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Sharukh I owe you an apology. I thought you are gimmick master, I am happy you proved me wrong.

MNIK will touch the highs of sucess and poeple of India will snub the Sena with their support to the movie and express solidarity with your being a Indian with conviction. But the big story and sucess is "Only brave, can stick to what they said, even in adversities. You are among them, Sharukh. "

I always thought you Sharukh, are a gimmick master, who knows how to move fast on the tracks of popularity, making money, climbing on the ladder for number slots of who is number one and two in bollywood. 

 Your venturing in to IPL, was seen as smart move but KKR started with roar and did not come back yet to prove its right on the IPL among the top teams, though you had like of Sourav and Hassise and Shoeb on your side.

Public opinion was divided on the issue of “US airport emigration authorities detailed and a bit rigorous checks and cross checks on your identity which embraced you owing to your name is Khan.” The public perception was this could be gimmick too to give the needed popularity for your upcoming movie “My name is Khan” which has a story post 9/11 based in US and how names suddenly become alarming to the West.

I am sure your must have told the Immigration authorities “My Name is Khan” Sharuk Khan in your own pleasing style, yet they suspected.  The Industry was divided then some against and some called it a routine which every one faces even VVIP’s and diplomats of India faced such embarrassments in the past.

The episode of Shiv Sena, verses Sharuk has proved to be the truthful and whole of Indian is in agreement with Sharuk.  This proves Sharuk Khan is real personality and Indianess in him is Genuine, He is a son of a freedom fighter, and loving Mother, who taught him to be kind and truthful.

 Sharuk Khan has demonstrated courage and conviction, with great level of National Pride and Indianess in him.  He knows the boundaries set by the constitution and the cultural ethos of our land.  

India is one billion strong, we are like a big bouquet of flowers of different colors and shapes and smelling differently yet looking fresh, and beautiful, we may be belonging to regions with different languages. 

We may be backward, forward, educated, cultured, disadvantaged, advantaged, we may have differences, we may belong to diverse religious believes, and habits,  yet we are Indians, history has made us strong, we are most diverse people.                                                                                                                      

Most beautiful energy which binds us together that is our, believe in moving ahead in diversity and courage to uphold our constitution and the secular and democratic values of our nation India.

We are very proud like you Sharuk each word spelled by you in past couple of weeks on the Issue of being India and your commitment towards nation, family, and people of India is highly appreciable.

Movies may come and go, your efforts will always be rewarded profit and loss are only feeble parts of the business you are in, the passion with which you do a thing is of great value, as long as you keep you on true self is will “Bhai All is well”   Almost all your in Mumbai Bolly wood appreciate in open and in confines you stand on Indianess and not budging to the blackmail of not so significant political Shiv Sena.

 The house of Shiv Sena is divided by destiny Bal, Raj, Udav could not keep together as a family they are out in open stripping each other on issue of being Maratha, India will welcome them If they really care they should work for unity and raise themselves above the Maharashtra Manus and treat all Indians as equals and honor the constitutional rights given to us as Indians.

Our neighbors are our destiny Pakistan is our political enemy know Indian will dispute on but the People of both India and Pakistan are not against each other, the campaigns like “Aman Ki Aasha” which was simultaneously run in many parts of India by the artists of both the countries promoted by people like Gulzar, Javed Aktha, Hariharan, and many is example of hope between the nations. 

Terror is like a leg which is bruised to a limit it needs to be amputated.  A doctor will not kill a person with a bruised and paining leg.  Doctor, will remove the bad leg and save the person. Terror is bad leg we should cut it and save the body, which is what Indian diplomacy and the Govt, of India PM Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukerjee and Chidambaram always stood for and they have been graceful and proper in defending Indian pride. 

Sharukh Chidmabaram and PM too said the things you said, and Rajiv Gandhi stood like you stood, for the idea of India. You will go a long way brother Sharukh, be patient, and be selective; please hold the fort strong, you will have to play a bigger and more important role in building the nation together with people like Amer.  Indian is having great future as long as people like Rajiv Gandhi stand for the Idea of India, and have got to put to shame people like Udhav’s.   

Your strength comes from, those Indians who salute the constitution and law of the land, your movie is a hit, as you played it in live in India, by yourself, boldly expressing and facing the brunt of the not so logically correct takers and the sainiks. Who want to humiliate our constitution, by asking you to apologies?   

Nation needs many like you to stand for the law of the land and its constitution.  Many can speak and express but few only can stick to what they said even in adversities. You are among them Sharukh.

  1. Javed Habib
    February 12, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Well said adil bhai, you are giving voice to the thoughts of Indians all over the country, communal parties like the shiv sena are the actual gimmick masters, they talk about indians being attacked in australia, but weren’t those thousands of so called ‘biharis’ and ‘bhayyas’ Indians?? This two faced, vote bank politics (conspiracy) cannot be hidden for long, Its high time we stand up unitedly and speak for the right. I conclude saying just one thing ‘The blood that does not boil is not blood, its water’. Stand up and speak out!

  2. shuja uddin Khan
    February 13, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    THE NATION IS ALREADY DIVIDED ON THE BASIS OF RELIGION IN 1947 very Unfortunate . Now the Politicians for their own greed is trying to divide the country on linguistic and regional feelings basis. Its a shame .

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