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“Politics of hate by Shiv Sena defeated in Mumbai” SRK wins the battle of nerves & MNIK judged, masterpiece.

Indians in Mumbai, dare threats of Shiv Sainiks bravely display the tickets of MNIK out side a Mumbai theatre. Mumbai snubbed Sena second time in a row, last time for Rahul this tme for SRK. Sena may become histroy if they do not change.

Mumbai snubs Shiv Sena second time in a row, a week ago it was Rahul Gandhi this Week it is Sharukh Khan. India celebrates the defeat of Shiv Sena, and the T Company still will be on the wrong side of the fence. They have generation to emulate, like father like son. It was Bal Thakrey who flirted with law and twisted and meddled with it for over five decades.

The  lion Bal Thakrey roared always to put to shame the unity of India, and its citizens, they induced fear in fellow Indians sometimes targeting Keralites, and many  of  the  times North Indians, from UP and Bihar were targets of Shiv Sainiks.

Even the new off shoot  MNS Raj T  build his political base by spiting venom on the North Indians  couple of years ago before 26/11I Mumbai Terror Attacks,  These T Brigade was not  to be seen near the Taj Hotel or the affected areas of Terror invasion in Mumbai with any sympathy to the victims or to the media. 

The roaring loins were in there dens cooling heals, when Mumbai was burning.  Nation was fighting unitedly was against the terror outfits, be the BSF, the  Mumbia Police or the People of Mumbai.

The T Company has special liking for the Minorities, they love to hate them and abuse them and blame them in the name of religion,  always giving them names, and many a times asking them to prove their being Indian.  Even likes of Dilip Kumar the legend was a target of the senior Thakcery.

 “Regional and religious hate filled speed driving” may have become the style of T Company but the result is in front of us they have dashed head on with the back lash, executed by the fed up Mumbaikars.  The people of Mumbai rejected the idea of Shiv Sena, and T Company and raised the flag of Unity and oneness in India by demonstrating and seeing “My Name is Khan” under the threat of Shiv Sainiks.

Udahv, Bal, and Raj, I am sure you all will be out business if you do not change now.  Take a good look around see the world has changed the people can’t be given stories and expecting them to believe.  

Accept, the writing on the wall 

“Shiv Sena can’t induce ill will and divide people any more it is all over.”  Unless they drastically change, if they like to do  positive politics  in Maharashtra  to serve the sate like good and able organization who can build  and work for the state in all positive things.

T Company failed to assess the minds and hearts of the people of Mumbai and India. The Indian of sixties and seventies is no match to the present times; each Indian is far bigger and intelligent than all the sainiks and the T Company. 

Any average qualified boy in his early twenties is good to give an advice to them, Stop politics of hate “Just be good,  and  treat all Indians as brothers and sisters,  and equals, and hate to hate  them.  And do the actaual job of building the state and changeing the lifes of the people of Maharashtra for better.”  

 This may look like a dream which may not come true. Or wishful thinking.  But as a good citizen my job is try to clear the dirt and fill it with goodness.  I have not stopped hoping, I am an optimistic I am an Indian, my  nation has trained me to be good, I  know  our  father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi,  must be happy today.

Indians salute fellow Indians in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra, for not budged to the black mail and strongly saying no to violence, and hatred spilled out by few narrow minded leaders of Shiv Sean.

The Indian in us has won the battle of nerves, and defended our liberty, right  of expression,  and saved a man like SRK from getting embarrassed,  For no fault.  We have demonstrated resolve to remain united in times like this to prove our unity and Indians.    

They plotted to gain political mileage and set scroe right between  Themselves  MNS and Shiv Sena.     Hope … one day they may change.

  1. shuja uddin Khan
    February 13, 2010 at 1:17 pm


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