that Hyderabad hosts all the IPL matches as scheduled. ‘If Hyderabad is insulted like this, the local team Deccan Chargers will not play IPL matches,’ he said.

Though convenor of the all-party Telangana Joint Action Committee (JAC) M. Kodandaram has also written letters to BCCI and IPL officials to hold the inaugural ceremony and all matches here as scheduled, a section of students of Osmania University has threatened to disrupt the matches. When the govt of AP is clear and is committed to give security and provide all support and smooth conduct of the matches there could not be any reason to not believe the govt. Is IPL valuing the political party which is not in power in Maharashtra more legitimate than a Govt of AP.?

There has to be a probe in the matter, though the type of threat perceptions where of similar intensity in both Mumbai and Hyderabad, How can Mumbai be safer than Hyderabad, still Mumbai was preferred to Hyderabad.

 AP and its people are getting deprived of the pride to host the opening Match, and the revenue loss suffered by the state of AP in terms of inflow of tourist, hotel, and related business.

Can we suspect fixing of venues, is influenced by regional, and political elements to satisfy the bosses in Maharashtra.

AP will not pardon the IPL for giving a step motherly treatment to Hyderabad, in the presence of assurance and support from Govt and JAC. Of Telangana.  

The Govt action is in the right direction, I am sure Deccan Chargers will play its role in convincing the IPL authorities to play as per the original schedule and host the opener of 20/20, followed by all the other matches in AP.  Deccan Chargers should stand with the people of AP and the Govt.

  1. kartikthum
    February 12, 2010 at 4:39 am

    All these events are feelers that the state of Telangana is getting closer to being revived! I won’t mind considering the speculation that there is an Andhra political lobby working hard to take the matches away from Hyderabad!

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